Sturgis West Go Green Garden Club

Go Green 1

Go Green Garden Club members sitting in one of the benches they made from reclaimed pallets

In the fall of 2014 Sturgis West Go Green Club merged with the Garden Club and the results have been extraordinary.  With club members numbering fifteen we were able to accomplish a tremendous amount.

Senior Luisa Froes coordinated a huge bulb planting effort last fall and this spring we were graced with beautiful color throughout the campus.  We also planted strawberries and garlic in our raised beds and maintained our raspberry and herb beds.

Go Green 2

Raking out wood chips in the backyard of Sturgis West

The club participants were eager to learn about issues pertaining to agriculture, so during the long winter months, we watched the documentary GMO OMG. Over a period of weeks we watched segments of the film followed by discussions about loss of seed diversity, genetic alteration of food and its affects, labeling of GMO foods, and the affects agriculture has on the health of our planet.

Over the past three years the club members decided they wanted to focus their attention on our “backyard area”.  Because Sturgis West was minimally landscaped when the school was built, the surrounding area could be characterized simply as areas of dirt, and when it rained, areas of mud; not conducive to “hanging out” in.  Last year the club solicited donations of soil, irrigation and some heavy equipment and we were able to install 600 square feet of sod, which is now heavily used during breaks, lunch and for Wellness classes.  Trying to increase the area that students could inhabit, this year we installed benches and laid down woodchips over the dirt linking our garden beds with the new grass.

Go Green 3

Bench made from reclaimed pallet

The benches were made with repurposed pallets and the help of a local cabinetmaker.  Over several weeks Patrick Dolan, of Dolan Woodworking in West Barnstable, came to Sturgis West and worked with our Club, constructing three benches out of pallets donated by a local feed store.   The students learned how to make some simple cuts in the pallets and then reconstructed the pieces into a beautiful, serviceable bench that can sit three.

We teamed up with Mr. Tecklenberg (Environmental Systems teacher) and built two new raised beds to bring the number of beds at the school to six.  The Environmental classes will use some of the space in the beds for experimentation.

Go Green 4

Go Green Garden Club members planting onions that will later be donated to Cape food pantries

This spring we also turned our attention to the greater community.  The Club has a mission that includes giving to those who need a little extra help.   A local farmer allowed us to use their field to grow food for the Cape food pantries.  We planted several crops and with some luck we will harvest literally a ton of potatoes, 2000 onions, and many hundred pounds of sweet potatoes.    We had some gorgeous weather for planting this spring and are hoping for plentiful rain over the coming months.  The club member’s will be focusing on harvesting during the fall.

Go Green Garden Club seniors - we are sorry to see them go!

Go Green Garden Club seniors – we are sorry to see them go!

The Club is saying goodbye to five of our seniors who have contributed so much.  They will be missed.  We look forward to next year when the remaining students (along with a few new members) will continue to leave their mark, gardening and greening Sturgis West and our community.

Seniors:  Anapurl Feldman,  Luisa Froes, Joel Hitchens, Ethan Michael Piers and Ariel Sampou.

Juniors: Kailey Barrows, Cody Carter, Liam Fury, Molly Goldberg, Alexis Hartnett, Rory Malloy, Greta Nelson and Sarah Swanson.

Club Leaders: Nate Furey, Kristie Kapp and John Tecklenberg


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