Art (Spring 2012)

The Sturgis Arts Festival will be held at The Cotuit Center for the Arts on Saturday, April 28th, from 10:00a.m. – 3:30 p.m.  The Festival will celebrate the talents of students from both Sturgis East and Sturgis West!  It will include several music concerts including our Sturgis Singers, Chorus, Sturgis Strings and Jazz Ensembles.  There will be two major theatre productions originating from our IB Theatre classes, as well as monologues from our 9th and 10th graders.  An impressive array of student visual artwork will be displayed in the Cotuit Gallery. The day would not be complete without our traditional International Luncheon Buffet provided by SPA.  It truly is a wonderful day to celebrate the Arts and to enjoy family and good friends.  The festival is free, and the Luncheon Buffet is $5.00 per plate to support Sturgis Arts.  Please check out the Sturgis Website for the schedule of the day’s events! 

A Library Tea Party with Mary Cassatt and Peter Richenburg

The Reference Room hosted a party with tea and cookies on Friday, March 2 to celebrate the unveiling of the newest addition to their art collection: Lydia in a Loge, Wearing a Pearl Necklace. Sturgis East Librarian Diane Klaiber portrayed Mary Cassatt. Peter Richenburg led a lively and entertaining discussion about Mary Cassatt’s revolutionary life and work. When asked how he became interested in Cassatt, Pete reminisced about the “extremely liberal” graduate program he attended at Lindenwood College in St. Charles, Missouri where he took a course called “Women in the Arts” taught by two militant women.  He learned about the courage it took for a woman to be a painter during the time of the Civil War. Mary Cassatt moved to Paris in 1866 to study impressionism despite her father’s objections. There, she became friends with Edgar Degas. “Her father hit the ceiling,” recounted Pete. He wanted her to come home, get married and raise a family. Instead, she found a studio at the base of Montmartre and started selling her work – a great accomplishment for a woman during this period. She never married or had children but became recognized as a talented artist and self-sufficient woman.

Lydia in a Loge, Wearing a Pearl Necklace was a project of Mr. Richenburg’s Grade 10 students in 2011. The project is based on Gestalt Philosophy, which espouses: “the whole is greater than the sum of its parts.” The project begins by dividing the painting into 9 x 9 inch squares.  Each student reproduces a square. The individual square is a composition unto itself. When the individual compositions are assembled in order, they create the larger composition you see before you. Pete explained that impressionists are not interested in photo-realism but how we interpret color. It is not what the eye sees but what the brain interprets.

Other examples of Sturgis Gestalt art projects (AKA Cut-Up Masterpieces) in the Reference Room collection are Mary Cassatt’s Young Woman Reading and Vincent Van Gogh’s Fritillaries in a Copper Vase.

Grade 10 Interpretation of Mary Cassatt’s Young Woman Reading

Original Mary Cassatt’s Young Woman Reading

Grade 10 Interpretation of Van Gogh’s Fritillaries in a Copper Vase

Original Van Gogh’s Fritillaries in a Copper Vase

Sturgis Artists Selected for the Showcase of Cape Cod High School Students Best Work

Congratulations to 10 Sturgis students who were selected to exhibit their work at the Cape Cod Art Association March 20 – 26. The reception was a fun celebration of the many talented student artists on Cape Cod.

First Place – Jean Marie Saudade – The Hardest Pill to Swallow – Acrylic

Second Place – Hannah Joseph – Flower Study – Gouache

Honorable Mention – Zach Grosslein – Halfway to No Where – Pencil

The following artists were also selected to have their work in this exhibit:

Amy Darbyshire            Color Study Astor                        Gouache

Eva Fahey                        Geometric Forms                        Gouache

Veronica Henger            Reclining Nude                        Conte Crayon

Brianna Juaire               Pour l’Amour                                    Acrylic

Rose Maggio                     Self Portrait                                    Mixed

Madeline Arnault            Vivian Doll                                    Mixed

Anne Goodman                 Stay Cold                                    Radiograph

Photography Exhibit by Sam Lawrence at Cape Cod Cultural Center

Congratulations to Sam Lawrence (Class of 2013) for being selected to exhibit his photographs in the Vault of Cape Cod Cultural Center March 21-April 1. Sam is known for his love of boats and photography.

Patrick Todoroff Commissioned to Create  Memorial Window

Patrick Todoroff was commissioned last year to create a memorial window for Patterson Library in Westfield, New York.  In late November, Patterson Library unveiled their new stained glass window
 created by Patrick and donated by Sandra Hurd and Joel Potash in memory of Patricia Nixon Greenleaf and Faith Crandall
 Scott. Patrick was asked to create a window inspired by and
 accentuating the gorgeous view of Patterson’s Pergola Garden. The
 window features a fitting quote from Cicero: “If you have a garden and
a library, you have everything you need.” The window is a tribute to 
two remarkable women who appreciated the value that great libraries 
give to our lives.

Sturgis Reference Room is also very fortunate to have one of Patrick’s gorgeous stained glass windows.  Patrick designed the window in 2010 as a memorial to Gretchen Buntschuh (1937–2010), beloved English teacher and former Assistant Director of Sturgis. The design of the window is simply stunning. Etched in the glass is one of Gretchen’s favorite poems – “The Layers” by Stanley Kunitz. Patrick is a glass artist at Glass Graphics Studio in Hyannis.


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