Art and Artwork: 2011-2012 Art Internship Program (Summer 2012)

Eva Fahey – Pops by the Sea Winner 2012
With Sturgis Art Teacher Peter Richenburg

Congratulations to Eva Fahey, Sturgis West Class of 2014!

Eva won first place in the Comcast Art Scholarship T-shirt Design competition for Pops by the Sea 2012. Her design will be the official 27th Annual TD Bank Pops by the Sea T-Shirt! Don’t stop reading! There is more good news. The winner of the competition receives a $500 scholarship and their school’s art department also receives $500. Eva and Mr. Richenburg attended a reception on May 29th at MA Maritime Academy where student participants were honored. The Art Department at Sturgis West will also receive $500.

Five Sturgis Artists Selected to Participate in Artwork Internship Program

“Artwork is sponsored by the Cape and Island School to Careers partnership and the Cape Cod Museum of Art. The program represents an on-going affirmation of the region’s creative capacity – professionals, making a living from their artistic endeavors mentor young people who may well return to the area for their own professional careers. Every year, the program brings a new group of students and mentors who mutually explore the creative process. 2012 marks the program’s 15th year. As always, we are pleased to present the Artwork exhibition and are confident that many of the young artists represented will return to the walls of the museum in the future as mature artists.” Elizabeth Ives Hunter, Executive Director, Cape Cod Museum of Art.

“Sad Pippi” by Madeline Arnault
Mentor – Toni Newhall
Medium – Fiber

Madeline Arnault

Artist’s Comment: Earlier this year, I had painted a self-portrait of myself dressed as Pippi Longstocking. When working in the internship, I wanted to use my love of textiles to reproduce the image. It was tricky figuring out a method of twisting and sewing ribbon but the image is much richer than the original painting now. The image of a sad Pippi is so against the norm that it argues the point for our hidden feelings, those that we refuse to show no matter what. By creating the image in ribbon, I feel the thought is pushed even farther and makes the message stronger.

Mentor’s Comment: Madi is my first intern to want to use fiber as her primary focus. It was great seeing her come up with the idea and work through all the challenges a basically gray portrait presents. The final outcome has a lot of energy and I am amazed by all the hard work she did to construct this piece.

Averie Bueller

“Closed Minds” by Averie Bueller
Mentor – Steve Heaslip
Medium – Photograph

Artist’s Comment: I used the defined black and white background to create a double portrait emphasizing the fine line between open and closed minds.

Mentor’s Comment: This photograph was made for a portrait assignment to practice lighting and posing technique. Averie worked both to her advantage with this image.

“The Twilight Tiger” by Veronica Henger
Mentor – Sara Holl
Medium – Paint, Paper, Glitter, Resin

Veronica Henger

Mentor’s Comment: Veronica was a student in my figure drawing class for a couple of semesters before she became my intern. She was always very serious about her work, never missed a class and always showed up on time. When she came into class one day and said she was going to be my intern, we were both very excited because we already had a relationship. As with some of my other interns, we became very close friends and talked about things outside of art. Veronica is very meticulous about her work and I’m constantly demanding her to use a larger brush and work more quickly. Five minutes after I tell her to do so, I usually see her using a small brush again. I guess that’s just the way it goes!

“Man in Black” by Joseph Tagliaferri
Mentor – Bonnie Brewer
Medium – Acrylic Painting

Joseph Tagliaferri

Artist’s Comment: Overall, I am very happy with this piece. The lighting on the face could use more work but I already put enough time and paint into it. None of this would even be possible without Bonnie Brewer’s talent and teaching.

Mentor’s Comment: Joe reached a sophisticated understanding of the principles of design while using his instinctual creativity.

“When the Sun Goes Away” by Abbie Titcomb
Mentor – Toni Newhall
Medium – Mosaic

Abbie Titcomb

Artist’s Comment: I was inspired to do a mosaic after my trip to Lima, Peru in February of this year. In Peru, there was a park surrounded by a wall covered in the most beautiful mosaics. My piece mimics the color and feelings of the mosaics I saw in Peru.

Mentor’s Comment: At the beginning of her internship, Abbie experimented with a variety of mediums. She took a trip to Peru over winter break and came back with a number of pictures of a mosaic wall she had seen in Lima and wanted to know if it would be possible to do something like it. I was excited to help her with her idea because it showcased the fact that art comes in all shapes and sizes and mediums. I think her piece is a wonderful example of that, especially because it was made from thrift store finds.

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