Career Day 2012 (Summer 2012)

The Sturgis Guidance Department hosted an exciting Career Day Wednesday, May 30. Based on student interest, professionals from the Sturgis parent and alumni community were invited to present their careers. The array of speakers and professions included:

Accounting – Julie Smythe; Education -Jean Fahey; Interior Design – Charlene Dennen; Internet Entrepreneur – Rob Sequin; Meteorology – Gordon Bellemer; Nurse Practitioner – Beth Homand; Pediatric / RN – Kathleen Capucci and Michele Savini; Research Scientist – Pete Sampou; Theatre Director – Maura Hanlon; Biomedical Research -Melanie Donahue and Sarah Laperriere (Sturgis Alumnae); Communications: Writing and Design –  Laura McMahon; Early Education – Mary Wilson; Electrical Engineer – Robin Singer;  Forensic Scientist – Jessica Hieser Brown; Graphic Web Designer – Katherine Spencer Joyce; Journalist – Jeff Donn; Marine Biologist – Liese Siemann; Medicine –  Dr. William Agel OB/GYN; Musician – Jim Krikava; Police Officer – William Massey; Social Worker – Elaine Moraglia-Griffin; Sports Journalist – Jim Barrasso; Writer/Editor – Ann Wood.

Melanie Donahue &
Sarah Laperriere
2012 Sturgis Career Day

Two of the youngest presenters were Sturgis Class of 2007 graduates Melanie Donahue and Sarah Laperriere. They gave a very interesting presentation to Sturgis students about the college courses and current work experiences that are leading them to pursue graduate degrees in Medicine and Oceanography, respectively.

Melanie graduated in May 2011 from Worcester Polytechnic Institute with a B.S. in Biology & Biotechnology and a minor in Mathematics. Her capstone research project at WPI was the “Role of SOD and Cathepsin-D in Alzheimer’s Disease Aβ cascade models.” She is a Research Associate in the Cancer Program at the Broad Institute of MIT & Harvard. She is a member of a 20+ person Connectivity Map (“C-Map”) project team of biologists, chemists, computer scientists, computational analysts, and interns.  Melanie is currently taking pre-med courses at Harvard in preparation for applying to medical school. Click Melanie Donahue to see her Career Day presentation.

Sarah graduated in 2011 from Providence College with a B.S. in Biology and a B.A. in Mathematics. She is currently working as Staff Environmental Scientist for Deepwater Horizon Natural Resource Damage Assessment (NRDA). Her future projects include Research Assistant at the Ecosystems Center, Marine Biological Laboratory and research at Palmer Station, Antarctica on Long Term Ecological Research (LTER) where she will be involved in an interdisciplinary approach to investigate the responses of the marine ecosystem to rapid climate warming. She plans to attend University of Maryland Horn Point in 2013 to begin work on a Ph.D. in Oceanography.

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