Feature Articles

 Our Boys Summer 2013 Features


Faculty Profile:   The Path of Eric Hieser from Illinois
Farm Country to Sturgis
Feature Articles: 

Big Dig: Sturgis West Mock Archaeological Dig

CAS! Creativity, Action Service 2013

Chess Team Wins Southeastern League by Aaron Dunigan-AtLee

2013 Extended Essays


Habits of Mind: Theory of Knowledge Presentations

IB Art Examinations by Carrie Brummer

Mathematics at Sturgis: A Walk through the Math Department by Robin Singer

Remembrances of Doc Stewart

SPA: Sturgis Parents Provide Strong Support

Cultural Soundings:  Where Were You When…? by Kate Dunigan-AtLee

Notes and Accolades: Class of 2002 10th Reunion by Ryan King and more!

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