Creative Ventures (Winter 2016)

Community Art with Sturgis Charter sailboard-ceremony-group-photo-038School

Check out the video created by Sara Mannal of Barnstable Today for a great recap of the community art sailboard project. The sailboard, found discarded on a local beach, was repurposed into artwork by Sturgis art students. “The hand painted/decoupaged underwater scene serves as a whimsical yet thoughtful reminder of the vital importance of our surrounding waters and enhances the “sense of place” one feels while on Cape Cod,” said Ben Hughes, Creative Economy Projects Manager for Cape Cod Chamber of Commerce.  

To learn more about the project, see: Sailboard: A Collaborative Community Arts Project

Grade 9 Artemily-fox-drawing-zoom-in

Congratulations to Grade 9 art student Emily Fox. Her artwork depicting baseball player Tony Kemp from the Cotuit Kettleers was chosen for publication in Cape Cod Magazine.  In 2017, the Kettleers celebrate their 70th anniversary. Our grade 9 art students participated in an all-Cape drawing celebration to commemorate various upcoming events. Check out the magazine and beautiful artwork which is on display in our East library.

Sturgis Performance of Romeo and Juliet a Resounding Success


By Livia Murray, News Editor

Originally published in Sturgis Stormwatch 11/28/2016. Reprinted here with permission.


Sturgis East and West come together to perform Romeo and Juliet

    Last weekend, students, parents, and faculty gathered at the Tilden Arts Center in West Barnstable to watch the S.T.A.G.E production of Romeo and Juliet with a modern twist. The show, directed by Ms. Botsford and Ms. Young, was set in the 1960s and highlighted the classic story of a forbidden love between Romeo, played by East senior Connor Holmes, and Juliet, played by West senior Becca White.
Sturgis East and West come together once each year to collaborate and create one unified production. This year, the songs that were featured throughout the show and during scene changes were written by Sturgis students who took inspiration from popular music of the 1960s. Students also took leadership roles in designing costumes, set, props, and makeup. The set was simplistic, yet stayed true to the time period; and the lighting and technical details added positively to the experience.

Connor Holmes was brilliant in his role as Romeo

       While Romeo and Juliet is a classic, there were many unique twists that kept the show fresh and entertaining. The show focused on the changes of culture that happened in the 1960s, such as the rise of feminism and the Vietnam War. One aspect that I found particularly interesting was that the character of Tybalt was played by Riley Jakusik. While this character was a male in the original play, Riley Jakusik played her part brilliantly as she embodied the rise of females during this decade. The role of Mercutio, played by Brendan McPherson, was also altered from the original; he was a man who had just returned from the war. I found his recollection of the tragic events that he witnessed overseas to be especially poignant. Despite these minor changes to the original Shakespearean play, the show was still recognizable as the story that all Sturgis students enjoyed in their freshman English classes. I was most impressed by the hilarious performance of Anna Bishop, cast as the Nurse. She added tasteful comedy to an otherwise strictly serious play and never failed to make me laugh while she was on stage. Although I did not relish the heartbreaking ending of the play, in which Romeo and Juliet kill themselves on account of their forbidden love, the show as a whole was a pleasure to watch.
East and West, similar to the Capulets and Montagues, united for a common goal (Photo courtesy of SCPS Facebook page)
      I have heard many wonderful things about S.T.A.G.E prior to the show, and my expectations were not let down! I was left amazed by the talent of my fellow peers at Sturgis. Congratulations to Sturgis S.T.A.G.E. for a wonderful show this weekend!  The Sturgis community enjoyed the exciting performance!

Sturgis Theatre Directors Anna Botsford and Diana Young were recently interviewed about their latest production by Sara Mannal for Barnstable This Morning. Check out the interview here:

Stage East and West presents Romeo and Juliet

thea-goldman-metg-logo-2016-2017Thea Goldman, Class of 2018 -East

Congratulations to Thea Goldman who won this year’s logo contest for the Massachusetts Educational Theater Guild (METG) High School Festival! Each year students from around Massachusetts are invited to submit an original design which is judged on design quality, originality, and visual impact. The winning design is featured on the official Drama Festival T-shirt and the artists are awarded a cash prize. Thea is also a cast member and set designer of this year’s one-act, ‘We Might Be Heroes’, which Sturgis will be bringing to the festival in March.

Students Set Sail on the High C’s at Southeast District Music Festival

Originally published in Sturgis StormWatch  Reprinted here with permission.
by Hannah Allen, Sophomore Class Reporter


David Girardin and Ian Morris were selected to participate in the Southeast District Music Festival! (Photo from Sturgis Soundings)

Can you tickle the ivories, improvise on the alto sax, or carry a tune in perfect pitch? Well, many students at Sturgis surely can! This past November, many students from both Sturgis campuses auditioned for the Southeast District Music Festival. This is a wonderful experience for all musical high students from all across southeastern Massachusetts, and the festival itself is magnificent! I spoke with our school’s music director, Natalie Sheeler, about what the festival.District level musical auditions are held throughout the country each year in the fall. They are opportunities for high school students to experience what it is like to compete in the real world of musical performance as a career. In addition, students are able to meet like-minded students throughout their local area. Musicians are asked to display a variety of skills that may include playing scales, performing a prepared piece, reading a musical piece at sight without preparation, and in some cases improvising. Performing groups range from chorus, orchestra, and band to percussion ensemble and jazz ensembles. If students are accepted into the regional ensembles, they may also be recommended to move on to state or national level competition. Sturgis has participated in the Southeast District Music Festival event for many years. Last year we were even lucky enough to send someone to All-national chorus in Nashville, Tennessee. This year we have two participants, David Girardin and Ian Morris. The two will perform on January 7th at 1pm at Sharon High School. In addition, senior Ian Morris has been recommended to try out in January for the All-State chorus.

Students interested in getting involved next year should visit the website and get in touch with Mrs. Sheeler to get more information. Details about the festival change yearly so it’s important to keep up to date! It is really fun to participate and meet other great musicians from different school. So if you dream of sharing your musical talent and meeting other accomplished students, next year go audition for the Southeast District Music Festivals!

winter-concert-2016-1Sturgis Winter Concerts 2016

Congratulations to all of the performers in the Sturgis Winter Concerts for East and West campuses.  Sturgis families were treated to spirited concerts including wide-ranging selections such as Bittersweet Symphony, Lovers Waltz It was great to see the quality of performances, school spirit and support students show for one another shine throughout. You all should be so proud of what you accomplished. For videos and photos of the concerts, check out:  Sounds of the Season: Sturgis Winter Concerts 2016.


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