Matthew Cappucci Recognized by Kurt Giessler Foundation for Youth Achievement

By Katie Curran, Class of 2016
Matt Cappucci - Grant

Matthew Cappucci, second from left, is the first recipient of the Kurt Giessler Foundation for Youth Achievement’s ambition grant. With Cappucci, from left, are Ken Giessler, Foundation President and Kurt’s father; Cappucci; Dr. James Partridge, Award Selection Committee Chairman; and Jack Meehl, Chairman of the Board.

Matthew Cappucci, a Sturgis East Junior from Plymouth, is actively involved in his community as well as at Sturgis.  Whether it be tutoring students, attending Student Council meetings or reporting on weather, Matthew is very dedicated to what he does.

Matthew’s interest in meteorology began at four or five years old when he saw a documentary on tornadoes and was immediately hooked. By age seven,  he had checked out every single weather book from his school library and had saved up money from his first communion and selling golf balls to purchase a video camera  which he used for ‘storm chasing.’ During elementary school, he delivered a few field day forecasts over the intercom system.  Through a class at school, he had the opportunity to deliver the weather twice on public access. By age 12, he knew TV meteorology was for him. As a teenager, Matthew began to excel even more in the field.

Matthew was recently named the first winner of the Kurt Giessler Foundation for Youth Achievement’s Ambition Grant.  The Kurt Giessler Foundation for Youth Achievement was “formed exclusively for a charitable purpose, specifically to provide grants to individuals ages 12 through 20 to fund self-directed educational projects.” The mission of the Kurt Giessler Foundation is to support youth in generating and achieving long term ventures by providing the resources necessary to reach those goals and creating a reward system that acknowledges those who succeed.  Matthew intends to use the $2,100 grant to purchase advanced photographic equipment for his study of how waterspouts can help predict dangerous weather on an extremely local level.   Kurt Giessler Foundation for Youth Achievement: Inspiring Achievement “The winner of the first Kurt Giessler Foundation for Youth Achievement ambition grant is no stranger to readers of the Old Colony Memorial…”

Matthew’s lifelong passion for meteorology has inspired  extensive research on waterspouts. His research earned him an invitation from the American Meteorological Association (AMS) to be the youngest person ever invited to speak at their national convention. Last summer at the convention in Tennessee, he presented, “Outflow Boundary Related Waterspouts: Advanced Prediction, Timely Warnings and the Impact on Public Safety.” Video of presentation: AMS: Outflow-Boundary Related Waterspouts

In his spare time,  Cappucci serves as guest weather columnist for the Old County Memorial Newspaper and The Barnstable Patriot. Three of Matthew’s articles are available here:

The Sturgis community congratulates Matthew Cappucci on his great achievement.  At such a young age, the possibilities for Matthew are endless as to what he can do in the field of meteorology and beyond!

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