Creative Ventures (Fall 2012)

IB Theater Workshops in NYC

Theater Students in NYC

Sturgis IB Theater Students in NYC

Recently, IB Theatre Juniors and Seniors from both East and West traveled to New York City for IB Theatre workshops, TaPS, run by The International Schools Theatre Association (ISTA). East teachers Rachel Ollagnon and Marsha Yalden along with West teacher, Anna Botsford, and 21 students attended this three-day program. Ms. Botsford explained that, “What is amazing is that when you put the students in the same room, no matter where they are from, they are all speaking the same language. They all have the same assessments and they are all held to the same high standard.”

The students spent three full days with other IB students from seven other schools and theatre professionals from around the world in IB Theatre specific workshops. All the workshop participants saw two amazing shows, “Peter and the Star Catcher,” and “Fuerza Bruta.” They came back more knowledgeable, energized and excited about their own work in the IB Theatre program. On the second day, many of our Juniors were already asking if they can return next year. It was a great success!

S.T.A.G.E . East Presents – Museum by Tina Howe and Degas, C’est Moi by David Ives

November 15th – 17th at Hyannis Harbor Arts Center, Guyer BarnStage EastMuseum and Degas, C’est Moi are two humorous one-actplays about communication, art, its meaning and the modern intellectual. They are wry, funny, smart, fast-paced shows.

Over twenty-four talented students from Sturgis Charter Public School East are involved as actors, designers, and technicians. These plays are multi-character journeys exploring art and the humor, feelings and attitudes of artists and spectators.

The humor in both plays comes from the interactions, the absurd situations and an exploration of the nature of art, creativity and what it all means, if anything! What makes something art? Who decides such things? Artists? Critics? Government? Society? The individuals who attend art galleries?

Check out Barnstable This Morning (Nov 13, 2012) HYArts You Tube interview with Rachel Ollagnon, cast and crew members:

Sturgis Charter Public School, East STAGE students present two one-act plays at the Guyer Barn – Arts and Culture Coordinator Melissa Hersh Chartrand headed over to the Hyannis Harbor Arts Center at the Guyer Barn, where students from Sturgis Charter Public School’s STAGE program were preparing for plays to be held at the Barn this month. The students spoke about the plays, their roles, and the experience.

Museum is a play set in an art museum on the last day of a current, contemporary show. It is about peoples’ reactions to art and one another within the setting of the art exhibit. There are snobs, students, artists, museum guards and many others.

Cast: The Guard: Jackson Fryer; Michael Wall: Gabe Sabella; Mr. Gregory and Jean-Claude: Mike Couto; Francoise and Barbara Zimmer: Meredith Sullivan; Liz and Mrs. Moe: Jenny Agel; Carol and Zoe: Julia Tager; Blakey and Barbara Castle: Molly Brennan; Elizabeth Sorrow and 1st Guard: Averie Bueller; Mr. Salt and 2nd Guard: Robert Treichel; Maggie Snow and Julie Jenkins: Lily Paradise; Bob Lamb and Giorgio: Dan Souza; Will Willard: Mike Moen; Fred Izumi: Michael Chan; 1st Person and Petra Ziff and May: Ali Gomes; 2nd Person and Steve: Patrick Holmes; Annette and Chloe Trapp: Brenna Joyce; Ada and Harriet: Anna Rohlf; Mira and Gilda: Anna Michael; Mrs. Hollingsford and Tink: Curran Olson; Mrs. Salt and Kate: Shannon Lindlau; Bill Plaid and Mr. Moe: Matt Diamond; Lillian: Hannah McLaughlin;  Director: Rachel Ollagnon; Student Assistant Director: Czarina Shartle; Stage Manager: Sara Prygocki; Lights: Haley Meaden; Publicity: Hannah McLaughlin; Flyer art: Czarina Shartle; Arts works: Abigail Depin, Czarina Shartle; Photography: Jenny Ngo; Flyer and Program Design: Michelle Colley; Special Thanks to: Melissa Hersh and everyone at the Guyer Barn

Degas, C’est Moi is a play set during one day in the life of an ordinary guy who decides to be the French artist Degas for a day. He travels around New York and interacts with everyone he meets in his new personae, exploring an artist’s relationship and view of the world.

Typeset CastPhoto by Kathy Crowley

Typeset Cast
Photo by Kathy Crowley

Cast: Ed: Mike Moen; Doris: Shannon Lindlau; Ensemble:  Jackson Fryer, Hannah McLaughlin, Jenny Agel, Brenna Joyce, Dan Sousa and Patrick Holmes

TypesetS.T.A.G.E. Left Presents Typeset

December 14 -16 at the Cape Rep Theater in Brewster

Typeset is a short, hour long play written in 1991 by Iain H. Ryrie’s Brookline High School Playwriting class.  It is an ensemble piece about the ups and downs of growing up that requires interesting movement and fast scene changes.  Typeset  won the Massachusetts High School Drama Festival in 1991. Anna Botsford and the cast of 13 West Students are so excited to perform Typeset.

Directed by Anna Botsford;  Stage Managed by Chelsea Crowley and Maddie Williams

Cast: Julia Adams: Mother, Anne, Ensemble; Taylor Barrows: Suzi 2, Secretary, Ensemble; Tyler Baylis: Josh, Sam, Ensemble; Maddy Bishop: The Mover; Sarah Correia: Woman 1, The Boss, Café Woman, Ensemble; Anne Healy: Suzi 1, Teacher, Chairperson, Ensemble; Olivia LaBarge: Woman 2, Liz, Voice 2, Ensemble; Connor Mahoney: Joe; Olivia Milne: Counselor, W.A. Woman, Waitress, Ensemble; Christian Muxica: Job, Voice 3, Ensemble; Johnny Travers: Father, Joe 2, Café Man, Ensemble; Rachel Walman: Ann, Young Girl, Voice 1, Ensemble

Lighting: Joshua Hassler; Sound: Maddie Williams; Stage Tech: Bryce Thomas, Ethan Piers, Amy McMahon; Costumes: Daniel Kamb & Nina Maruca; Makeup/Hair: Gaby Healy & Maggie Canti; Program: Marybeth Mahoney; Cover Art: Abbie Mann

Cotuit Center for the Arts Presents Willy Wonka

A musical by  Leslie Bricusse & Anthony Newley , Adapted  by  Tim McDonald & Leslie Bricusse based on the book Charlie and The Chocolate Factory by Roald Dahl

Willy Wonka Cast Takes a Bow

Willy Wonka Cast Takes a Bow
Photo by Jarvis Chen

Roald Dahl’s timeless story of the world-famous candy man and his quest to find an heir comes to life in this stage adaptation of “Charlie and The Chocolate Factory,” which features the songs from the classic family film “Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory.”

Sturgis is well represented in this community theater production. Willy Wonka is directed by Michele Colley (Sturgis East Technology Assistant) and includes many Sturgis students and family members in the cast and crew:

Ben Brown (Class of 2014) – Assistant Stage Manager

Honoree Steedman, Paul Fendler and Peter Steedman

Honoree Steedman, Paul Fendler and Peter Steedman
Photo by Jarvis Chen

Aiden Milsted (Class of 2013) – Mike Teavee; Olivia Milsted (Class of 2014) Backstage Crew; Hannah McLaughlin (Class of 2014) Backstage Crew

Rachel Ollagnon (English and Theater) – Mrs. Beauregarde; Ariel Ollagnon – Oompah Loompah; Maya Ollagnon –  Oompah Loompah; Jeremy Ollagnon – Backstage Crew

Peter Steedman (Principal – Sturgis West) – Mr. Salt; Honoree Steedman – Mrs. Teavee; Leyden Steedman – Nut Inspector; Aquinnah Steedman – Nut Inspector; Kinsale Steedman – Oompah Loompah

Lucy Whittier (Class of 2020) – Oompah Loompah/Street Kid

Teresa Willander (Class of 2014) – Violet Beauregard

Michele Colley is well known for her vibrant community theater productions. Her most recent productions include: Anything Goes (Cotuit Center for the Arts) 2011; Bleacher Bums (Cotuit Center for the Arts) 2010; and Oliver (Falmouth Theater Guild) 2009. Michele has offered a Musical Theater Dance Workshop at Cotuit Center for the Arts three times a year for the last twelve years. For more information about workshops at the Cotuit Center for the Arts, see:

The wonderful photos in the gallery below provided courtesy of Jarvis Chen.

Arts Cafe for Hurricane Sandy Relief

Arts Cafe

Arts Cafe

HurricaneCafeNewThe Second Annual Arts Cafe was held at Sturgis East Annex Thursday, November 29, from 6-8pm. The night promised spectacular student and faculty talent, baked goods and fresh-brewed coffee to those willing to donate a few dollars to the victims of Hurricane Sandy. Audience members were greeted with top hats and feather boas to create an artistic atmosphere. Brothers Jackson (senior) and Sam (freshmen) Fryer were emcees and orchestrated a fun, witty, and relaxing evening of poetry, music, and theatre. In addition to solo acts by students from East and West campuses, S.T.A.G.E. Right of East Campus performed two encore performances of Museum (a shortened routine by juniors Meredith Sullivan and Molly Brennan) and Degas, C’est Moi, directed by theater and English teacher Rachel Ollagnon.

The night was a collaboration of teachers Matt Fetzer, Alicia Watts, Kate Dunigan-Atlee, Baily Cavanagh, Cindy Gallo and Rachel Ollagnon, all of whom had advisees interested in helping victims of Hurricane Sandy. When Mr. Fetzer asked Ms. Watts for suggestions for fundraising, she suggested accelerating the Winter Arts Cafe to a Fall Arts Cafe to make the funds raised more relevant. The Cafe raised over $250 and the team of advisors is looking for a worthy recipient of the funds. Cash donations are still welcome and can be sent to the school care of Matt Fetzer.

A more formal Cafe happens in the Spring: The Poetry and Performing Arts Coffeehouse. However, due to unprecedented interest a second Cafe may be offered in the late Winter to benefit another human rights cause.


ArtWorks Internships

Taylor Dean, Abigail Depin and Lily Haselton will soon begin art-internships with artists through the Heritage Museums and Gardens partnered with the Cape and Islands Workforce Investment Board program “ARTWORKS”. There will be more openings for interns in mid-December.

“Artwork  represents an on-going affirmation of the region’s creative capacity – professionals, making a living from their artistic endeavors mentor young people who may well return to the area for their own professional careers. Every year, the program brings a new group of students and mentors who mutually explore the creative process.” For information about Sturgis 2012 Artwork Interns and their projects, see:

Seniors are now beginning their mock exams in preparation for the Art Oral Exams which are the first of the IB exams starting at the end of March.

Personal Shrine Project – Sturgis West

Personal Shrines of (l-r) Christina Wahle, Abby Lilak, Eva Fahey and Abbey Goldman

Personal Shrines of (l-r) Christina Wahle, Abby Lilak, Eva Fahey and Abbey Goldman

Peter Richenberg’s junior art students designed, built and decorated personal shrines as personal reflections of who they are as reflected in their I.W. The guidelines included using a small box as the base. Students could use any appropriate material at their disposal. Surface decorations could include paint, modeling paste, collage, stamping, metalics, sewing, found objects. stenciling, foam core, etc.

Grading criteria for the shrines was based on student planning. research, meaningfulness, visual appeal, quality of construction, theme and relationship to the Investigative Workbook (I.W.). All IB Art students create and maintain an I.W. which is contains much more than a journal or sketchbook. The I.W. is:

  • 2 years of your personal journey in the study of a visual art,
  • your experimentation with media and ideas,
  • your reactions to art exhibits galleries, festivals any other expression of visual art
  • your analysis of art works
  • your study of art movements and artists

For the Personal Shrine project, students had a wide range of topics to explore. Research possibilities for the shrines included Thai spirit houses, Greek, Indian, Vietnamese and Mexican shrines to name a few.

Intro to Acrylic Painting a la Bob Ross – Sturgis East

Dawn Cope Demonstrates Acrylic Painting

Dawn Cope Demonstrates Acrylic Painting

Dawn Cope introduced her IB Art juniors to acrylic painting through a “Bob Ross” style of instruction which she finds to be a non-threatening way to begin a new media on a large scale canvas. Ross was the host of the PBS series The Joy of Painting for many years and taught viewers how to paint using simple steps with a somewhat limited palette of paints. When asked about his laid-back approach to painting and eternally calm and contented demeanor, he once commented: “I got a letter from somebody here a while back, and they said, ‘Bob, everything in your world seems to be happy.’ That’s for sure. That’s why I paint. It’s because I can create the kind of world that I want, and I can make this world as happy as I want it. Shoot, if you want bad stuff, watch the news.” (Joy Of Painting, Season 15, Episode 12- Forest Lake)

Mrs. Cope says her students enjoy the introduction to acrylics. She believes students are often too hard on themselves so she encourages them to relax and make it fun.  For example, she sometimes asks them to make sound effects while painting. Mrs. Cope is a connoisseur of good jokes and has been known for telling a joke or two in her classes and at Poetry Out Loud competitions to help the contestants relax and enjoy the moment.

Mrs. Cope has been teaching IB art for ten years. As mentioned above, the Investigative Workbook (IW) is a major component of the IB Art program. Rather than simply teaching students how to create and maintain an IW, she decided several years ago to start one herself. She has found the experience of documenting her reactions to art and her experiments with media and design in her IW have had  a positive influence on her own artistic journey. Sturgis students enjoy having the chance to work side by side with instructors who are actively learning along with them.    Photographs of student Investigative Workbooks  are included in the gallery below.

All-Cape Music Festival

Ten out of twelve students who auditioned for the All-Cape Music Festival were accepted!   Congratulations to Kevin Agostinelli, Sophia Bradell, Molly Brennan, Matt Capucci, Emma Estermann, Maria Girardi, Sander Goldman, Ella Hunt , Hannah McLaughlin and Caitlin Waring.

Senior IB Theatre Shadow Puppet Performances October 15

After learning about Wayang Kalit, Balinese Shadow Puppetry, the students have created, designed, and constructed their own original shadow puppet plays, inspired by the ideas and techniques of traditional Balinese Shadow Puppetry.

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