Kathy Lynch’s 15 Favorite Education Apps

smartphone-appsWith more and more faculty bringing in their own cell phones,  iPads, iPods and Android tablets , I thought I would give my two cents worth on some applications that I think could be  productive in education.

Dropbox:  The free version offers 2 GB of storage.  This is how you can get your documents/notes/ lessons into your device and have them available everywhere.  It is simple to use and is basic storage space.  I have it installed on my phone, ipod, ipad and pc’s so I can get my documents anywhere.  I like it better than Google docs because it keeps the files in the original format and does not convert them to Google documents.  Also, you can put your documents in a public folder to share.  Another benefit it has over Google docs is that you can put any type of file there, including video and pictures.

Itunes University:  Available on iPad and iPod and iPhone.  This app offers a plethora of free courses in all subject areas from K-12 through University level.  Examples:  Oxford university has posted a creative writing course called “Great Writers Inspire”  and it is full of podcasts .pdf’s lessons, videos from Oxford professors

For Science teachers  TED has several topics including Environmental Science, Ohio State offers General Chemistry.  Many high schools have uploaded their courses as well.

iTunes University is expansive and free!

Flashcards Deluxe, by OrangeOrApple (there is a free version, but the deluxe is worth the $3.99). You can make your own flashcards or download from the library of thousands of pre-made “Quizlets” for any subject.  Make sure you check them because some may be uploaded by students and may have errors.  Or you can make your own.   Also Flashcards integrates with Dropbox and Google docs.  I can see these being used in front of a classroom as perhaps a competition or pretest study session, or as a homework review for the students.

Molecules:  Science/Chemistry teachers, with this awesome app you can download 3D molecules  that can be manipulated.  It labels the bond type and type of atoms.

Doodle Buddy:  Use your finger or stylus to annotate or perhaps solve a math equation and then capture the image.  On the iPad, this can be projected in front of the classroom. This is a wonderful app for those of you with an hdmi adapter as you can doodle on the iPad and have it mirrored in front of the class.

Dragon Dictation:  It’s a free voice to text application. It’s extremely accurate.  Hit the red record button, stop then choose email, or insert into a document, twitter or FB.

Free Graphing Calculator (by William Jockusch) comparable to the TI graphing calculators

Geometry Pad:  (free) After your calculations you can email the results  or save them as a photo

Mobile Mouse:  Turn your phone (android or iPhone/iPod/iPad) into a wireless mouse and keyboard .  There is a free version, but the 2.99 version offers icons as shortcuts to internet, windows key, etc.

VoiceThread:  Create slide presentations with voice instructions overlaid as well as annotations

Blogger:  Get a great discussion going with your class, they can all blog on their phones and iPods!  To what extent did….??

Khan Academy apps.  Consider these apps on everything from algebra to physics.  Many high schools are using them as part of their ipad and online curriculums.

I recommend the following Apps for students:

Teen Book Finder  Has search bar and Hot Tips or “Search by Booklist”  for book selections for teens

Read2Go ($19.99) reads Daisy (.odt) files the can be downloaded from Bookshare or Kurzweil (must have an IEP to qualify for Bookshare)

Kurzweil (this is a very basic app that can only access files that are already in your Kurzweil library

Ipad users if you end up in a room with the new BenQ projectors, and you have an hdmi adapter and hdmi cable, you will be able to mirror your ipad image through the projector.  Sturgis does not supply adapters for personal devices but this is what  you will need:


In addition you will need an HDMI cable long enough to make it to the ceiling to the projector.

This combination will allow you to mirror your ipad so that you will have an image on both the ipad and projection surface.

VGA adapters will allow you to project your image, but only the hdmi will support mirroring.

I am happy to help you with any of these applications, please do not hesitate to ask!

Kathy Lynch, Technology Coordinator – Sturgis West

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