Faculty Attend IB Training Workshops (Summer 2013)

By Marion Weeks, Community Outreach Coordinator

IB Workshops Sturgis provides an opportunity for several faculty members to attend International Baccalaureate (IB) training workshops each year. The professional development workshops help faculty develop a greater understanding of what IB programmes are trying to accomplish.  As IB programmes continue to develop and grow,  it is important that at least one faculty member from each department attend a workshop each year to stay current and be able to inform Sturgis colleagues of the latest information about IB courses and examiner expectations. While attending workshops, Sturgis teachers have an opportunity to meet IB teachers from around the world who are teaching the same classes we offer here. International networks of IB teachers are invaluable resources in our work to provide a world-class education to students on Cape Cod.

“The International Baccalaureate is committed to supporting the ongoing development of a worldwide professional learning community comprising internationally minded teachers, school leaders and school administrators… The IB provides professional development workshops to help new, experienced and expert school leaders and educators understand, support, and successfully deliver IB programmes by drawing on the expertise of a network of IB educators worldwide.”


Comments from Sturgis Faculty who Attended Recent IB Workshops

Laurie Carah, Librarian – West

I had the opportunity to go to Savannah, Georgia in January of this year to complete the IB course Managing the IB Extended Essay.  My experience could not have been better, as it was taught in with an emphasis on small group collaboration, which greatly extended the strong direct instruction from IB presenters.  Conversations about the practical application of workshop ideas into the library curriculum were extensive and lasted into the evenings over dinner, creating strong bonds within our group.Today, I enjoy great rapport, idea sharing, and document support with three of these experienced IB professionals through email and networks.  These relationships added the strong value of extended support as I kicked off the Extended Essay process with juniors this spring. I am so pleased to have had the opportunity to get the specific training I required and develop these important relationships.

Abby Rhoads, English – West

I had a very good experience at the Florida League of International Baccalaureate Schools (FLIBS) conference.  I took English level 1 and it was nice for me to realize that after one year listening to IB talk, I was already familiar with most of the acronyms that I need to know for IB English (and there are many :-)) My workshop was very helpful in helping me see the “big picture” of the two year scope of the course and each of the assessments that I will have to do in relation to each part I teach.  I think that the best part of the conference for me was realizing what a special school Sturgis is.  So many of the teachers I met were coming from private schools or big public schools that offer IB as one item on a big menu of courses.  I was extremely proud to represent the Sturgis faculty and to share the idea of “IB for all” with my classmates. I am looking forward to the challenges and rewards of teaching the IB next year.

Lindsey Weaver, Math – East

The C1 Mathematics Studies session with instructor Susan Baum was well organized and well implemented. We had a diverse and fun group, which allowed me to gain ideas and pieces of advice within and beyond the topic of IB. I feel like I have a much clearer idea of the preparation I need to do this summer, as well as a better understanding of IB’s math language. It was an incredibly useful and enjoyable experience.

Tom Wooten, History – West

I attended the IB History workshop in Berlin, June 23-26.  Attendees at this workshop included native English-speakers and ESL  teachers from the US, UK, Turkey, Australia, Scotland, and Denmark, teaching History in Bucharest, Seoul, Florence, Cairo, Edinburg, Istanbul, and Reading, England, to name a few.  Our facilitator was Eunice Price, senior IB examiner for Europe, Paper 1 and a past member of the IB-History Curriculum Review Team.  Despite our disparate educational and cultural background, it was clear that the IB gives us a common language for sharing global “best-practices” of our discipline.  Additionally, it was inspirational for me to see that our History program at Sturgis West seems “on-track” with international schools around the globe.  I even found that a couple of aspects of our program, including our modified Internal-Assessment for 9th and 10th grade, and “IB-For-All” philosophy generated considerable interest and dialogue about the many possibilities offered by the IB framework.  Overall, the Berlin IB-History workshop ranks at the top of IB and other professional development workshops I’ve attended.

2012-13 IB Workshops Attended by Sturgis Faculty

December 2012

 Carine Blanc, French B level 1 – Florida; Natalia Wallace, Spanish B level 1-2 – Florida;

Kristen Anthony, French B level 1 – Oregon; Gina Kelley, Biology 1- Florida.

February 2013

William Mathews, Latin 1 & 2 – Rice University; Geneva Robinson, Latin 1 & 2 – Rice University; Jesse Sawyer, Latin 1 & 2 – Budapest; Caroline Lee, Latin 1 & 2 – Budapest; Laurie Carah, Extended Essay – Savannah, GA.

April 2013

Lynn Kelley, History Cat 1 – Portland, OR.

June 2013

Lindsey Weaver, Math Studies 1 – Florida; Divya Johar, Physics 2 – Florida; Ann Forget, Visual Arts 2 – Florida; Abby Rhoads, English 1 – Florida; Michele Mapes, Math Studies 1 – Florida; Thomas DiBrita, Math Studies 1 – Florida; Christina Alvarez, Spanish B Cat 1 – Florida; Ilan Vaisman, Spanish B Cat 1 – Florida; John Tecklenburg, ESS – Online; Jenn Kirk, Spanish B Cat 3 – Florida; Tom Wooten, History Cat 1 – Berlin.

July 2013

Matt Lee, History, Europe Cat 2 – New Mexico; Joselle DellaMorte, French Cat 2 – New York; Nick Conti, Business Cat 1/2 – New Mexico; Laurie Davis, Music Cat 2 – Atlanta; Emily Williams, English Lit Cat 1 – New Mexico; Eric Hieser, IB Americas – New Orleans; Christine McDowell, ToK Cat 1 – Online; Sheila Gilligan, ToK Cat 2 – Online.

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