529 Main Street – From Wings to a Sturgis Community Space


The William Sturgis Foundation purchased 529 Main Street (former Wings building) in 2018 to serve as a mixed use facility for Sturgis East and Sturgis West to share a large community space for visual and performing arts, school gatherings, and IB testing. 529 Main sits nearly equidistant to Sturgis East and Sturgis West and is convenient to public transportation. As such, it is an ideal location for students, faculty, and parents to convene for educational purposes, after-school performing and creative arts shows, service projects, celebrations and gatherings, and special events.  Throughout the year East & West share equitable access and usage with a focus on joint events including those that involve the wider community. 

Since acquiring the space, a lot of work was put in to creating a viable mixed used space including new bathrooms, kitchen area, and a state of the art sound and media system purchased primarily with funds donated by members of our Sturgis and Cape Cod communities.

Thanks so much to everyone who gave their support to our annual appeals and especially to the following 529 Sponsors who pledged $529 or more during our fundraising seasons. 

(If you would like to join as a sponsor please visit the ‘donate’ section of our homepage)

The Whitehall Foundation; Anonymous Donor; DaCruz Framing; T. Theory Foundation; The Papsadore Family; The Brimdyr Family; Kim & Lorraine Roberts; The Beaulieu Family; Heritage Turbines, Inc.; Craig Jones; Linae Argento; The Hunt Family; The DaCruz Family; Paul, Clare and Megan Ulrich; Jonathan & Sarah Idman; David & Marsha Crampton; Lee & Passang Enos; Heidi Egloff Winters; The McDowell May Family; Jeffrey & Lisa Colby; The Burns Family; Mr. & Mrs. John Barrera; The Linn Family; Margaret E. Frazier; Theresa & Don Sull; The Gototweski Family; The Zahn Foundation; Briarpatch Pediatrics; The Quidley Family; David & Marcia Crampton

At Sturgis, we believe buildings don’t make schools – people make schools. It is the relationship faculty has with students that makes all the difference.  529 Main provides more opportunities for students, faculty and parents to come together for special events to energize these relationships and help students reach their full potential.  This past school year has seen 529 used for a variety of community gatherings including the following: 

Faculty Orientation for Opening Days; East & West Convocation in August; Financial Aid presentations for Senior Parents in October; East & West College Fair in October; IB Roundtable for the Arts in November; Cape Observatory Adult Flute Choir in late November; Info Sessions for 8th graders December to January; Professional Development Sessions for Teachers in October, December and March; East Alumni Reunion and Special Education Alumni Reunion in December; Junior College Planning Night in January; the Sturgis lottery in January; Joint Faculty Leadership Council Meetings all year; Sturgis Theatre Arts Guild of Entertainers Winter One Acts in February; National Assessment Educational Progress (NAEP) Testing in February; East & West Cheerleading practice from November through January; Roller Derby Practices in the winter; East & West Music Concert in April; Little Sea Star Consigments over April Break; Mock IB Exams in early April; IB Testing throughout May; Creativity, Activity, Service (CAS) Service day in May; MCAS Biology Field Testing in early June.

As you can see it’s been a busy year and 529 has helped our Sturgis community in myriad and meaningful ways!  We’re so excited to have this space and grateful that we are finally able to bring Sturgis East and West communities together and excited to be able to involve the greater Cape Cod community.  We look forward to continuing events like those listed above as well as hosting new events in the years to come.  (If your organization is interested in using the space, partnering on an event, or you would like to learn more, please contact Mary Lincoln at mlincoln@sturgischarterschool.org)

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