Fall Athletics – Sturgis East

By Patrick O’Kane, Sturgis East Athletic Director

Our fall season saw a tremendous number of participants—nearly 50% of the student body joined a fall sport! All of our fall sports now support a varsity and junior varsity squad–the first time this has ever happened at Sturgis. We welcomed new coaches Meg Stolt, Curran Devine, Lindsay Scott, Brad Lombardi, Chris Gagnon and Dylan Brown.  They joined veterans Brian Hastings, Steve Austin, Ken Huckins, Mike Beckner, Mike Sarney and Ryan Potter.

As our programs have grown, so have the challenges.  As most of you know from first hand experience, we use facilities all over Barnstable and Yarmouth.  It is great to see many of you out at our matches—in spite of the occasional mis-information on the website!  You may not know every player’s name, but your presence makes their experience more meaningful.  A special thanks goes out to the Hyannis Youth and Community Center, Cape Cod Community College, Barnstable Recreation Department and Yarmouth Recreation Department for providing us with our practice and game facilities for the season.

Sturgis is a unique school and our athletic department is challenged to work within the constraints of a school without facilities. I would be remiss if I did not recognize an additional member of each team you see before you tonight–parents.  More than any other district, our athletic program is dependent upon your attention to detail, your dedication to your children, and your patience with the myriad of changes that take place in a given week’s schedule.  Thank you for forming the foundation of our programs.

The fall sports seasons concluded this past weekend (Nov 16-18) with Alaina Ohm becoming the first female runner to compete in the all-state championship meet.  Joining the boys and girls soccer team in the state tournament was the girls volleyball team—a first for that program  Winter sports (Cheer and Basketball) begin on Monday, with over 80 participants.

Field Hockey – Meg Stolt and Curran Devine

Sturgis East Field Hockey Team On the Run

On reflection of the 2012 season, this season was about creating new traditions. The season brought with it change and new beginnings. It is always challenging stepping in as a new coach, filling shoes and inheriting traditions that have been in play. This year the team stepped forward and created a new culture. This culture built on the expectations of traditions of Sturgis, and was about being competitive, about looking beyond the final score, looking beyond oneself, and evaluating what it means to be part of a team. I can confidently say that this collective of young women learned what it means to be a part of a team.

The first day of practice the team ran to the beach. I remember that day well. The team was in culture shock. I brought a tradition of winning, and training and appropriate conditioning to play the game. I think they thought I was joking when I met them for the first time in June, before they left for summer break and told the participants to be ready to play the first day of practice. It was apparent that not all of the team took that advice. The team will tell you the second day was much more difficult than the first day of preseason, but within a week or two, they were more confident in their conditioning and their skills.

We opened our season with a victory against West, and then we seemed to stall. While our level of play continued to improve, the girls at times were content to just be on the field. It was a tremendous hurdle to encourage them to be more aggressive, to move toward the ball and challenge their opponent. The result– other teams noticed. This was not the Sturgis of previous seasons. Our opponents coaches commended the level of fitness, skill and play.

Girls Field Hockey 2012

And as we continue to improve, so did our competition. We finished the season with a record of 2 – 12. I am told we are the first team to earn two victories in the season. Looking beyond the record, the new culture was adopted. The girls learned what it meant to be a field hockey player, adopting the ability to step into a role when needed, and not just a position player. The younger players are hungry and want to play harder, learn the game and improve their overall skills. A healthy competition in practice was observed. The team was pushing each other to be better.

In addition to improving our level of play, we partnered with West, our sister school, to play our first annual Pink Game. On this day, we celebrated Life, while raising money for Breast Cancer Awareness. A total contribution of $475.00 was made to the Silent Spring Institute, which is part of the Massachusetts Breast Cancer Coalition. The day of the game, we honored the seniors and captains of both teams. It was a tremendous day to celebrate life and the hockey program. I cannot express how proud I am of both teams.

Girls Field Hockey 2012 East

I am grateful for the addition of my assistant, Curran Devine. She was able to reach the girls at times when I was at a communication loss. It is uncanny how similar our coaching philosophy is. I am confident that as we continue to coach and teach and influence the field hockey team, the program will grow.

I am further grateful to my captains: Lucie Palmeri, Julia Pollard, Abbie Titcomb and Kelley Walsh. These young women pulled the team together when they were challenged with whatever tasks were placed before them. These girls raised the bar for leadership, and laid the groundwork for future captains. It is at this time that they pass the torch to the captains of the 2013 season:

Lillian Randall, Tori Maxwell, and Maggie Randall.

I am confident that the new leadership will continue to help the team grow in strength.

I am truly looking forward to next season, and the continued development of the team.  I am confident that we will increase our victories, and lower the number of goals against us. We will continue to improve our skills as players, and prove to be humanitarians as we continue the tradition of the Pink Game. I hope to continue to raise the bar and challenge the team to be better players and individuals.

I cannot express what a privilege it is to work with such a fine group of young women. It is at times challenging to show these individuals that success is measured in many different ways. The biggest success and pride I have is that these girls understand that while we are competitive on the field, regardless of the outcome of the game, they had fun and worked hard playing. They thoroughly enjoy playing the game.

Thank you for your hard work during the season. I am looking forward to continuing it next season.

Varsity Golf – Ryan Potter

Before I write anything about this past golf season I want to thank the parents and players for being so understanding and for the wonderful participation. With a record 30+ students coming out for the golf team, we had to scramble to find a third coach and a third golf course which made scheduling a nightmare. The patience and helpfulness exhibited by parents and students throughout the season helped the season go as smoothly as possible.

The varsity team was unfortunately on the wrong end of a few close matches which kept us from making the state tournament. Led by the senior trio of Connor Bryant, Ian Devine, and Matt Dennison, the team finished 4th in the Cape and Islands League and had a great showing once again in the Nantucket Invitational. Connor led the team in scoring this year in the number one spot and did well against the Cape’s best players. Ian and Matt did well in the top four and proved to be great examples for the team’s younger players. The team will be also graduating three other seniors, Stephen Harnais, Olivia Sequin, and Evan Francis. Stephen has been the definition of team player since joining the varsity squad. Olivia and Evan joined the team this year and both had a great season, with Olivia winning multiple matches this year.

Moving forward the team will be led by Matt Rodricks who has been one of the most consistent performers on Varsity since his freshman year. Newcomers Cooper Gavin, Ryan Havey, Liam Prendergast and Mitchell Burns will provide great depth for the future, with all of them finding success during their first Varsity season. I wish all the seniors the very best for life after graduation, I hope you will take all the lessons learned on the golf course with you.

For the returning players and JV players, I hope that you will all practice over the summer and improve because with all the graduating seniors there will be a few spots up for grabs next year on Varsity. Thank you again everyone for a very enjoyable and fun season!

JV Golf – Chris Gagnon, Dylan Brown

2012 JV Boys golf was packed with energy, personality and a will to improve and learn the game of golf. Having veterans such as the Pilchs aiding the rookies in understanding the game and competition, produced a good mesh with the rookies who had a major desire to improve and compete. Though we didn’t have many matches, our practice schedule was a perfect blend to learn all facets of the game. There is no doubt the game of golf is growing and will be a major program at Sturgis for years to come. Look forward to next season!

Varsity Volleyball  – Mike Sarney

Girls Volleyball East 2012

This was one amazing season for Sturgis East volleyball.

The captains and I set our goals over the summer and passed them on to the team at the first day of practice. Our goal was simple but something we had never really considered attainable…the tournament.

With all the work the girls had done in the off-season, both Cape Cod Juniors and summer camps, it was not a stretch to expect an improvement over last years’ 2 wins. I also had found out over the off season who the freshmen were that would be joining the program. I knew our talent and experience level had increased.

The biggest challenge for the team this season was not just our competition (4 of our 7 opponents made the tournament.) but our new practice schedule. We also had no JV coach for the first two weeks. The addition of Brad Lombardi was a huge help to the girls and myself. Thanks to Coach Lombardi for all his help.

The Season

Our season was truly record setting. We won the most games in program history (7), set numerous individual game records, and most importantly, qualified for the tournament with a 3-0 win over Cape Tech on October 15. The assists, kills, and aces in one game records all fell multiple times. Freshman Lauren Smith held all 3 at one point. Junior captain Makaila Lyons broke the kill record last week with 15. Smith set the assist record that day as well, breaking her own record with 25. The ace record fell earlier when Lauren had 11, most coming during one set where she served 15 consecutive points to start the set.

Our freshmen all had amazing and productive seasons. In addition to Lauren, Deja Andrews, Hannah Conklin, Hannah Tregelan, and Amanda Sullivan all were huge additions to our program.

Our veterans all had big moments as well. Sophomores Grayce Rogers and Laura Sirhal both improved greatly from last season on JV. Catherine Cameron also moved up late to help us out at practice. By the end of the season these three girls have become our most consistent servers. Emma Nemes continued to be a force at middle hitter. Her blocking by seasons end was the best on the team.          Junior Hannah Taylor stepped up during a close Sturgis West game and had a couple of huge blocks to seal a win. Gwen Walsh provided leadership and some timely defense when called upon.

Girls Volleyball East 2012

Our seniors are a special group. They are the last link to the “pre-me” days. Stephanie Sirhal was our conditioning leader and was valuable defensive replacement this season. Kelsi Murphy had a solid season at middle hitter. She improved her hitting percentage from last year. Ketryn Kochka struggled thru injuries but provided an invaluable service to me and the team as stat keeper and emergency scorer. Finally, Captain Shannon Slater finished a great career with the Storm. Her dedication was and will continue to be an inspiration to younger players. She also worked very hard to become a great setter and team leader. Shannon excelled at controlling the team on the floor . Great job Captain!

All our seniors will be missed. Best of luck girls!!

Despite all the obstacles this group had to overcome, most notably trying to share the gym time at HYCC with 2 other teams, they dug deep and made history. Our experience in the tournament was invaluable. Without a doubt, we proved we belonged. Case High School is the defending Div. 3 South Champion and we stayed right with them. Their coach even told me afterwards that she doesn’t want to see us in the tourney down the road!

Once again, great job by everyone and I look forward to a bright future for Storm Volleyball!

JV Volleyball-Brad Lombardi

This was a very successful season for the Sturgis East JV Volleyball team. Shown, not only, by the team’s first winning record going 8-4, but also by the improvement of every player on the team.

The team was just that this year, a team. Every player contributed throughout the season. From the outstanding leadership of the teams three captains, Haley Meaden, Catherine Cameron and Kylie Michaels, to the help from the teams five freshman, Emma Esterman, Elizabeth Happel, Kimberlee Jeghers, Shannon Kelsey and Jenny Ngo. Sophomore players Brianna Botelho, Julia Ailes, Sonya Gaudet, Cassidy Sequin and Samantha Silverbrand were instrumental in the teams outstanding 7-0 start and its progress during the season. Junior Hannah Taylor jumped in at the end of the season to provide a strong presence on and off the court.

First year coach, Brad Lombardi, is thrilled with the teams success and ability to handle anything thrown at them. He would like to say thanks to all the girls for a great and fun season!

Girls Varsity Soccer—Steve Austin

Girls Soccer East 2012

I remember a year ago at this same event congratulating a team that made it into the state tournament, and saying goodbye to 10 players from that team, 8 of them starters.  So much experience gone, so many positions to fill. Tim Barr (former jv coach) and I had talked about the possibilities and who might be ready from the jv.  Then Tim got a  well deserved  opportunity  to  become a head coach .

Wow! I began this season looking at a rebuilding year, hoping to develop a new starting lineup, replacing all 4 starting defenders, our goaltender, 2 midfielders and a forward.   There is a saying amongst soccer coaches that “there’s no tactics without technique” so we began this season working on the very basic aspects of technique. Lots and lots of ball touches, things we all should have done more of when we started playing the game.  Basics can be kind of boring so we tend to gloss over them whenever possible.  Somewhere along the way this season I began to see signs that we were getting results, more control of the ball, better possession during games and then it all seemed to click. One day we just looked like a different team, and I think Cape

Girls Soccer East 2012

Cod Academy was the first team to notice as we scored 4 goals in the first half to beat them 4-1.

To end up 6-5-2 in what I expected to be a rebuilding year is a testament to this team’s hard work and dedication to improving their basic skills.  4 seniors, were wonderful leaders.  The Captains Sara Sweeten and Hayara Cardoso as well as Dorrie Paul and Lindsey Allin all set the example both at practice and in games. 7 juniors, 4 with some varsity experience helped fill the line up along with 3 sophomores and 2 freshmen.

I don’t know what will happen in our tournament game, but I do know I will remember this season as one of the most productive I’ve had the pleasure of being involved in. We will miss our 4 seniors next year, but I think this season is a perfect example of what hard work can do so please when they come up on stage give them a loud round of applause…………they deserve it!

Leadership Key to Successful Girls’ Soccer Season

By Jacob Tobey, Sturgis StormWatch Staff Reporter 

[Originally published in Sturgis StormWatch, November 19, 2012]

With nine seniors leaving after the 2011 season, the seniors of 2012 had to step up big in the leadership department, especially the two captains Hayara Cardoso and Sara Sweeten. Starting forward Cardoso had an excellent year in which she scored 11 goals.  She was a leader on and off the field.  Every game Cardoso tried to keep the team’s heads in the game and tried to pump them up by giving pep talks during the pregame and halftime.  She was a very good captain and also one of the more skilled players on the field.  Her other captain, Sweeten was a leader by example as well.  “As seniors and captains, we knew that as the leaders of the team, it was most important to lead by example. We wanted the new players to feel welcome and involved.”  Brittany Gayton was the leading scorer on the team with 13 goals this season.  Gayton and Cardoso were feared by other teams as they were a talented forward combo.  Sweeten, who led by example, had a very good season playing the field.  She was a midfielder and helped distribute the ball to the forwards and also got back on defense and stood her ground. Having two really good captains on this team really helped the young players grow and mature, and Cardoso and Sweeten helped make each and every player better.  The two captains wanted the team to bond together.  “We had a movie.  But most importantly, we built our relationships on the field in games and at practice,” said Sweeten.  She was rewarded with her work on the field with the MVP award.

Girls Soccer East 2012

“Rebuilding” was a term that was going to be used a lot around the Girls Varsity Team this past season, but instead they quickly turned a “rebuilding” season into a season of excitement and surprise.  If you were the coach of a team that lost eight starters, nine seniors overall that previous year, wouldn’t you be thinking, “Rebuilding?”  That’s just what coach Steve Austin was thinking as he entered the 2012 campaign.  But he was way off and that’s what you’ve got to love about sports: There are tons of things that will surprise you and make you think, “Wow.”  The Storm had seven Cape and Island League All Stars on the team: Hayara Cardoso, Dorothy Paul, Maggie Paul, Lindsey Allin, Brittany Gayton and Kaleigh Fallon.         The team started off the season a little slow with a couple blowout losses to Pope John Paul II and Nantucket.  In their first 5 games, they started out 1-3-1.  That’s not what they planned on doing.  This record woke them up and this is when they started playing better.   They Storm in another stretch of the season went 2-2-2.  Playing much better on offense and defense, the Storm knew that their hopes for making the tournament could be filed.  They then found themselves in the State Tournament and ready to make a solid playoff run.  They played Cape Cod Academy at home and they lost 1-0.  Coach Austin had some thoughts on the game, “Against Cape Cod Academy we had early chances to score a goal. Their keeper had a great game and we missed several good chances. They defended our forwards well and we probably should have dropped more balls back to the midfielders for shots from farther out.” CCA scored with only about eight minutes left in the game and the Sturgis could not make a comeback.

Hayara Cardoso commented on the chemistry of the team throughout the season, “Our chemistry became stronger throughout the season. We got better at communicating on and off the field and working collaboratively with each other. The chemistry between the central midfielders (Kaleigh and Sara) and the forwards (Brittany and me) were really strong and beneficial.”  Both Captains gave an A- for their season grades of the team/season.  The Storm really played every game with an attitude that they could win every time.  Both captains are seniors and were starters on this team.  There are big shoes to fill for whoever steps up into those positions.  “My hope is that we will once again have a good chance to qualify for the tournament and this time win at least one game,” says Coach Austin.  With the talent the Storm still has this should be a realistic goal for the girls.

Girls Soccer East West Pink Game 2012

There will be a change in leadership next season.  Brittany Gayton and Kaleigh Fallon will be the new captains.  The Sportsmanship award went to Lindsey Allin who showed how to be a very humble player who had very good sportsmanship toward opposing players and the referees.  The Most Improved Player award went to Dorrie Paul.  She really worked on her skills throughout the season and you could see the effects of that hard work.  The Coaches Award went to the captains of 2013: Brittany Gayton and Kaleigh Fallon.  As I said before this season was full of surprises and will never be forgotten by the 2012 Sturgis Storm Girls Varsity soccer team.

Girls JV Soccer – Lindsay Scott

Seasons can be best measured by the ways in which you have become a better player and person from all of the work you have put in. The moments you remember for years to come are not the statistics from any game, but the small improvements or accomplishments you were able to achieve from all of the time you spent working at practice.  You will remember the bonds you made with teammates and how the strength of those bonds can support you through difficult or stressful moments.

With that being said, I would like to express my gratitude to you, my JV soccer ladies. Thank you for your hard work and patience this season. Over the last few months I have seen your footwork improve from all of the touches you have been making during warm ups. During the games we were able to have, we were making lots of improvement working as a unit and supporting one another. I have really enjoyed seeing you grow in your skills and witness your hard work leading to accomplishments on the field. I hope that the bonds you have been forming with one another will last throughout your years at Sturgis and beyond.

Boys JV Soccer – Ken Huckins

Boys Soccer 2012 East

The boy’s JV soccer team just finished what I would consider a successful 2012 season. By win/loss standards we we’re 7 wins against 5 losses. We came out ahead 2 to 1 in the new Sturgis East/West rivalry. Our other four losses came from just two schools, Pope John Paul twice and Nantucket twice. Both loses to Nantucket were by only 1 goal, (3-2 and 1-0). These were the closest games ever with Nantucket, a school with a strong soccer program year after year.

Other measurements of a successful season were that we had one of the largest jv teams around with 21 players, every player played in every game they attended, and I saw the largest turnout of parental support ever at the games. Thank you parents for all the support this year. It means a lot to the players to know someone notices their hard work and dedication.

Congratulations to the other fall sports teams and coaches; boy’s varsity soccer, girl’s soccer, cross country, field hockey, golf and girl’s volleyball, for their successful season. I take pride in the results of Sturgis East athletic teams. It’s amazing to me what a school without athletic facilities, no-cut sports programs, large teams, and players from different towns can do!

Boys Varsity Soccer – Brian Hastings

Boys Soccer 2012 East

First, let me begin by congratulating all of the teams on their fall seasons.  It appears that Sturgis East is off to another great athletic year.    As to our soccer season, simply put, I am extremely proud of these young men.   I could fill this entire pamphlet with stories and descriptions of the season that we’ve had.  The leadership brought to this team by Kyle Garvey, Chris Dennison, Chris DeDecko and Ben Duncan, our captains, has been exemplary.  Along with the other seniors, they have provided the direction and guidance to the younger players that has helped us be so successful.  All of the players have certainly made my job much easier and more fun.  My best wishes, and those of the rest of the team, go out to our seniors in whatever they pursue in the future.  We will miss them one and all.

I am a firm believer in the benefits that students gain from participation in sports.  There are many things to be learned from sports that can’t be taught or experienced in the classroom.  Every member of this team has contributed to its success in some way.   It’s not always how many goals a person scores or how many minutes a person plays that measures his contributions to the total team’s success.

Although we are losing nine good seniors, the nucleus of next year’s team is in place and I look forward to another solid group.   As with every November, “I can’t wait until next year !!!”

Have a great rest of the school year !!!

Cross Country – Beckner

Boys Cross Country 2012

When you lose the top three runners, including the first ever All-State qualifier, from the highest MIAA Division 6 placing team (12th) in Sturgis East school history you should be rebuilding the following year.  But the 2012 Sturgis East Boys cross-country team had a different idea and after going undefeated in league races during the regular season they won the inaugural Cape & Island League Boys Cross-Country Championship Race in a sweep taking the first five places and six out of the first seven places.

Cross-country athletes do not “play” a sport.  There is no field or court.  There is no winning shot to take, goal to make or point to score.  There is no bench; no substitutions; no time outs.  For the 3.1 miles from the start of the race to the finish line the effort is all out and non-stop.

Cross-country is a sport in which every athlete competes in every contest.  In that way it is egalitarian in nature and provides equal opportunity in a way that other sports are not and do not.  Each athlete faces the same course, at the same time, under the same conditions on their own.  Each athlete competes against themselves, their teammates and their opponent.  Each runner competes against the pure standard of the clock.  The outcome of the contest is not affected by subjectivity because the clock never lies.

Each race measures an athlete’s current physical capacity as they work toward realizing 100% of their God given capability.  Each athlete knows what it takes to prepare and perform at a high level of endurance.  That allows cross-country runners to appreciate and applaud the performances of ever athlete in the race because whether a runner’s current capacity is 5 minutes per mile or 10 minutes per mile, a 100% effort by each results in the same level of discomfort.

Boys Cross Country 2012

The 2012 Boys XC Team displayed a singular and unique determination to make a statement on the race course that pushed them to performances they would not have produced without the unity of purpose during races and focus on preparation during training.

The addition of Senior Noah Lonergan, the eventual Cape & Island League Individual Champion, strengthened a team that returned All-Time Sturgis East Top 10 XC Runners Senior Mitch Kimber [7th] and Senior Devin Low [8th]. Mr. Lonergan would join them on the All-Time Sturgis East Top 10 XC Runners list at 6th.

In a small school like Division 6 Sturgis East, where there is not Winter or Spring track season each year brings with it an uncertainty of the team’s composition.  Sturgis East has been blessed over the last three years to have had three strong front runners and four or five up and coming performers making up our team.  This has allowed us to develop a consistency of team performance other schools in our league and division have had difficulty maintaining.  Over the last three years our boys’ team has a record of 22 wins and 6 losses.  All 6 of the boy’s losses came against Division 4 schools.

Cross-country is scored based on seven runners per team, with the first five runners’ places being added together for the team score.  The lowest score wins.  This makes the 4th through 7th runners critical to a team’s success regardless of how accomplished the front runners are.

After promising freshman seasons Liam Doherty and Tom Homand returned to the team determined to move into the scoring seven, a goal shared by Junior Jonah Greenberg and met by all three.

Other runners making up this year’s top ten boys were Senior Devon Juaire, Junior Jon Greve and newcomers Sophomore Parth Patel and Freshman Brian Kelsey.

The 2012 Boys XC Team has the second fastest front three [17:29]; second fastest front five [29:46] and the fastest front seven

With girls’ soccer, field hockey and volleyball competing for athletes in the Fall and with the unique demands of cross-country those who run are a unique breed in a small school.  The level of training in an endurance sport ensures that while athletes from other sports go home they ready to eat dinner; but when cross-country athletes go home they are ready for bed.

Girls Cross Country East 2012

The 2012 Girls XC Team has the third fastest front three [21:11]; second fastest front five [36:45] and the second fastest front seven [52:53] in school history.  This team also has the second narrowest gap between the 1st – 5th runners [1:06] as well as between the 1st – 7th runners [1:28].

With the Division 6 MIAA Eastern Massachusetts Cross-Country Championship this Saturday the girls are hoping to improve on last year’s highest finish in school history (11th) and qualify the first girl’s team runners to the All-State Race the week after.




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