A Celebration of Fall Sports

Age Group Swimming seasons 1 & 2

Sturgis West Awards Program

Brij Anand, Athletic Director and Caroline Lee, Assistant Athletic Director 

This evening we will recognize each of our sports teams, acknowledging their successes and commitment to Sturgis West Athletics.

Senior Student-Athlete List Fall Sports 2014-15

The following students have completed their senior fall season. The Athletic Department and your coaches wish to recognize your efforts and dedication to your sport during your time at Sturgis West Charter School and wish you continued success as you travel your chosen path.


Emily Langdon, Marysa MacKoul, Monique Crowley,

Rebecca Rowe, Sami Donoghue.


Joëlle Bartley, Madeleine O’Neil, Mary LoPiccolo, Mary McCormack, Norway Dolan, Rachel Gardner, Stephanie Crowley.

Andre Morris, Eddie Nadolny, Jack Robert, Jessie Newcombe, Kiki Sylvestre, Kristoffer Quinn, Michael Mondello, Paul Rhude, Troy Wiper, Wes Todoroff.

Field Hockey

Amanda Bagnardi, Amanda Carreiro, Janell Torrey, Katherine Johnson, Olivia LaBarge, Sara Booth.


Liam Doherty, Nicholas Parsons, Christopher Shiels.

Age Group Swimming seasons 1 & 2Cross Country

Claire Gilliland, Nina Maruca, Taylor White.

Daniel Kamb, Dylan Ackerman, Ethan Piers, Joachim Noble-Smith, Tyler Baylis,  Michael Noonan.

Special Appreciation

Our thriving athletic program is a product of a dedicated team composed of student-athletes, coaches and parents.  Thank you to all for your efforts and support this season.  A special thanks to a few individuals who have made a significant contribution to the positive experience had by student-athletes.  If I missed you out, blame my head, not my heart.


Volleyball – Mr. Turley

Girls Soccer – Mrs. Cote, Mrs. Dolan

Photograph contribution

Meghan Borowski, Mr. & Mrs. MacKoul, Althea Turley, Mrs. Gavin, Maruca Family, Kyle Erha,


Mark Broadly and the HYCC staff

Mary Franklin and Yarmouth Recreation Department

John Gleason and Barnstable Recreation Department

Sturgis East Awards Program

The following reflections about the Fall sports season were provided by coaches and captains at the East Awards Program.

Patrick O’Kane-Athletic Director

VB ElationWelcome and thank you all for coming out this evening to celebrate our surprising Fall sports seasons!

Indeed, it was a very surprising Fall.  I was surprised to learn that our reliable bus company experienced an unexpected shortfall of drivers, thereby limiting us to one bus per day—between both Sturgis East and West!  Thanks to the many parents stepped up and helped with our needs in this area.

I was surprised to watch our golf team win the Cape and Islands league—after graduating some talented seniors.  I was also surprised to learn that Coach Potter would be coaching his last season with us.  We wish him the best.

girls soccer 3I was surprised to see our girls soccer program finish the season strong, with a win over CCA.  The team showed great character in playing through a difficult season.  Our new JV coach, Allison Perry, was also a pleasant surprise with her warmth and professionalism.

Our cross country team continues to surprise anyone who doubts their prowess.  The boys scored their first ever victory over Nauset and the girls team ran away with the Cape and islands Championship.

Boys soccer qualified for states…again!  So much for a ‘rebuilding year’ after losing so many seniors.  The boys showed true guts and determination throughout the entire season.

FH 1Our truly amazing field hockey team is no surprise to anyone who has ever played for the underdog team.  No longer are we pushovers….Nantucket has learned that they need to come with their A game to beat us. Our girls continue to come out in droves to play hard against tough competition.

And finally, our volleyball team surprised more than a few opponents this year.  Our girls made Sturgis history by reaching the semi-finals of the state tournament (after sweeping the Cape and Islands League).  The team has come a long way from the days of playing in the Baptist Church basement!

The only thing not surprising this year was the professionalism and comradery that all of my coaches bring to our student athletes.  No AD would survive 5 minutes in this job without the amazing individuals charged with teaching and guiding our athletes.

No words can capture the moments of joy and pain that every sports season provides.  Nevertheless, I encourage you to read each team’s reflection and stay until the last presentations are made this evening.  I assure you, our young athletes have worked hard enough to warrant everyone’s respect and attention this evening.

Thank you all for your continued support and I hope you enjoy the evening!

Varsity Boys Soccer- Coach Brian Hastings

Boy Soc4First, let me congratulate all of the Sturgis East teams on a successful fall season.  With a small school athletic program such as the one here at Sturgis, “success” can be measured in a variety of ways.  I have always tried to keep the soccer team focused on attaining something that no other boys’ soccer team has done in previous years.  In my first year at Sturgis, that focus was just trying to win more than 3 games.  Each year since then, there have been milestones reached by many of the teams.  First team to qualify for the states, first team to score at state goal, first team to make the top ranking in the Cape Cod Times weekly poll are some of the things that we’ve done.

This year’s team is no different in reaching a milestone but it’s one that I think future teams will find hard to duplicate.  In addition to state tournament qualification and a seeding of #5, this year’s team has produced 11 shut-outs in 18 games.  Ten of those shut-outs were wins with the last being a 0-0 tie with Cape Cod Academy.  In fact, all of our regular season wins this year have been by a shut-out score.  With only 12 goals scored against us (second best on the Cape), I think an “11 shutout season” will be a challenge for future teams.

Jacob and kevinOur successes this year can be directly linked to the leadership of our three captains and the comradery of our players.  Tyler, Kevin & Jacob have done an excellent job leading this team and the players have responded positively to that leadership.  Our concept of total team offense and defense makes everyone directly responsible for our success as a team.  We will certainly miss the seven seniors (Tyler, Kevin, Jacob, Nick, Miguel, Aaron, and Grant) as we build a new team next fall.  I’m sure that I speak for the team when I wish them well in the future.

I’d also like to thank Coach Huckins for his help and support during the season.  He does a great job developing players on the JV squad and his contributions are reflected in the varsity’s success.  Many of the seniors above, began their soccer careers at Sturgis with him.  Lastly, I’d like to thank Kevin Nicolai for his support and service to our team.  Since he’s been restricted from play by an injury, Kevin has served as our game manager throughout the season. He’s done an excellent job keeping stats for me and keeping me on track during the demands of game management.

As always at this time of year………”I can’t wait ‘til next year !!”


Coach Hastings

JV Boys Soccer – Coach Ken Huckins

BOYS JV SOCCER_00008Looking back on this season, I realize how different it was from other years. This year we started with only 12 players, were as other years there are usually around 18 jv players. The jv team played their first game only two days after Coach Hastings had picked all his varsity players. A couple games were played with only 11 players and no substitutes. One game against New Testament, both teams had only 11 players and New Testament had a co-ed team with two girls. One of the girls had asthma and twice during the game when she had to come off the field, we took a player off and played 10 on 10, until she came back into the game.

Sturgis was not alone in it’s struggle to have enough players for jv teams. Pope John Paul and Cape Tech would only play games on days their varsities were off, so they could borrow varsity players to fill out their teams. Falmouth Academy and Rising Tide filled out their teams with middle school grade players. In order to find games, Sturgis played the Barnstable freshman team.

For the last couple of seasons, Coach Hastings and I would select players who we termed Bubble Players. These were three or four players who wouldn’t get a lot a playing time in varsity games, therefore when Coach Hastings could spare them, they would play in jv games to get more playing time. In the game against Barnstable  we didn’t have a goalie, so we were forced to ask Tyler Nickerson to step in and help. Tyler was more then willing and as a result, the game ended up as a win and a shutout for Sturgis.

As a JV coach, I have always believed that jv play is for development and experience. Every player plays in every game. Winning is always nice, but not the main goal of jv play. With this concept, we still had a winning season, retained all 12 players the entire season and have a program that helps continue to build strong varsity teams for the Sturgis boy’s varsity s soccer program.

JV Volleyball – Coach Bailey Cavanaugh

GIRLS JV VOLLEYBALL_00031Once again I found myself in a position to learn a new sport. This was an amazing experience. Thank you for all of your patience despite my extreme learning curve. We all learned together and celebrated each other’s successes.  I will be forever grateful for your patience as I learned how to come up with a functional rotation and even more grateful for your continued patience when I messed it up at our games!!

This season it was great to see the development of some great hitters: Lauren Bourgeois, Emma Mulkern, and Heaven Voegeli. When varsity made it into the postseason tournament Colleen Cameron,  Emma Esterman, and Lauren Bourgeois were invited to join them.  I am incredibly proud of each member of the team and am excited to see you all continue to develop your volleyball skills.  I will miss you all!

Remember to always call the ball so you avoid on court collisions and sets of push ups. A special thank you to Sheri Proft and Andrea Wood for all their support and guidance this season.  None of us could have done it without you!

Varsity Volleyball – Coach Mike Sarney

You Coach Who???”

VB ElationAs I sit here and write this I am looking at the notes I put on my iPad during our pre season coaches meeting. They were:

1. Win C&I title.   Check
2. Get home tournament game.  Check
3. Win a tournament game.  Check
4. Improve team chemistry.  Check

Amazing. No doubt that is the word I could use a thousand times describing this team, the individual girls, my coaching staff, and the season overall.

Any time a team makes as much history as this team did it has to be amazing and this group was.

Our incredible captain Grayce Rogers led the way. JV player Sierra Proft said it best on a post, minutes after our semi final game ended. “To the girl in the aqua jersey, know that every girl who plays volleyball will know your name and will feel the might of the impression you left…”  Perfect.

VB 2Our Seniors leave as a special group who have helped build this program on and off the court. These girls showed up every day and worked hard to improve and were always ready when their number was called. Thank you to Hannah Newcombe, Laura Sirhal, Cat Cameron, Sonya Gaudet, Cassidy Sequin, and Sam Silverbrand. All the best as you move on to bigger and better things and I hope you take the lessons you learned here to never give up and always persevere.

Our Juniors are  incredible. From the day that Lauren Smith, Deja Andrews, Hannah Conklin, Hannah Trelegan, Amanda Sullivan, and Shannon Kelsey first entered the gym at HYCC this has been a different program. Their dedication during the season and every bit as important during the off season has set a new standard that is the baseline of our improvement as a team. I am looking forward to one more season with this group and I’m so curious to see how far they can take us next year. Have a great (and safe) off season girls and I’m sure I’ll see you all at BHS in early January!

VB 1Not to take a backseat to any class, our two sophomores are both unbelievable cogs on this team. Delaney Wood and Ariana Jackson both epitomize what this team is about. Hard work, improvement, and DEFENCE! Way to go ladies and if you two continue to improve like you did last off season we will be VERY difficult to beat next year.

This was such a historic season for both our team and the schools’ athletic program.
First Cape & Island league title (undefeated as well)
Most wins. 14
Highest seed. 5
First ever home tournament game
First ever tournament win for both us and all girls sports.
First ever quarterfinal victory and berth in the semi finals.
Hosted a semi final game.

VB StaffI would also be remiss if I didn’t mention three people. Our coaching staff. Bailey Cavanaugh our JV coach, Sheri Proft and Andrea Wood. All three came aboard after our first couple games had been played after the previous JV coach had to step aside. There is NO WAY I could have done this by myself and all three really saved the season with their dedication. Thank You a million times.

In conclusion,  I think my favorite memory (of many) will be a moment during warm ups before the semi final game in the Barnstable High gym. I’ve never been prouder than at that moment as I walked behind the team stretching and thought about how far this program has come and everything we have gone through over the years. From flooded gyms, to sharing the gym with 2 other teams, to ever changing practice times and organizing car pools.

There have been many times I’ve had to answer ” You coach who?”. I knew at that moment we had officially arrived and I’d never answer that question again. Who do I coach?  

I coach Champions! The 2014 Sturgis East Storm Volleyball team!

Girls JV Soccer- Coach Allison Perry

GIRLS JV SOCCER_00018As a first year coach, I did not know what to think when accepting the job as the JV women’s soccer coach here at Sturgis East High School.  I was anxious to meet the team and get started with the season ahead of me.  After choosing a team of girls to compete throughout the season, practice ensued and I found myself determined to utilize all the talent the team possessed.  A smaller school is always behind the eight ball and with a tough season in the previous year, opponents were unaware of the storm coming towards them.  This excellent group of girls battled it out all year long and was able to learn almost as much from me as I learned from them.  It’s truly amazing how the sport of soccer can bring a team together and come together and strive for something greater than themselves. I enjoyed observing this team grow as a unit and raise some eyebrows along the way.

Each player on this team helped to make this season a success in my eyes.  We definitely had our ups and downs, but at the end of the day, the girls learned about themselves, about teamwork, and how hard work pays off in the end.  I could give awards to each and every player on this team for their spirit, effort, and their relentless drive to play each minute of every game with their best effort. I was impressed throughout the year with the drive these girls showed.

I learned so much from this experience and I could not have done it without the help of my mentor throughout the journey, Steve Austin.  I am sincerely thankful for the opportunity to meet these girls and coach them this year.

Girls Varsity Soccer – Steve Austin

Girls Soccer (1)Each year as the season approaches I begin to shape the team in my mind, some years it’s easy, lots of returning players, only a few spots to be filled, others it’s more of a theoretical exercise, maybe hoping for a certain type of player or position to pop up.  This season was almost a new beginning, only 6 of 17 players returning from a team that was a goal scored or denied in any of several games away from making the state tournament again.  We had set some new stricter fitness standards for this year, I wasn’t happy with the level players started with but we pushed and slowly they realized that the hard work was worth the effort.

We had great numbers from the start—34 players finally, so we started the season with full rosters for both JV and varsity. Such a young varsity, 6 freshmen right away, several of them  starting, it took longer than I expected for our defense to settle in but once they did that end of the field was fine. Offense is much harder to put together and with so many new players we struggled all season to score goals. As always though, this team is willing to try new ideas, a corner kick play that actually worked, different lineups , going with 3 defenders instead of 4 our defense actually improved. We had some great games, close losses, a few wins but most important I feel that we became a team and with so many new players that takes time.

girls soccer 2Looking to the future I think we will be better next year, still very young but the experience gained this season will bear fruit down the road. As always I will miss the players that graduate, the team will miss them as well, senior leadership is very special. We only had 3 seniors this year but all were wonderful role models for the rest of the team, follow their lead in the next season and we will be well led.

JV Golf – Dan Mckay

We had many challenges to face this year in JV golf–which end of the golf club to hold, how do put a tee in the ground without a hammer, how to retrieve a ball from a pond without losing a small appendage to a rather large snapping turtle, and how to restrain young men from hitting a moving tractor whilst the operator is picking up balls on the driving range. Real golf is not a video game.  In golf ,it’s learning what “not to do” first before we know what to do —we don’t write down scores in the middle of the green while the next group his hitting towards us–the safest place to stand is not in front of someone while they are hitting, and we don’t ask someone in the middle of his or her backswing “hey was that a three or a four last hole.”  Golf is a wonderfully unique sport due to the “etiquette” it promotes —in what sport do you help someone find their lost ball so they can then be more successful than you in hitting into the round cup below the surface. To learn the rules and be respectful of your fellow player is essential to “Good “golf.  As a first year coach it would be appropriate to share some of the fun and interesting comments from our daily walks around the links this fall.

Aidan Andrews—It’s kind of cool –I can pretend I was never in this sand trap by raking out my footprints–talk about covering my tracks, awesome.  Watch out-CSI

Kaeley Foster—Kaely, how are you going to hit this putt?–I think I’ll keep it as low as possible. Good call Kaely. For a first year player–you learn quick.

Zak Longinidis—He has an interesting golf strategy—I keep my overall score low by starting on the 2nd or 3rd hole.

Peter Rioux—what an adventure golf is Mr. McKay–I actually met Bambi last hole–and the only golfer on the team who’s bag weighed more than he did.

Liam Campbell—Mr McKay–I was only three over today–one over the hotel, one over the patio, and one over the swimming pool. I admire Liam’s upbeat attitude.

Nick Pinard—He jokingly remarked that he played well today–he got to hit the ball more than anyone else.

Ben Davis and Andrew Williams–I heard them talking–I hit two in the woods off the tee and then I hit a provisional drive–therefore I now lie x+4 divided by 2 minus 1.5  and then take its square root–Andrew tries to use all of his  algebra 1 skills in real world applications.

Then we have the three musketeers–Matt, Eiler, and Tim—Mr McKay we are very good drivers in the driveway–can we take a couple of golf carts out and see who finishes first in Twin Brooks 500?–not today gentlemen.   Or do these carts have four wheel drive–we might need it today coach. Not what a coach wants to hear.

We had another delightful female freshman, Elizabeth Anderson,  who inquired whether having a lot of 3’s and 4’s on her scorecard is a “good” thing—yes it is a very good thing Elizabeth,  and keep it going.  Golf is great–the lowest score wins.  Not like IB.

Lastly, the two seniors who showed up every day, teed it up, tirelessly hit the ball with a positive approach and never quit–Megan Anderson and Zoe Wright are to be commended for their perseverance and good example.  They are all business on the course—let’s finish this round so we can pick up five kids, go to college open house, start our IA, get some chips, and then work part-time—they were quite the pair.

Varsity Golf – Ryan Potter

GolfThe 2014 golf team celebrated its best season in school history this fall with a 9-5 overall record and an 8-2 record in the Cape and Islands League.  The season was capped off with our first ever league championship for golf and a berth in the state tournament.  After starting the season with a loss to rival Sturgis West, the players turned what could be a disastrous season into a record setting one with 7 match wins in a row, always grinding out wins and gaining more and more respect from coaches and opponents alike.  Major highlights for the season included a win over top Cape team Monomoy at home, a season sweep of both Nantucket and CCA, and a very gratifying come from behind win at Sturgis West to capture the league title.

Facing the Cape’s top golfers, #1 player Emily Rodricks continually showed she is a force in local high school golf and will be for the next couple year as she improves on her sophomore success.  Newcomer, freshman Joey Colesano, was a major reason for the team’s successful campaign, joining the team partway through the season and contributing immediately with a steady game that will only get better over the next few years.  Seniors, Cooper Gavin and Ryan Havey, were the teams most consistent players, anchoring the middle of the lineup while providing much needed leadership for the young team.  One of the most improved golfers this season, Mitchell Burns, continued his mastery of match play delivering crucial points at the 5 spot all season long.  Splitting time at the all important 6 position, Jared Joy and senior Ian Coyne both won an astounding amount of points all season and were huge reasons for the team’s 9 victories.  While not qualifying for many varsity matches, Vinny Collucci showed great work ethic and will most definitely play a larger role in the next couple of seasons.

I just wanted to take a second to thank all the parents for all their help and patience, Sturgis athletics are never easy when it comes to rides, drop offs and facility availability.  Thank you to Patrick for weathering the “storm” (pun intended), not enough credit is given to him for the amount of behind the scenes work he does for the athletic programs every season.  Finally thank you to the players, golf is always an adventure and every year I am learning ways to become a better coach, you all made this year incredibly enjoyable and successful.

After 7 amazing seasons coaching my alma mater I will be stepping down this year, I cannot accurately convey how much of an honor and privilege it has been to coach here for Sturgis.  As a former Sturgis athlete I am so proud of how far our athletics programs have come, which is a testament to the hard work put in by former athletic director Jim Barrasso, current athletic director Patrick O’Kane, and all the past and current coaches.  Thank you so much to my current and former players for constantly making me a better coach and for making this

past 7 years truly memorable, I hope I have been able to affect your lives positively even just a fraction of how much you have mine.  Good luck to all the seniors heading off to college, I hope you take the lessons learned during your time at Sturgis to be successful in future endeavors.  Best of luck to all of the students returning next fall to defend your league championship in golf, keep your head down, keep grinding, and never give up on the course.  Go storm!

Field Hockey – Meg Stolt and Curran Devine

FH Girls 2We play Field Hockey, where SLAPPING, FLICKING, SCOOPING, CRADLING, SHOOTING, RUCKING and MAULING are not only acceptable, but mandatory.

This year as I sit and reflect on the season, I honestly do not what to say. It is not because I have a lack of things to say, but I have struggled to express the meaning of this season. It is easy to focus on wins and losses, but those do not represent the essence of this team. This year the team pulled together in a manner that I did not imagine, in a fashion that demonstrated that regardless of record or final score, this team is a family.

Preseason was delayed, we had several season ending injuries, and regardless of the hurdles, the team pulled together and worked as family. These girls did not permit obstacles to get them down, but instead rose above them. These girls showed more composure and maturity on and off the field than any other team I have coached, and I am proud to be their coach.

FH Girls 3My significant memories from this season include:

  • scoring on Nantucket first
  • Coach in time-out
  • Strawberry Frosted Cupcakes
  • Running in the Rain
  • Liz rebounding her own shot
  • the penalty stroke that was dribbled in
  • Lauren not wanting to play Varsity and then scoring

As we reflect on this season and prepare for next, we are sending off four seniors:

  • Maggie Randall, captain
  • Cicely Dahn, captain
  • Lauren DeDecko
  • Emma Nemes

FH GirlsThese four seniors all contributed to the team and the program in a unique way. I will miss each of these athletes and am thankful for their hard work this season. We would not have been the team we are without them.

As we look ahead, we pass the torch to the new captains: Ashley Fligg, Toni Powicki, and Grace Fayne. I want to thank you in advance for your hard work.

I would also like to thank my assistant coach, Curran Devine, and four athletic director, Patrick OʼKane, for their hard work and dedication to the program.

I am looking forward to continuing the traditions we are establishing as a team. I am looking forward to next season to continue to see our team grow not only as players, but young women who are making a mark on this world. I am privileged to be part of this program, and truly hope that I am able to influence these as much as they have influenced my life.

Thank you for your hard work during this season. I encourage you to stay fit, and healthy throughout the year, developing your athleticism. I encourage you to go to camp, play throughout the year, and participate in other sports. And I encourage you to keep open lines of dialog with me, so I can assist you if I am able. I look forward to playing again in August.

Cross Country-Mike Beckner and Divya Johar

2014 Sturgis Boys Cross-Country

“No excuses . . . Just guts!”

Season Synopsis:

Cross 1For the second year in a row Sturgis East boys finished as the runner-up in the Cape & Island League, after taking the first three league titles in 2010, 2011 and 2012.

Cross-country is scored based on seven runners per team, with the first five runners’ places being added together for the team score.  The lowest score wins.  This makes the 4th through 7th runners critical to a team’s success no matter how accomplished the top three runners on a team are. With the anticipated return of 10 experienced runners under 6:30 per mile pace, the Sturgis East boys were considered by several Cape XC coaches to have the potential to qualify for the All-State Meet as one of the four teams from Division 6.  However, the unexpected transfer of two runners, plus preseason health issues for two others and injuries to Seniors Parth Patel, Cooper Heilmann and Peter McPherson during the season quickly turned the season goal from qualifying for the All-State meet to the challenge of remaining competitive in the Cape & Island League.

Cross 2The addition of freshman Ted Sandland to the remaining Seniors Liam Doherty and Tom Homand (3rd All-Time Sturgis East XC Boy); Junior Brian Kelsey (9th All-Time Sturgis East XC Boy), and Sophomore Cameron Henchy (8th All-Time Sturgis East XC Boy) allowed the team to maintain a solid front five runners. The returning and improving Sophomore Sam Smith and Junior James Rogers found themselves unexpected filling the roles of the 6th and 7th scoring positions, and responded admirably both recording career bests. Also recording career bests were Junior Colin Caton and Sophomores Brendan McPherson and Jacob Krietzer.

The resiliency and resolve this year’s runners resulted in the 2014 team being the second fastest for runners 1-5 and 1-7 in school history.  The Sturgis East boys competed against Dennis-Yarmouth for the first time and won, as well as defeating Nauset for the first time in team history. Additionally, the six individual medalist performances in the invitational races the team competed in were the most in team history.

Sturgis East Girls XC

Season Synopsis:

GIRLS CROSS COUNTRY_00015The Sturgis East Girls XC team returned to championship form taking their fourth Cape & Island Championship title after finishing as the runner-up in 2013.

Returning Senior veterans Erin Coyne and Caitie Pollard, along with Sophomore veterans Rebecca Leduc, Katie Rheinhardt (4th All-Time Sturgis East Girl) and Caroline Sullivan (1st All-Time Sturgis East Girl) helped the team begin the year with a solid foundation for regaining the Cape & Island League title.

The addition of Sophomores Olivia Furner and Jasmine MacDonald (6th All-Time Sturgis East Girl), along with Freshmen Magdalena McCleary, Jasiti Pol (8th All-Time Sturgis East Girl) and Jessica Whelpley (5th All-Time Sturgis East Girl @ 7:04 per mile) produced the fastest girls team for runners 1-5 in school history by 1:34 and for runners 1-7 by 2:18. This year’s team also has the smallest time gap between runners 1-5 at :41 and runners 1-7 at :47 in school history.

With five of the Top 10 All-Time runners on this year’s team the result was a runner-up team finish at this year’s Massachusetts Charter School Invitational at which Caroline Sullivan finished 4th and Katie Rheinhardt finished 10th plus nine individual medalist finishes at other invitational races, this season was the most successful in team history for individual performances.


Cross 3Cross-country athletes do not “play” a sport.  There is no field or court.  There is no winning shot to take, goal to make or point to score.  There is no bench; no substitutions; no time outs.  For the 3.1 miles from the start of the race to the finish line the effort is all out and non-stop.

Cross-country is a sport in which every athlete competes in every contest.  In that way it is egalitarian in nature and provides equal opportunity in a way that other sports cannot.  Each athlete faces the same course, at the same time, under the same conditions on their own.  Each athlete competes against themselves, their teammates and their opponent.  Ultimately each runner competes against the pure standard of the clock.  The outcome of the contest is not affected by subjectivity of referees or judges because the clock never lies.

Cross 4Each race measures an athlete’s current physical capacity as they work toward realizing 100% of their God given capability.  Each athlete knows what it takes to prepare and perform at a high level of endurance.  That allows cross-country runners to appreciate and applaud the performances of every athlete in the race because whether a runner’s current capacity is 5 minutes per mile or 10 minutes per mile, a 100% effort by each, results in the same level of discomfort and makes each runner a member of what we call the “Fellowship of Discomfort.”

Captain’s Reflections

Grayce Rogers, Volleyball

Volleyball EastI challenge you to find a team as remarkable as these young ladies. I have been blessed this season with such a beautiful and talented team. I can not believe that in just four short years this team has gone from 2-14 to 12-4 undefeated Cape and Islands league champions and state tournament semi-finalists. I am proud of the dedication and determination that these ladies have all put into this program.

This is a team that has to share a gym every day with our friendly rival. A team that has to adjust to a new practice schedule weekly. A team that was never expected to make it this far. A team that has proved everyone wrong.

Thank you, to Coach Sarney for his constant support and dedication to this team. We could not of done this without you. Thank you.

Thank you to Coach Cavanaugh for stepping up this year to be an amazing Junior Varsity coach.

Volleyball tournamentThank you to Coach Proft and Coach Wood for giving is your words of wisdom.

Thank you to everyone that ever came out to cheer in support for us.

This is to the “perfect storm” of 2014. I am not only a proud captain, but teammate and sister. Thank you for making my last season an unforgettable one. I love you with all my heart.

One last thing: I’m so psyched 

Caroline Sullivan, Cross Country

Coach BecknerAny and every student who has run cross country under Coach Beckner, for half a season or all four, has the same mutual respect and admiration for him. An accomplished runner himself, he creates an atmosphere of hard work and dedication but also one of acceptance on our team. As a sophomore I have only ran with Coach Beckner for two seasons but I know that I have found my place within Sturgis. Our team is such a family, as together we show up everyday after school ready for our tiring (but rewarding) workout and prepared for another set of “15 more burpees”. We had a successful season this year and I am extremely excited and looking forward to the future with both our boys and girls teams. Also, a big thanks to Ms. Johar as assistant coach; we are all glad you decided to join our team this year!

Kevin Agostinelli – Boys Soccer

Boy Soc 1“It is impossible to put into words how much the Sturgis soccer program has meant to be during the last four years. In my final year as the captain of the Sturgis Storm, I could not be more proud of what our team has accomplished. We finished with double-digit wins for the third time in Sturgis soccer history (10 wins, 5 losses, 3 ties), reached the quarterfinals of the state tournament as the #5 seed, and definitely played the best soccer I have seen during my time here.

My greatest joy this season was watching our young team overcome all sorts of adversity. We certainly struggled to move forward after the season-ending injury to our most important player during the first six games, senior captain Jacob Tobey. Nevertheless, in the words of Coach Hastings, if it was easy, it would not have been worth it. We bonded through these challenges and emerged as better teammates and better soccer players, earning well-deserved success.

Special thanks go out to my beloved crew of 6 seniors who have raised this soccer program to new heights (yes, including you, Grant), to my incredible parents for always believing in me, to my brother who will now pick up the mantle as the leader of the Sturgis Storm, and to Coach Hastings, who has been the most inspiring coach I have ever had.”

Jacob Tobey – Boys Soccer

Editor’s Note

A special thanks to Meghan Borowski for capturing the spirit of fall sports through her wonderful photography. 

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