SPA: Sturgis Parents Provide Strong Support (Summer 2013)

SPA Donates $20,000 for STEM Resources

SPA Presents Check for STEM Program July 2, 2013
(l-r) Dana Soderberg, Sharon Kaczmarczyk, Sean Randall, Eric Hieser, Tom Fink, Catherine Thomas and Debbie Luke Murphy

The Sturgis Parents Association (SPA) has made a $20,000 donation to Sturgis to enhance the already extensive STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, & Mathematics) resources at the school. SPA decided to donate this significant portion of the funds that was raised at the 2013 Sturgis Auction to underscore its commitment to a cutting edge STEM program at each campus.

SPA also plans to support several individual teacher requests with additional resources gained from its fundraising efforts this year. The Sturgis faculty and staff thank the SPA for its outstanding support for the STEM and other programs at the school.

The Sturgis Parents Association exists to support the students, parents and faculty of Sturgis Charter Public School. We aim to build and enrich the Sturgis community through events such as the Teacher’s Welcoming Breakfast, the Convocation & Strawberry Social, the Christmas Stroll, the Arts Festival, the After-Prom Party and the Annual SPAuction. SPA is also active in advocating in favor of Charter Schools on the State level. Through these activities and others, SPA hopes to promote the goals and meet the needs of the staff and students of Sturgis Charter Public School. Your participation is important! All parents and guardians are invited to attend the monthly SPA meetings to find out how you can get involved.

Auction 030

Jean Brennan and Sean Randall
SPAuction 2013

Volunteers: Many Hands Make Light Work

There are a variety of ways that members of the Sturgis community can become involved in volunteer endeavors at the school. Each year the school has parents complete a volunteer questionnaire regarding the different areas within the school, the Sturgis Parents Association (SPA), and the Board of Trustees that offer volunteer opportunities. The diverse volunteer options include: being a chaperone on a field trip or an international trip; being a regular assistant in the Library or Main Office; presenting at Career Day; assisting with the Prom and After Prom; participating on one of the SPA auction committees; joining a Board ad hoc committee; coaching a sport or assisting with a club; assisting with annual events such as Sturgis Arts Festival, Sturgis Poetry & Performing Arts Coffeehouse and many others too numerous to mention. We have wonderful parent volunteers who help with fundraising and graphic design. Katherine Spencer Joyce lent her expertise during the creation of Sturgis Soundings Magazine. You can see her great work in the design of the Soundings banner. Elizabeth Hooper’s graphic design work has lifted library event posters and publications to a new level.

For more information on becoming a volunteer, request a volunteer questionnaire at the Main Office of East or West.

2013 SPAuction Event  a Huge Success!

Auction 016We had more donations than ever (the latest came in during the event at 7:00pm), we had more guests than ever (232), the food was amazing (Resort and Conference Center) and our entertainment set the perfect tone (John Shaw).  Thank you to all the hearty and devoted volunteers, the extremely generous donors, the guests that attended and the sponsors that supported our best SPAuction ever.  We had hoped to set a new record by rising $30,000, but our preliminary numbers show us well surpassing that at around $35,000!

SPA Gathering to Thank Tom Fink for ServiceSPA Social Bids Fond Farewell to Tom Fink

Sturgis parents and staff were invited to a social on June 19th to thank Tom Fink, former SPA President, and others who have served Sturgis Parents Association for many years. We are truly grateful for the years of service and all the projects he sponsored and supported. Tom is the proud Dad of three Sturgis grads: Michael Fink, Class of 2007, Emily Fink, Class of 2009, and Christopher Fink, Class of 2013.

Michael Moynihan Honored at Sturgis West Awards Night


Michael Moynihan Honored
Awards Night – May 23, 2013

Michael Moynihan has worked tirelessly to support Sturgis over the years as a longstanding member of SPA and by sharing his professional expertise in the renovation of Sturgis East and more recently in the construction of Sturgis West. Michael volunteered to serve as Owner’s Representative during the construction process which made it possible to build a second Sturgis “IB for All” campus on time and on budget. Eric Hieser and the Sturgis Board of Trustees presented a proclamation to recognize Michael’s exemplary service at Sturgis West Awards Night on May 23, 2013. A Proclamation to Recognize Michael Moynihan

Michael is the proud Dad of Mackenzie Moynihan, Class of 2007 and Savannah Moynihan, Class of 2010.

Career Day – May 7, 2013

Leslie Milsted, Filmmaker, Video Production

Leslie Milsted, Filmmaker

Each year the Sturgis Guidance Department hosts a Career Day. Based on student interest, professionals from the Sturgis parent and alumni community are invited to present their careers.

Many thanks to the following speakers who presented at our 2013 Career Day:
Travis Andrade, National Guard; Kristen Anthony, Peace Corps; Chris Bailey, Theater/Solar Development; Deb Booth, Special Education Administrator; Chris Botsford, Police Officer; Russell Brown, Fisheries Biology; Al Brox, Ship Captain/Pilot/Merchant Marines; Laurie Colwell, Human Resources; Chris Cotter, Brand Consultant; Jon Davis, Civil and Environmental Engineer; Tom Davis, Photographer; Courtney Driscoll, Registered Dietician; Amy Edwards, Software; Greg Durette, Insurance and Financial Services; John Garner, Journalism; Suzanne Hicks, Attorney; Christine Johnson-Staub, Public Policy Analyst; Katherine Joyce, Graphic Design, Web Development; Kelly Kooharian, Registered Nurse; Tom Lynch, Government and Public Service; Joseph Maruca, Fire Chief; Leslie Milsted, Filmmaker, Video Production; Stephany Nadolny, Healthcare Administrator; Mark Nelson, Environmental Science and Engineering; Mike Noonan, Electrical Engineer; Chris Powicki, Energy, Climate, Environment; Linda Saffle, Education Advocate; Lindsay Scott, Ecosystem Researcher; Charles Steedman, Foreign Service; Julie Steedman, Social Worker; Maribeth Wahle, Broadcast Journalism; and Tom Wooton, Museum Science.

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