Fall Athletics – Sturgis West

By Brij Anand – Athletic Director

Like many of our athletes, I learned of our mascot, The Navigators, during my first week of the season. It was a welcomed change from the typical Eagles, Wildcats and Falcons I had worked with before Sturgis. Our mascot is atypical and perhaps reflects the non-traditional path that students take while pursuing their education at Sturgis. It also ties into our nautical connections and the notion that our coaches and teachers have a guiding role to play with students.

Sturgis West is precisely one varsity season old and as I listened to the coaches at our awards banquet a few weeks back, I was struck by the sense of student-athlete growth and development that was endemic with each season. Athletes have heard me talk about success being more than just the score line. As we continue to build a fledgling program, it’s important we recognize that and keep true to our philosophy.

Sturgis West Cross Country

Cross Country – Jonathan Piers

With 50 meters to go in a Cross Country race, two opposing runners will battle each other with every cell of their being. Not unlike a prize fight in the 10th round, runners will beat each other into the ground to get to the finish line ahead of their opponent. This very scenario played itself out on many occasions this season. Though these clashes help define every high school X-Country runner, in the end, even after two runners duke it out, they will embrace each other in the shared understanding of giving all that they could on the field of battle.

What I do know about the Sturgis West X-Country Team, each member, both boys and girls, would fight this same fight. What every runner shares, as hard as they might fight another runner to the finish line, is a common bond in pain and sacrifice. They know that they would give everything they have to the team and to themselves.

Sturgis West X-Country should be very proud of their accomplishments in the 2012 Season. They should look forward to the future with no limits on what they can accomplish.

Sturgis West Field Hockey

Field Hockey – Mary Kulhowvick

The first year of our Sturgis West field hockey team was a grand success! This season our team grew from the eight young ladies who showed up at the first day of preseason, to nineteen skilled field hockey players. Throughout the season, the team continued to learn how to play together despite starting with a variety of skill levels. Each game the team noticeably improved, especially in learning to recover, communicate, and pressure the ball. The ladies’ exhibited extraordinary sportsmanship and commitment to their team throughout the season, as well as a desire to continue improving. We are looking forward to our second season!

Sturgis West Golf

Golf – Parish Pina

” a team loaded with underclassmen that really game together this year as a team. There was, as there is in every season, adversity and distractions that tested each player. The team kept focused and saw the year through with each athlete making significant growth and improvement. We have an exciting year ahead as we move to a full varsity team.”

Sturgis West Boys Soccer

Soccer – Boys Varsity – Tim Barr

The boys varsity soccer team had an outstanding inaugural season. We became the first Sturgis West team to make the state tournament and the first Sturgis team ever to make the tournament without any seniors. We had our fair share of growing pains, but the future is bright as we have all 18 players returning. Carlo Tashjian, Ben Waithe and Finn Swenson were key players throughout the season and helped us reach our goal of a successful season and a tournament appearance.

 Soccer – Boys JV – Matt Lee

 The West Boys JV Soccer team ended the season without too many wins, but with bright hopes for the future.  The team struggled early on, but ended with strong second half performances against both Nantucket and Martha’s Vineyard.  Several players showed much improvement over the course of the year.  With a Varsity team that is graduating no players, the JV squad looks forward to fielding a strong squad next year.

Sturgis West Girls Soccer

Soccer – Girls – Tonja Weimer

Sturgis West Girls’ Soccer wrapped up their season in back to back games against East. Although, both games ended in a loss for the girls, they played hard and never quit. The picture is from the first game which was played under the lights at Old Townhouse. Both East and West captains worked together to organize the game to help bring awareness of cancers that impact females of all ages to the community by wearing pink for the event.

Sturgis West Volleyball

Volleyball – Elise Edmonson

The Sturgis West Navigators had a successful first varsity season going 4-8 at the Varsity level and 2-7 at the JV level.  We saw huge improvements in passing, serving, and teamwork as a whole.  The girls earned a huge mid-season win against their big rivals, the Sturgis West Storm, in a 5 game match thriller.  The girls and coaches look forward to a strong start to next season with a full range of athletes from Freshman to Seniors!

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