Fall Sports

Sturgis East

Volleyball 17The Fall culminated with both the girls’ volleyball team and the boys’ soccer team earning well played victories in the first round of the MIAA tournament. The spirit and camaraderie among player and fan exhibited at these games and at all the games, matches and competitions during the season reflected the strong bonds of friendship and mutual respect that are the hallmarks of the athletic program. A special thank you goes out to the coaches and student-athletes who made the season such a success; and to the families whose sacrifice allows their sons and daughters such a wonderful opportunity.

The following remarks are reprinted from the Fall Sports Awards Programs.

Patrick O’Kane, Athletic Director – East

Patrick OKane watches game with students

Patrick OKane watches game with students

Good evening and welcome to our annual Fall Sports Awards evening.  Our athletes and coaches have worked hard all season, devoting many hours to the sports they love.  I am happy you have taken some time from your busy schedule to join us as we honor our athletes and coaches this evening.

High levels of participation is one of our core values as an athletic department.  This season was no exception with 180 students choosing to register and participate in a Fall sport.  These athletes practiced and competed all over The Cape as well as several venues off-Cape.  I am very thankful to the many local municipalities for their cooperation in making our sports programs possible.  I am also understanding and appreciative of the many sacrifices parents make to be present at our competitions and, more importantly, for preparing your child for all practices and games.

Another one of our core values is sportsmanship.  This value has many faces and they were present in many different ways throughout the season.  I was honored to see our student body conduct themselves in a positive manner at all of our events, often spontaneously erupting into inspirational cheers.  Players engaged in fair play and were gracious towards their opponents in both victory and defeat.

Tasked with monitoring 12 coaches and teams over approximately 50 square miles, I am not able to visit many practices and games.  Nevertheless, I do have several fond memories from this past season.  I continue to marvel at Coach Beckner’s powers to motivate and unite our cross country team.  I recall the electric atmosphere our girls volleyball team created at the HYCC.  I will never forget how our varsity girls soccer nearly beat the best team Sturgis West has ever fielded—not to mention the caring and empathy the JV team showed when Coach Stewart fell ill.  I was thrilled that the commitment and dedication of our field hockey team paid off with their first win of the season.  Largely unnoticed was our golf team—the increase in participation at the JV level and the continued competitive success of our varsity program under new coach Mike Serijan.  Finally, who could forget the moment when Nate Slover put the finishing touches on an amazing boys soccer season vs. St. John Paul.  These, and many more moments, help define Sturgis Athletics.

On a final note, you may notice I am not fully present tonight—or present at all! In my stead, I present Mr. Greg Giardi, our assistant athletic director.  We are truly blessed to have Mr. Giardi on board.  He is professional, committed, dedicated, and highly capable of carrying the torch of Sturgis Athletics.  I welcome him and all of you to our awards evening.

Go Storm!!

Brian Hastings, Varsity Boys Soccer Coach – East

East Boys SoccerSince its inception in 1998, the Sturgis educational community has seen many academic, artistic, literary and yes, even athletic “firsts”.    The legacy that the students at Sturgis have built, and continue to build, is one of which all of those people associated with the school can be proud.

There are two kinds of “firsts”.  The “first” for winning an award, a race or being ranked as the top school in Massachusetts; and, the “first” for doing something that no one else has ever accomplished.  The young men of the 2015 Sturgis Soccer Team should be recognized for the latter type of “first”.  Having qualified for the state tournament in soccer for the past seven years, every year our team worked hard to achieve that first state win.  We have come very close but never before reached that goal.    With Nate’s goal in overtime, our team has accomplished a “first” which can never be “first” again.  Consequently, they’ve set the bar a bit higher for future teams.   Every member of this state team, whether in the game or not, contributed to this win.  The support, cooperation, help and challenge that these players provided to one another at practice is what made our team success a reality.

Boys Homecoming Soccer Game 2015

Boys Homecoming Soccer Game 2015

Our season, however, was not only about the state tournament win.  Throughout the many weeks of practice and play, we have had our ups and downs, our highs and lows, our success and failures.  I’m a firm believer that there are “life” lessons in sports than can be learned nowhere else but on the field of play.

Paramount among those lessons is the willingness to work together for a common goal at the expense of individual needs and desires.  During the season, I asked some of the players to try a new position or play a different away.  Others didn’t get as much playing time as I’m sure they would have liked.  Also, with four quality freshmen added to the squad, my pre-season plans for certain players changed radically.  Through it all, these guys stayed focused and worked together.  Much of that effort is to the credit of our co-captains, Ahmad and Mark.  As early as last spring, they were organizing the veteran players and greeting new ones.  Their unselfish leadership must be recognized as a major reason for our successes and, on behalf of the team, I thank them for it.  Although I’m grateful to have Mark for another year, Ahmad’s cleats will certainly be hard to fill.   To all the seniors I say, “Good luck.  Please come back and visit us next year”

Varsity Soccer East - WEST GAMEOn behalf of the team, I’d also like to thank Coach Huckins, Coach Giardi and Coach O’Kane.   Coach Huckins and I ride to practice together and we constantly talk about players and plans.  Many of his suggestions and insights have been invaluable to the varsity.  Unless you’re watching on a daily basis, you’d never know the effort put forth by Coach O’Kane and Coach Giardi to keep all of the athletic programs going.  Most schools just have to worry about transporting teams to away games.  At Sturgis these two men are constantly coordinating “practice busses” which are sometimes hard to find.  They deserve a warm and heartfelt “Thankyou” from all of the coaches, athletes and parents for keeping Sturgis Athletics moving forward in such a positive way.

Finally, I’d like to thank our parents who tirelessly pick up their players from practice and support our team in many ways.  Just the simple act of coming to watch us play and cheering on the sidelines has helped us through some tough games.  Although it’s sometimes hard for teenagers to admit it, and whether we ever say it out loud, you all deserve our sincere “Thanks”.  You have been as much a part of this season as the rest of us.

I really can’t wait until next year !!!!

Ken Huckins, JV Boys Soccer—East

JV Boys SoccerThis turned out to be a very good season. We had a full team of 18 players, had a record of 5-4-4 and had beautiful weather the entire time. The beginning of the season started with a strong incoming freshman class of 11 players. Four of which made the varsity roster. Because the varsity roster was held to 18 players, 7 seniors were kept on the junior varsity roster in order to get them playing time during games.

For the first time in 7 years I appointed team captains. I chose three seniors, due to their experience and leadership abilities. I’d like to thank captains Kevin Nicolai, Mathias Boyar and Kyle Fallon for a job well done. You made my job a lot easier.

I’ve always believed a varsity coach’s job is to win games and a junior varsity coach is supposed to develop players. With this in mind, all 18 players played as equally as possible in every game this season. Offensive duties were  handled by Cedar and Seth Coellner, Franz Abagat, Julien Legault, Kyle Fallon, Charles Peterkin, Seref McDowell, Matt Fitzgerald, Andrew Orciuch and Will Smith. Kevin Nicolai, Mathias Boyar, Chris Neuman, Ben Blake, Victor Dominatto, Theo Calianos, Carl Furner and Bobby Walsh all anchored the defense. The goalie duties were shared by Victor, Andrew and Charles.

This will be the only season I coach some of these players as they will be moving on to varsity play next year. Guys, you will not be getting away completely, I’ll be seeing you at practices. I wish to thank all the seniors who played and supported the team this year and I wish them all the best in the future. Congratulations to coach Hastings and the varsity team for an excellent season and thank you for making me feel a part of the team during post season play. I wish to thank all the parents for their support and Pat O’Kane and Greg Giardi for all their work as athletic directors.

Aimee Baker, JV Volleyball – East

JV Volleyball - CA

East JV Volleyball

What an exciting season. We had 17 players, each one bringing great sportsmanship, talent, and ambition to the courts; which made for exciting matches. Every game marked improved progress in each player, thusly showing a stronger team.

Junior Varsity (JV) is an important milestone in a player’s growth. As a JV coach, I feel that it is a time to develop player’s skills, and giving them a positive environment that will allow those talents and skills to blossom and thrive; all in preparation to be a strong member for the Varsity squad. Our job as coaches was to help them prepare and hone in on the key components that each girl brought to the court. To do this, we made sure not to set positions, we didn’t even have designated setters until close to the end of season. This allows players to learn all positions, find their strengths and develop their weaknesses. This also invited a lot of playing time for each girl, and not get “stuck” in one position. We ran drills that allowed all players to find where they feel they are best utilized, and be able to communicate that both on and off the court.

JV Volleyball 1 - Adam GambleWe also did not set Captains. Instead, new captains were chosen each game to allow girls to show their leadership skills. Our team was about equality, positivity, fun and development. I am proud that 4 of our girls were asked to play on the Varsity squad throughout the season, showing that hard work does pay off.

Thank you to my dedicated Assistant Coach Wood, she brought smiles and great ideas to games and practices. Thank you to Coach Sarney for welcoming me to Sturgis Volleyball, and to Patrick O’Kane and Greg Giardi for showing this “wash ashore” the ropes of coaching on Cape Cod. Most importantly, thank you to my players; coaching you was the best part of my day.

Mike Sarney, Varsity Volleyball – East

East Volleyball 2015As we conclude another amazing record breaking season I find it impossible to not just say farewell to this season but to an incredible era. The senior class of 2016 has changed not only our volleyball program, but I feel the entire sports program at Sturgis East.

When Deja Andrews, Hannah Conklin, Emma Esterman, Shannon Kelsey, Hannah Trelegan, Lauren Smith, and Amanda Sullivan walked into the HYCC gym on a hot August afternoon in 2012 it was immediately evident that things were going to be different.

I will never forget their first game together. It was a Saturday morning against Bethany Christian Academy, a team that had beaten us easily the season prior. Early in the first set, Lauren set a ball on a slide to Deja, who ripped a kill down the line. We won that match in 4 sets and it was on.

Volleyball 142Over the next 4 season these ladies would make all kinds of history both individually and as a team. 47 wins. The program’s first ever appearance in the tournament in 2012. Another berth in 2013. 2014 would see the first Cape and Islands league title(undefeated) and the first 2 ever tournament wins in program history and the first girls wins in school history. 2015 would see a repeat undefeated C&I title run and another tournament victory. While a little disappointing we didn’t advance further, this team left it all on the court.

Another important change these girls brought on was at practice. Drills, ball control, footwork, hitting, and defense all became enjoyable parts of practice. Most importantly, led by Shannon and Emma, practicing defense was a constant and I rarely had to ask girls to go over the net to work on passing.

Most importantly though, has been the shift in attitudes. No longer was losing expected. Off season play is now an expectation. The young players coming up have seen the right way to practice and play. The blueprint for success has been set for the future.

vbWe also had great contributions from our juniors  (and 2016 captains) Ariana Jackson and Delaney Wood. Both girls excel at defense as numerous coaches told me, they had to hit over Ari and Delaney would be there to clean up the mess. I look forward to the leadership these two will provide as well as fellow juniors Katrina Jackson and Lauren Bourgeois.Sophomore Colleen Cameron has followed in her sisters’ Lizz and Cat’s footsteps and is poised to be another great defensive player. Again, special props to Colleen on ALWAYS working on her defense at practice.I know there are more than a few JV players ready to step in. See you all in the off season.

Special thanks to my assistant coaches Aimee Baker (who did a GREAT job with JVs),Andrea Wood, and Sheri Proft. Also to our stat keepers Kristi Trelegan and Kristine Jackson.

There are so many memories about each Senior could but I thought I would pick just one for each.

Emma– Game winning serve against West

Shannon– TWICE this season stepping in against Sacred Heart and helping us to wins.

Hannah T. – The Jump Float

Deja– Game winning kill against Sacred Heart

Lauren– 1000 assists…..

Hannah C. – The left handed attack

Amanda–  Huge serving run at Falmouth to help us back from 0-2

We will likely never see a senior class like this again. Thank you to all and best of luck in the future. I know the lessons of hard work and expecting greatness will serve you well.

Go Storm!!!

Elgin Stewart, Girls JV Soccer – East

I am Elgin Stewart and I have had the honor and privilege  of coaching 18 of the most awesome amazing young women this year for Sturgis East JV Girls soccer team.

It was my first year at this level of high school sports and would not ask for anything better. I had an awesome teacher in Coach Steve Austin who I shadowed for the first few weeks of the season and who taught me a great deal. After those weeks, we broke off into our own teams of varsity and junior varsity.

From that point of the season on I had some of the best and greatest times I have had so far in my coaching career. We had a lot of laughs and we had some downs, but no matter what we always made the best of any and all situations whether they were good or bad.

I have a few great outstanding memories from some bus trips to a couple practices to just interactions with the girls thru the season. One of the best memories was we were going to an away game and some of the girls ran into the store to grab some snacks and Hannah came back on the bus with a box of lucky charms and stopped right next to me with it and turned to the team and says “look we have twins” and the phones captured the picture from that day forward I was known as Lucky. There was the “face” that was always made when something funny was said. There were a few of us that went out and saw a great game at Boston University where we got lost in Boston and drove around in what seemed like endless circles.

The couple of great lessons I have learned this year will last a lifetime. One is that if you work together and reach for the same goal that win, lose or draw, it is not about winning but having fun. I have seen some very good friendships and respect grow in the team over the 2 months of the season.

I also have to mention that for the last week of the season, I was hospitalized and very ill. One day,  I received a homemade card with a balloon. Everyone on the team signed it with their little get well note and get better soon messages. It was amazing to see the camaraderie among the players. I will say in closing that this has truly been an awesome experience and I cannot thank everyone enough who was involved in helping me be where I am today. I thank you for reading this and look forward to another season next fall

Dan Mckay, JV Golf – East

JV Golf 2015——words to describe this year’s team—close, good chemistry, high participation, fun, and supportive of each other.  We were blessed this season with multiple personalities and styles which made each practice interesting and golf matches fun—our players enjoyed each other’s company and new relationships were formed.

We were definitely the most stylish team as we had 4 fashion savvy ladies in Bridgette, Emma, Kaeley and Elizabeth…not failing to mention the boys Brian, Aidan, Tj, Ethan, Jack and Anthony maintaining high standards of sartorial splendor—they dress nicely too!!

Golf is a game of high standards; etiquette, specific rules, and sportsmanship—we call penalties on ourselves and keep our own score.  The Beatrice Potter’s characters we encountered on the course—sopping wet muskrat, gynormous snapping turtle, wild mocking ducks, large geese with their land mines, and wily fox looking for dinner would attest to the wild adventures we had of the “good walk gone spoiled.”

One of the few redeeming skills of the present golf coach was his ability to respond to the critical needs of his golfers—”Coach, I’m out of golf balls.”  With dress shirt and tie, the coach would emerge from the thicket with 8 or 9 balls and the match went on—thorns aside.

The high point of the season may have been the volunteer work of the father of one of the most successful golfers to come out of Cape Cod—Russ Caron (son Jason is a professional golfer).  He worked tirelessly with the JV to help make them make adjustments to their swing, learn the correct positioning of the hands and feet, and realize the value of proper practicing.  We are very thankful for his expertise and dedication to the principle of doing things the “right” way.  Peter, Liam, and Zak brought this desire each day to practice to get “better”: and be the best they could be.

Golf is a life long activity that brings diverse people together in a fun and competitive environment.  Thank you young golfers for showing up each day with a willing attitude—playing golf the best way possible is kind of like going to Sturgis and being a part of something that is bigger than yourself.

Varsity Golf – Mike Serijan

I came into the 2015 season excited to get back into coaching as it was 11 years ago that I left Nichols College as their golf coach. We opened the first day of tryouts with 15 players which soon turned into 25 a few days later. In just five days of tryouts, I saw so much improvement with so many players that the long-term potential of this golf program is in great shape as long as the kids dedicate the time to get some lessons and keep practicing.

The team struggled a bit out of the gate, going 2-3 through the first five matches before winning four straight. Two of those four wins came against teams that made states (Mashpee and Sturgis West). The win over West, on their home course, was West’s only loss in the conference this season!  Though they struggled a bit late in the season, I’m proud of the team for the way they continued to work hard which showed in a big win over Nantucket to clinch a state berth at a time when Nantucket was 6-2.

Twelve different players saw time in varsity matches this year. Three players (Emily Rodricks – five times, Joey Colesano – twice, and Jared Joy – once) held medalist honors during the season.

I am excited to see the progress the players make over the Spring and Summer and look forward to getting tryouts underway in 2016.

Meg Stolt and Curran Devine, Field Hockey – East

The five S’s of sports training are: –Stamina, Speed, Strength, Skill and Spirit: But the greatest of these is Spirit.

— Ken Doherty

East West Field Hockey Game - CAThis season was definitely about spirit. As the season approached, I remember sitting with the captains and my Assistant Coach, discussing my expectations, their expectations what we needed to do to make the season a success. I reminded them that success is not always measured in wins/losses, but what we accomplish as a team. I remember sharing how this season was somewhat bittersweet, as we were beginning their senior season, and that they were the first group I (and coach) had the privilege of coaching for four years. I hoped we could make the season amazing.

Fast forward, to the post-season team party, the girls talked about the traditions that had been created during the course of their four years that built and bonded the internal structure of the team. The shared how they made new friends on the walk back from our first beach run/workout.

East Field Hockey -CAThis team is definitely family

We want to thank the Athletic Department and Directors, Mr. O’Kane and Mr. Girardi for the work and diligence in ensuring field hockey gets the recognition and equipment needed. This season, we acquired new goalie equipment, a pop-up goal cage, a lined field, as well as many opportunities to play.

We also want to thank our teachers for their continued support and direction in the classroom, and on the field. We used classrooms for team meetings and were thrilled when you came to cheer for us. We also want to thank Mr Tarr and Mrs Smith, who served as team parents. Both traveled with us to Nantucket, and Mr Tarr brought water or gatorade to every game.

We further want to thank Ellie Titcomb, senior and manager, who decided to actively be part of the team after an injury and became our manager. She was such an asset to the team and the program. She will be missed tremendously as she graduates this year.

East Field Hockey Seniors

East Field Hockey Seniors

This season was bittersweet. Ten seniors, the first group of seniors, I have been blessed to coach since their freshman year, will be leaving us. It has been exciting, challenging, and rewarding to work with these fine young women and teach these a game I love. It has been tremendously rewarding to see these young women play viciously and yet fully composed in some challenging field hockey games. And then be completely reminded they are still girls, who love to laugh and be silly.

This season we welcomed nine new players. Some who came to us from other programs, and some who had never touched a field hockey stick before playing. It is these players that hold the future of the program. They are ambitious, love field hockey, and joined our family. This season also brought us a victory against West at our Pink Game. This season our high scorers were tied by AnnaLee and Miriam May. This season, our goalie Kait Smith, had over 200 saves. And was commended by many coaches on her skill level and ability. This season, we raised $150 for breast cancer awareness. This season, we continued with our high level of sportsmanship on and off the field.

Field Hockey 070Next season, the team will welcome the captains:

Becca Gutman, Carolyn Bailey, Jackie May

Under your leadership, the team will continue to improve and grow. As the seniors graduate and pass the torch to the team, we want to leave you with these thoughts:

—Everyday is an opportunity.

—If the storm gets tough, adjust your sails.

-Communication is key to accomplishing many things

—Even coach needs a new pair of shoes.

—Beach time is extremely important.

—Daily challenges help you achieve great things.

—You can accomplish anything you set your minds to.

Mike Beckner, Cross Country – East

cross countryWhile this year’s team was the fastest for runners 1-5 and 1-7 in school history, for the third year in a row Sturgis East boys finished as the runner-up in the Cape & Island League, after taking the first three league titles in 2010, 2011, and 2012.

Cross-country is scored based on seven runners per team, with the first five runners’ places being added together for the team score.  The lowest score wins.  This makes the 4th through 7th runners critical to a team’s success no matter how accomplished the top three runners on a team are.

With only six returning runners it was clear that 2015 was a rebuilding year and another C&I Championship was at least a year away. However, the addition of Sophomore Ben Davis, who ran on the Sturgis Unified Track Team in the spring, to the team’s lone Senior Brian Kelsey (3rd All-Time/2015 MIAA Division 6 Individual State Qualifier); Juniors Cameron Henchy (4th All-Time) and Sam Smith; and Sophomore Ted Sandland; all of whom ran career best times; allowed the team to maintain a solid front five runners and was a major contribution to a 7-2 winning season.

Mr. Davis’ rapid improvement to a career best time of 5:43 per mile allowed him to join Mr. Kelsey and Mr. Henchy on the All-Time Sturgis East XC Runners time list in 8th place and provide a formidable front three.

East Cross Country Collage 2Equally as important to the 2015 winning season was the addition of six freshmen (Aiden Doherty, Ezra Heilmann, Steven Lyons, Mason Martin, Holden Parrent, Ethan Sirhal), all of whom ran career best times under 6:50 per mile by season’s end. This is the largest and fastest group of freshmen XC runners in the history of the program

Mr. Kelsey’s performance at the MIAA Division 6 Championship made him the 2nd boy’s State Qualifier in school history. Mr. Henchy was expected to join Mr. Kelsey at the All-State Championship after his performance at the MSTCA Coach’s Invitational a week earlier until illness derailed his effort.

The expected return of the runners one through ten plus returning Juniors Brendan McPherson and Jacob Krietzer means the competitive foundation for the 2016 season will remain in tack for a run at Sturgis East Boy’s fourth C&I Championship and potentially Sturgis East’s first All-State team qualification.


Boys cross countryCross-country athletes do not “play” a sport.  There is no field or court.  There is no winning shot to take, goal to make or point to score.

There is no bench; no substitutions; no time outs.  From the start of the race to the finish line 3.1 miles away, the effort is all out and non-stop.

Cross-country is a sport in which every athlete competes in every contest.  In that way it is the most egalitarian in nature of all high school sports and provides equal opportunity in a way that other sports cannot.

Each athlete faces the same course, at the same time, under the same conditions on their own with no one but themselves to rely on.  They compete against themselves their teammates and their opponent.

East Cross Country Collage 1But ultimately each runner competes against the pure standard of the clock.  The outcome of the contest is not affected by the subjectivity of referees or judges because the clock never lies.

Each race measures an athlete’s current physical capacity as they work toward realizing 100% of their God given capability. Each athlete knows what it takes to close that gap and prepare and perform at an increasingly higher level of endurance.

That allows cross-country runners to appreciate and applaud the performances of every athlete in the race whether a runner’s current capacity is 5 minutes per mile or 10 minutes per mile. That’s because regardless of your present capacity, a 100% effort results in the same

Most Improved

Molly Nemes [Improved 1:57 per mile = 5:51 Improvement for 3.1 miles/ 11th All-Time Sturgis East Girl]

East Cross Country Collage 5Season Synopsis:

Caroline Sullivan won her third individual C&I Championship and the Sturgis East Girls XC team successfully defended their Cape & Island Championship title from 2014, giving them their fifth title since the league began six years ago.

The team had the luxury of returning all eight of its top performers from 2014 including Junior veterans Caroline Sullivan (1st All-Time), Katie Rheinhardt (4th All-Time), Jasmine MacDonald (6th All-Time); Rebecca Leduc (who moved into 7th All-Time) and Olivia Furner (who moved into 9th All-Time) along with Sophomores Jessica Whelpley (5th All-Time) and Niko Pol (8th All-Time) and Maggie McCleary.

The addition of Junior Molly Nemes, a sprinter from the Sturgis Unified Spring Team (who held the 10th All-Time position for most of the season); plus Freshmen Nicole McCleary, Lauren Holmes, Alexandria Zine and Charlotte Kuemmeth provided additional depth and the competitive foundation for the future of the girls team.

East Cross Country Collage 3Recurring injuries held several runners back from the time improvements they had hoped to achieve during the season. Ms. Sullivan missed becoming the 2nd Sturgis East MIAA Division 6 State Qualifier, finishing the championship race with a broken foot. But the time gains that were achieved made this year’s team the fastest from runners 1-5 and 1-7 than any Sturgis East Girls XC Team in the history of the school for the second year in a row. With the entire team returning next year, including seven of the Top 10 All-Time girl runners, another C&I Championship could be within reach as well as a potential All-State team qualification.

Sturgis West

West Girls Varsity Soccer

West Girls Varsity Soccer

Girls’ West Soccer wrapped up the season with tournament play.  In the first round, the team beat Mashpee 1-0 but lost in a hard fought match 4-2 to Carver in round two.  The team ends the season with a record of 12-4-2, earning a No. 3 seed in the D4 South Sectional Tournament, the highest on Cape, and a second place finish in the league only a half a game out of first, and beating Nantucket for the first time ever at Nantucket.  With only graduating one senior this year, the future looks bright.

Cape and Island League West Fall Award Recipients 2015-16

Boys Cross Country Cape and Island Champs.

Girls Cross Country Cape and Island runner up.

Boys Cross Country MVP – John Snowman Sturgis West

Girls Homecoming Soccer Game 2015

Girls Homecoming Soccer Game 2015

Boys & Girl Coach of the Year – Jonathan Piers, Sturgis West

Boys and Girl Cross Country Team Sportsmanship Award – Sturgis West

Boys Cross Country All Star List – Sean Glynn, Daniel Burke,

Girls Cross Country All Star List – Katie Kane, Brianna Newell, Emma Schnieder,

Girls Soccer, Cape and Islands runner up.

Girls Soccer Coach of the Year – Tonja Weimer Sturgis West & Mounir Lakhal St John Paul

Girls Soccer All Star List -Chloe Bass, Sarah Walman, Sarah Buchanan.

Boys Soccer All Star List – Alex Grant.

Field Hockey Team Sportsmanship Award – Nantucket and Sturgis West.

Field Hockey All Star List – Kit Palmer, Greta Nelson, Alexis Hartnett.

Boys Golf, Cape and Island League Champs, Sectional runner and Sate Finals 5th.

Golf MVP – Curtis Merritt, Sturgis West.

Golf Coach of Year – Parish Pina, Sturgis West.

Golf All Star List – Curtis Merritt, Samara Ghai, Nick Harold.

Volleyball Coach of Year – Scott Turley, Sturgis West.

Volleyball All Star List -Lylah Neiderberger, Brigid Donoghue.

Brij Anand, Athletic Director and  Matt Lee,  Assistant Athletic Director  – West


Fall Season 2015-16

Dear Parent, Student-Athlete, and Coach

West SportsWelcome to our Fall Season Athletic Recognition Evening.  This evening we will recognize each of our fall sports teams, acknowledging their successes and continued growth. Individual student-athletes will be recognized and coaches will reflect on their season and present their “excellence in athletics” awards.

“We model the enduring values of sport: Commitment, good sportsmanship, team work, responsibility, resilience, and healthy competition.”

We develop these values by learning from our victories, our losses, the day-to-day challenges of practice, and our efforts to find balance between our athletic, academic, and personal lives. 

Build relationships.

Refine existing skills and learn new ones.

Take appropriate risks.

Develop leadership.

Value good sportsmanship.

Inspire others.

Congratulations to our Senior Student-Athletes

The Athletic Department wishes to recognize your commitment and diligence to your fall season.  Your leadership has continued to build upon the positive West Athletics culture. We wish you continued success as you complete your senior year. Thank you.


Althea Turley, Lydia Brox and Shannon Saffle

West 2Soccer

Shannon Crowley and Brooke Paulding

Alex Grant, Charles Thomas, Eric Procaccino, John Ryan

Jordan Plummer, Jennifer Leather, Rohan Kansagara

Samuel Joy, Sean Leary, Thomas Andre, Vail Cote and William Hicks

West 1Field Hockey

Jessica Kimball, Shannon Glover, Alexis Hartnett,

Catherine Palmer and Greta Nelson


Samar Ghai and Shane Canty

Cross Country

Austin Boucher, Daniel Burke, Liam Furey, Alexander Sheremet, Maxim Sheremet, Sean Glynn, Dylan Lovelace, Mary Blackwell, Katherine Kane and Madeleine McDermott


West JV Girls Soccer

West JV Girls Soccer

Junior Varsity Girls Soccer – Coach Mike Jeghers

In a year with a lower number of athletes than previous seasons, the girl’s JV soccer team became committed, determined, and adaptable. A very young group of ladies came together as they learned to balance academics and athletics, work hard to gain self-confidence in practice, and be the very best they could be. These athletes worked their very hardest in games with minor breaks available for small-sided teams while showing exemplary support for one another. Improvement for this team has been outstanding, as well as the sportsmanship of its athletes to hold it together. The exemplary work by these young athletes in keeping the JV girls’ soccer program strong is to be commended.

Varsity Girls Soccer – Coach Tonja Weimer 

West Girls Varsity Soccer

West Girls Varsity Soccer

It has been such a privilege to coach this talented group of girls, arguably the most skilled team I have worked with at the high school level.    Day in and day out they show up with a positive attitude and ready to work hard whether it is a game or practice, rain or shine.  As a result, the team has received the best overall result of any Sturgis West Girls’ Soccer team, ending the regular season with a 11-3-2 record, earning a hard fought victory for the first time over our nemesis, Nantucket, coming in second overall in the league, just a half game out of first, and earning a third seed, the highest of any Cape team in the same division, in the Division 4 South State Sectionals.

Sturgis West v. Carver Girls Soccer1Although results are nice, what stands out is this team’s willingness to ask the hard questions, “What am I here for?” “Why do I play?” “What do I want from this season?” of themselves and of each other, after a tough week early in the season, succumbing to teams that we should have clearly beat.  However, since that week, the girls went on a 9 game winning streak in the regular season, showing those same teams how good Sturgis West Girls’ Soccer is.  This demonstrates the heart and courage each of these young ladies possess.

The level of intensity of play in games was extraordinary as was the development in positioning. Our offensive line learned how to maximize their angles to get to the goal, and our defensive players mastered the art of recovery. Our midfield provided excellent support backing up both offense and defense and they never stopped running. Yesterday is not ours to recover, but tomorrow is ours to win or lose” (Lyndon B. Johnson). Kit’s famous “Next Play” cheer echoes the thoughts of President Johnson.  There is not need to look back and regret, but it is critical to look forward and grow.  Even more importantly, the choice was always in the hands and hearts of these athletes who demonstrated excellent sportsmanship in the face of loss and adversity and should be proud of the reputation they have created for themselves.

Sturgis West v. Carver Girls Soccer5In addition to being strong and skillful on the field, these young ladies know how to have fun.  They entertain each other, coaches, parents, and random patrons of Hy-Line waiting to board the ferry back to Hyannis.  Watching them knock each other off with the inflatable wrecking ball, racing each other through the obstacle course, and sticking to the wall like flypaper at High School Night with the Revolution was a sight to see.   Being around this team means constant laughter and I wouldn’t want it any other way.

This “Journey of Redemption” this team has been on demonstrates the desire, camaraderie and courage this team has and I could not be prouder of their well-deserved and hard earned accomplishments.

Thanks for a great season, ladies!


West Girls Field HockeyVarsity Field Hockey

Coaches Mary Kulhowvick & Helen Raftrey

Perfection is not attainable, but if we chase perfection we can catch excellence   (Vince Lombardi). With a small squad and many novice players this season, there was no question that “uncontrollables” were behind every corner.  Perfection was a lofty goal, but so many of these teammates would not back down from the chase.  Regardless of the record, excellence was a feeling shared by these young women with every contest as our team showed tremendous growth by the end of the season. All of our players learned how to be less hesitant and more

Varsity Volleyball

West VolleyballVolleyball continues to evolve and grow as an exciting and dynamic entity on the Sturgis West athletic docket.  This season boasted over thirty athletes and the formal creation of a third team for developing players. The freshman or “JV-B” team, supervised by Coach Chaprales joined the JV team and Coach Hulse to compete against league opponents, scrimmage versus non-league teams and attend two playdates at Bishop Feehan High School.
After a rough 2-6 first half, the varsity team rebounded in the second half with a 4-4 record and pursued a shot at the post-season right into the final week. Led by league all-stars freshman outside hitter, Lylah Neiderberger and sophomore outside hitter Brigid Donahue and steadied by senior captains, setter, Lydia Brox and libero, Althea Turley, the team finished with 6-10 record, and improved dramatically over the course of the season.   With a defensive foundation built behind middle blockers junior Ashlynne McNally and sophomore Allegra Netherwood, the future looks bright.

JVA Volleyball

West JVA VolleyballThis was a great year for JV volleyball! This season was an opportunity to experiment with different positions and styles of play, while also trying to improve as a whole. The JV team that played earlier this week is a different group of athletes than those that played in September. We saw a lot of growth in confidence and consistency. As individual players improved, everyone stepped up as a team and supported one another on and off the court.  We were fortunate to end up with a winning season. More importantly, though, everyone got out of the game what they put into it, which was a lot!

JVB Volleyball

West JVB VolleyballJVB volleyball had a wonderful season.  As a team made up of many first time players, it was really fun to see the changes between the start and the end of the season as far as skills and camaraderie.  Many girls who started out never having touched a volleyball are now able to pass, set, hit, serve, and even serve overhand.  As a first time coach I greatly enjoyed sharing my love of the game with 10 enthusiastic Freshmen.  We ended our season with a winning record but more importantly made so many improvements as a team and as individual players.  During our last game against East, which we did not win, it was so evident that the team that played the first game in September was totally different than this team in November.  Looking forward to the future of the Sturgis West Volleyball program and all these girls will have to offer it!

Junior Varsity and Varsity Golf – Coach Parish Pina & Derek Snow

Varsity Golf

West Golf 1The 2015 Golf season was by far our most successful in our school’s short history.  We had our first organized team meeting in August and the final putt was hit October 26th at the Division III State Championship.  The team really turned some heads this season and showed their true colors when things got difficult.  We began the season 8-0 and had a much anticipated match with then also undefeated Nauset High. The match didn’t go our way and neither did the following match.  We were riding so high and crashed so hard. We finished the regular season 12-4. Fortunately, we won the Cape and Islands regular season championship, a first for West, and found ourselves in the state sectional qualifier.   It was the second time for many of the guys playing in this championship and playing this particular golf course.  It was a cold raw day and the field was very tough, but our team hung in there making every single shot count right down to the last putt dropped and we captured 2nd place by one shot!  It was our first time qualifying for the state championship and we finished 5th! As the coach, I couldn’t be more proud of these guys.  Great season boys!

Junior Varsity Golf

West Golf 2The JV golf team was a great success in its first year entering the program. Golfers got an opportunity to work on their game in a fun environment, as well as a competitive one, in an attempt to work their way up to varsity. We got a chance to practice three days a week and compete in matches against either Sturgis East school, Saint John Paul, or Nantucket once a week. The quality of play greatly increased as the season progressed and teammates were helping each other out with different parts of their game whether it was off the tee or around the greens. There was nothing but positive reinforcement given to one another and that plays a big role in growing as a team moving forward. The West Sturgis golf program has a bright future because of these golfers willingness to help and encourage one another.

Junior Varsity Boys Soccer

West Boys SoccerThe JV Boys Soccer team was the epitome of positive attitude and team spirit.  While we had some great wins, we defined success in our own way; through having fun at practice, gaining confidence on the field, and getting a chance to take risks by playing new positions.  From Requis in goal, to Justin at Midfield, every player gave it their all and never stopped enjoying our time together as a unit.  The quality of  team play greatly improved from game to game as each player grew in confidence and understanding and by the end of the season we were playing a game involving well thought- out passing, lots of talking, use of the wings and general smart play.  We expect great things from ourselves in the future both on the field and off and are proud of how much we grew.

West Boys Soccer 2Varsity Boys Soccer

This season we came in with a set of goals.  We have conquered many of the ones we:

  • Be defensively  and offensively sound
  • Decrease the amount of goals scored against us
  • Be above .500 for the season
  • Build chemistry on and off the field
  • Finding a goalie for the season and for next year
  • Win or tie against East for the season

From the first preseason meeting to the last game of the season, the boys showed me that every day they would strive to reach these goals.

We had a season with challenges; difficult games, players with other commitments, injuries and sickness.  With all of this adversity, the boys found a way to put a smile on my face as well as everyone else on the team.

I reminded players that all I can ask for is their best and to bring their best every game.  This they did both physically and mentally, while always making sure they had fun.  They realized that the scoreboard result was not the only way to tell when you have won. It was more important to give their all on the field.  Their compassion, their willingness to teach others, and even offering up their position  to give a bench player a chance to gain experience, were just a few examples of how this team exemplified positive character traits .

I also was lucky enough to have wonderful captains. They were communicative, willing to lead and develop themselves and the team.  Along- side them came great players who also stepped up and made contributions to help improve every one of us on the team, including me as a coach. I am truly blessed to have had the opportunity to get to know and coach these young men, and look forward to seeing how each of them continue to grow in the years  to come.

To Alex Grant, Charlie Thomas, Sam Joy, John Ryan, Vail Cote, Eric Procaccino, Rohan Kansagara, Sean Leary, Will Hicks, Tommy Andre, Jennifer Leather and Jordan Plummer.  I have never met players and managers who have as much dedication, teamwork, work ethic, heart, or passion for the game of soccer as you seniors.  The way you have play, practice, lead and learn are just amazing.  It has been an honor to be able to be called your coach and a pleasure to coach you the last three years.



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