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Welcome aboard the 2019 Summer edition of Sturgis Soundings; there is as much to share from 2018-2019 as ever! We hope you enjoy reflecting on the past school year with these Soundings feature articles in addition to our notes & accolades page and creative ventures article.

After that, consider taking a look at our archives section which chronicles over eight years of the interests and enthusiasms of Sturgis.  Whether you’re a current student, future faculty member, former parent, or interested community member, there is guaranteed to be something you find interesting or inspiring due to the hundreds of unique individuals who have helped shaped these articles over the past seven volumes.

This year has been exciting for East and West not only because of the events you’ll read about in these articles but also because of the recognition Sturgis has received in being featured by the IB in a case study exploring our culture of access and in a newly published book In Search of Deeper Learning: The Quest to Remake the American High School, where Sturgis is featured as ‘IB High’ in their chapter on the IB.  When Soundings was first created in 2011, one of its main goals was to provide readers a window through which you might see the same vibrant ‘IB For All Culture’ that the case study and book recognized.  Eight years later as we finish this issue, that is still the hope.

Thanks to our many contributors for their generosity in producing this issue and all those that came before it, from writing articles to providing photographs; it wouldn’t be the same without you.  Just like all ventures at Sturgis, Soundings is a collaborative effort. We invite you to participate! Please feel free to send us your news and suggestions for future issues.

Happy Reading,

Will Mathews


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