Music (Spring 2012)

Come and see many talented Sturgis musicians perform at the Arts Festival, April 28.

All Cape Festival ~ Hannah McLaughlin

Music has always been an interest, and something that I love to do. Participating in The All Cape Festival was a wonderful opportunity for many young talented musicians to perform with students from all over who love music as much as you do. The way All Cape works is there are four different performances, Orchestra, band, SATB choir (soprano, alto, tenor, and base) and, SSAA choir( all girls’ choir). I was part of the SATB choir and it was an amazing experience working with many talented singers. Also being part of the SATB choir our conductor came all the way from England and picked challenging songs to sing. But despite the challenging songs, our Conductor George Bredsell made it a fun experience, especially teaching us Circle Song by Bobby McFerrin. We had seven Sturgis students participate this year in All Cape, Molly Brennan, in the orchestra, Caitlin Waring, in the band, and Hannah McLaughlin, Ella Hunt, Jack Watters, Sander Goldman, and Owen Bescherer in the SATB choir. There were a total of three rehearsals and everyone was ready and comfortable for the Saturday performance. Overall I believe many more people should audition next year, because All Cape is a wonderful experience that teaches you new things, helps you make new friends, and do something you love at a professional level.

 Music News and Accolades

Congratulations to Kevin Agostinelli, Ella Hunt, and Gibson Leavitt who were accepted into the Southeast Junior Music Festival December 5, 2011.

Congratulations to Gibson Leavitt, a 9th grader, who accepted into the All-Cape Festival Jazz Ensemble which takes place in April. He plays trombone and is 1st chair!

Congratulations to Connor Antonellis, Grace Jose, Kristen Kaczmarczyk, Hannah McLaughlin, Connor Read, Cadence Simmons, Kameko Simpson and Jennifer Suslo who were selected as new members of Sturgis Singers January 10, 2012.

 Sturgis  Singers 2012

Soprano 1: Julia Harmon, Ella Hunt, Rachael Jenner, Hannah McLaughlin, Shannon Slater, Jen Suslo

Soprano 2:  Taylor Dean, Grace Jose, Kristen Kaczmarczyk, Kameko Simpson

Alto: Sophia Bradell, Kylie Moses, Amelia Bigwell

Tenor: Connor Antonellis, Ben Brown, Jack Watters

Bass: John Bondarek, Sander Goldman, Connor Read

Sturgis Strings – Spring 2012

Violin 1: Sarah McEwen, Lily Haselton
Violin 2: Molly Brennan, Melissa Jones

Viola: Sean Carroll
Cello: Ella Hunt, Claire Thomas – Cello

2011-12 Sturgis East Jazz Ensemble

Flutes: Meghan Agostinelli, Andreza Andrade, Meaghan Fitzgerald, Monique Legault, Julianna Murphy, Meredith Sullivan

Alto Sax: Sarah Jones, Sander Goldman, Austin Taubert, Danny Zeoli

Tenor Sax:  Allan Pilch

Bass Clarinet: Alana Bell

Trumpet: Lucas Brown, Liam Prendergast, Nick Raymond

Clarinet: Kevin Agostinelli, Greg James-Herrmann, Alasdair McEwen

Trombone: Josef Brunco, Sam Watson

Piano: Hazel Fargher

Bass: Ben Pilch

Drums: Matt Cappucci, Jacob Tobey

2011 Sturgis Improvisation Combo

Trumpet: Ben Duncan

Alto Sax: Ian Devine, Sarah Jones, Sander Goldman

Bass Clarinet: Alana Bell

Guitar: Allan Pilch, Cooper Heilmann

Bass: Max Riefsteck

Drums: Logan Joyce, John Moore

Singer: Alia Sanfilipo

9th Grade Chorus: Adrienne Bonney, Sophia Braddel, Sander Goldman, Ella Hunt, Melissa Jones, Kealoha Lopez, Michaela Newcombe, Jenny Ngo, Anna Pannell, Lily Paradise, Liam Prendergast, Katherine Roderick, Grayce Rogers, Laura Sirhal, Daniel Souza, Isabelle Springer, Emilie Steven, Jillian Stinnett, John Waters

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