Home Port (Volume 1: Summer 2012)

Storm Over Sandy Neck
By Peter Richenburg

Welcome aboard the Summer 2012 voyage of Soundings. It seems like it was a only a short time ago when we ventured forth into summer with plans to relax, garden, read and travel.  Once we cross into August, we begin to feel the tide turning and starting to pull us back toward a new school year. As we travel towards Sturgis, our itinerary includes a celebration of summer in Summer Lives of Sturgis Faculty.  We introduce Cape Cod to new faculty members by providing tips for quintessential Cape Cod activities, restaurants, trails, beaches and more in Cape Cod Quintessence.

On the aft deck, we look back to remember 2012 Sturgis Awards and Sturgis Graduation  through photos, full text of graduation speeches and a note about our nautical traditions. On the forward deck, Principal Peter Steedman and Sturgis West students reflect on their first year at Artifacts and their upcoming move in Sturgis West Pulls Up Stakes and Moves On.

The summer voyage includes visits with faculty from several departments: Mathematics – Amanda Sandland describes her path from Bridgend to Sturgis for the Faculty Profile;  Science – Cindy Gallo describes Sturgis B-WET,  a 4 year NOAA grant program helping train future stewards of our fragile Cape Cod estuarine environment; Latin- Robert Albis  describes the creation of Omnibus – our new Latin motto.

You will have an opportunity to see the work of art students in The Artistry of Madeline Arnault and Creative Ventures.   In The Sturgis Effect, Arthur Pontes and Robin Singer respond to a series of articles in the Barnstable Enterprise.  IB for a Cure: Sturgis Relay for Life describes volunteer work of students and faculty. Lunchtime at Sturgis: a Slideshow  provides a window into what happens on Main Street and in Sturgis hallways during lunch.

This September, we will celebrate an exciting moment in the history of Sturgis Charter Public School. We will begin our 14th year of operation, celebrate the 10th anniversary of our first graduating class, cut the ribbon for our new campus and welcome 210 new students into the Sturgis community.

Recently, while viewing the Summer Olympics and listening to many impressive stories of athletes who had a vision and work tirelessly toward their goal, I was reminded of the team effort it required to create Sturgis and now to replicate the program. We have an exceptional group of people working to upgrade Sturgis East, complete construction of Sturgis West and offer the International Baccalaureate “IB for All” program to 745 students on two campuses in 2012-2013. We may not have the Olympic rings or fanfare of Summer Games in Hyannis but I marvel at the hard work, dedication, and ability of our team.

Every day, Jay Finbeiner and his crew have been going the extra mile to spruce up Sturgis East. They have cleaned and painted the interior and installed new tile flooring in several classrooms. Their days have been long and hard so be sure to thank Jay when you see him.

Meanwhile at Sturgis West, construction crews are working around the clock for the new building to open on schedule. Despite long, hot days, they seem to work tirelessly. Have you ever seen job sites where workers seemed unmotivated and less than inspired? The opposite is true at Sturgis West.

Many people are committed and excited about making this project successful: Tamar Warburg, Steve Michener and other architects at Studio G Architects; Mel Dishman, JK Scanlon Company Site Supervisor and his crew; Innovative Design & Building Services crew; DeWayne Blackwell, Manager of Field Operations and his crew from Excel Home Group in Liverpool, PA; many local subcontractors; Eric Hieser and the Sturgis Board of Trustees who had the vision for a second campus and the staying power to see it through; and Sturgis staff members Jim Albrecht and Michael Moynihan who are working very hard to insure a high quality outcome.

Another very important component of the team are  the parents of present and former students and friends of Sturgis who have contributed to the success of our “IB for All” program. A parent of two Sturgis grads recently told me she remembers very long days after work when she would drive her sons to Japanese classes and other activities so they could complete their CAS requirements. She feels the IB is challenging for everyone – students and parents alike – but well worth the effort.

We need your support more than ever to help furnish Sturgis West and refurbish Sturgis East. If you have not yet contributed, please find out how you can help by reading Support Sturgis 2012 Year of Expansion: https://sturgissoundings.wordpress.com/support-sturgis-3/support-sturgis/.

Many thanks to all our contributors and supporters. I especially want to thank Peter Richenburg for his artistic support throughout the first year of Soundings. He brings great creative energy to this publication as evidenced by his contributions to the summer issue: his recent pastel above, Storm Over Sandy Neck and his design for Omnibus – the new Latin motto for Sturgis.  One of the joys of working with Sturgis Soundings Magazine is seeing how it brings people together in collaborations across the curriculum like the example of Art and Latin joining forces to create a banner for Omnibus. You are invited to participate in our  collaborative effort by sending your comments, ideas and suggestions for future issues to: soundings@sturgischarterschool.org.

Bon Voyage!

Marion Weeks

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