Sturgis Solar Is Up and Running


West Campus Solar - Commonwealth Electrical Technologies.rev

Drone Photo of West Campus Solar Array

We are pleased to announce Sturgis solar arrays are now generating power. Last fall, the Sturgis Annual Appeal requested everyone in the community to “Support Sturgis Solar.” After months of planning and interviews with various solar companies, the project commenced with the installation of a new roof at East Campus during April Break 2015.  Over the summer of 2015, solar arrays were installed on both campuses.  The final hook-ups were completed this fall.

East Campus Solar - Commonwealth Electrical Technologies.rev

Drone Photo of East Campus Solar Array

We’re happy to reduce our carbon footprint and generate power sustainably. The combined East and West systems are expected to save over $13,000 yearly for 20 years. Sturgis will be able to allocate the savings for educational programs and provide an opportunity for students to learn first-hand about clean and renewable energy. Some unexpected perks of the project occurred when solar installers retrieved and returned 12 frisbees and balls that had landed on the roof of West Campus and when a solar tube window light was installed in the ceiling of Dan McKay’s formerly windowless Math classroom at Sturgis East.

IGS Solar Helps Sturgis Generate Clean Power

[Editor’s Note: The following press release from IGS Solar was distributed February 8 to solar industry publications and local media outlets.]

IGS solar logoIGS Solar, LLC, a turn-key commercial and residential solar provider, recently partnered with Beaumont Solar, a full-service solar energy system installer based in New Bedford, MA to install two solar arrays at Sturgis Charter Public School’s East and West campuses in Hyannis. Sturgis serves 800 students from across Cape Cod and southeast Massachusetts.

IGS Solar financed, owns, and operates the systems, now in operation. “With successful collaboration and careful planning, we’re glad to bring solar energy to Sturgis Charter Public School and help them generate electricity sustainably,” said Patrick Smith, vice president of IGS Solar.

Prior to installation, a new roof was installed at the East campus to accommodate the panels. On a yearly basis, the East system will generate 136,000 kWh and meet 85% of East power needs. The West system will provide 160,000 kWh and deliver 52% of the power for the campus yearly. “We are thrilled to be a part of the continued ways that Sturgis has been showing their students the importance of preserving our environment,” said Phil Cavallo, president and CEO of Beaumont Solar.

According to Eric Hieser, Executive Director of Sturgis Charter Public School, the combined systems are expected to save over $13,000 yearly for 20 years. “Sturgis Charter Public School is pleased to partner with IGS Solar and Beaumont Solar on this project. By reducing our carbon footprint and energy costs, Sturgis will be able to allocate the savings for educational programs and provide an opportunity for students to learn first-hand about clean and renewable energy,” said Hieser.

About IGS Solar

IGS Solar Staff Visit Sturgis Project October 15, 2015

IGS Solar Staff Visit Sturgis Project
October 15, 2015

IGS Solar, an affiliate of IGS Energy, delivers solutions that allow customers to generate their own clean, renewable energy and play a vital role in creating a sustainable energy future. With no upfront capital costs and significant environmental benefits, the company provides businesses with innovative ways to capture the power of the sun. For more information, call 866-801-9928 or visit Connect with them at



Sturgis Team with Hugh Scott, IGS Region Manager (l-r) Paul Marble, Eric Hieser, Hugh Scott and Jim Albrecht

Sturgis Team with Hugh Scott, IGS Region Manager (l-r) Paul Marble, Eric Hieser, Hugh Scott and Jim Albrecht

About Sturgis Charter Public School

Located in Hyannis, Massachusetts, Sturgis Charter Public School is a tuition-free high school that accepts students through public lottery regardless of past academic records or individual challenges. Sturgis was the first high school in North America to offer an “International Baccalaureate (IB) for All” curriculum.  US News and World Report ranked Sturgis #1 high school in MA and #32 in the U.S. in 2015 Best High Schools Rankings. (May 2015) For more information, see Sturgis Charter Public School.

About Beaumont Solar

Beaumont Solar logoBeaumont Solar is recognized as one of the leading project developers and EPC providers of solar energy to commercial, municipal and utility customers throughout New England.  A streamlined, vertically integrated business model allows Beaumont Solar to be at the highest quality standards and the highest value to the end customers. For further information regarding Beaumont Solar, contact

Sturgis Solar 10.23June 2015 Solar Project Update to Sturgis Community

At the end of the 2014-15 school year, Executive Hieser sent the following solar update to the Sturgis community.

Dear Sturgis Community,

Installation of new roof at East Campus

Installation of new roof at East Campus

I am writing to provide an update on the Sturgis solar initiative. We are pleased to report Sturgis is making good progress on our plans to go solar. Although Sturgis West’s roof is solar-ready, it was necessary to install a new roof at Sturgis East in April that includes a Firestone/Genflex 4″ insulation layer and a top of the line Firestone TPO roof system. Sturgis has recently signed an agreement with our two partners in the project and received approval from the Hyannis Historic Commission. Once we receive approval from the Town of Barnstable Building Division, we will be poised to begin installation this summer.

Solar Project Partners

Beaumont hooking up solarWe are partnering with Beaumont Solar Company of New Bedford and IGS Solar of Dublin, Ohio to install a solar photovoltaic generating facility to provide electric energy to Sturgis. Locally owned and operated, Beaumont Solar is currently the 3rd largest MA based solar installation company. IGS Solar is a turn-key commercial and residential solar provider delivering solutions that allow customers to generate their own renewable energy. Sturgis has signed a 20-year Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) with IGS Solar, who will own and operate the system and handle any ongoing maintenance. As a result of this project, Sturgis will be able to substantially reduce electricity costs and allocate the savings for educational programs.

Solar - Baptist Church 9.24.15 008

Sturgis East Solar

Sturgis Solar by the Numbers

  • The system at the East Campus will be 117.720 kW (consisting of 360 SunPower 327w panels).

Estimated production is 136,240 kilowatt hours (kWh) per year, which will provide 85% of the usage at that campus.

  • The system at the West Campus will be 141.264 kW (consisting of 432 SunPower 327w panels).

The estimated production is 160,260 kilowatt hours/year, which will provide 52% of the usage at that campus.

West Campus

Solar Installation at West Campus

The combined systems will save the school more than $13,000 per year (conservatively, at least $13,423) for 20 years.

We appreciate the letter of support from the Sturgis East Environmental Club (see over) and hope you will join them in supporting Sturgis Solar.

Thank you for your generosity in supporting our goals.

Eric Hieser

Executive Director

Letter of Support from Sturgis East Environmental Clubeast environmental

June 17, 2015

Dear Sturgis Community,

The Sturgis East Environmental Club is writing to encourage you to support Sturgis Charter Public School’s plan to install solar panels on both campuses.  As a public charter school, Sturgis operates on a limited budget. Therefore, your donation would be extremely appreciated. By going solar, Sturgis will:

  • Reduce our carbon footprint and electricity costs
  • Support local “green collar” jobs
  • Provide an opportunity for students to learn first-hand about clean and renewable energy
  • Foster the International Baccalaureate (IB) goal to create awareness of local and global environmental concerns
Barnstable Town Hall

East Solar with View of Barnstable Town Hall

We believe that environmental consciousness is a vital component of education that is often overlooked. By installing solar panels, Sturgis will promote the concept of sustainability in the minds of the students, staff members and the entire school community.  Nearly 200 schools in Massachusetts already utilize solar panels.  In total they have saved over 3 million dollars per year in energy costs.[1] It is time for Sturgis East and West to join them in the solar energy movement.

Change begins with a person, a group, a building, a school.  The Sturgis East Environmental Club hopes you will help our school change the world in a small, but important way. As the saying goes, “think globally, act locally.” It is not the amount you give that matters, it’s your action that counts!


Sturgis East Environmental Club

[1] “The Solar Foundation. (2014) Brighter Future: A Study on Solar in U.S. Schools. Available at:”

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