Home Port (Volume 2: Fall 2012)

One Day One Goal 2012

One Day One Goal 2012
Sturgis East and West Celebrate International Peace Day on Hyannis Village Green
Photo by Joel Tallman

Welcome aboard the Winter 2012 voyage of Soundings. We hope you will enjoy the journey as much as we have enjoyed preparing for the launch. We have collected a cargo of essays, news, photographs and art to sustain you during the voyage.  We are grateful for the contributions of students, faculty, parents and alumni. We hope this magazine will serve as a venue for the larger Sturgis community of students, alumni, families, faculty and trustees to stay connected.   Our goal is to provide you with a window through which you can see the vibrant “IB for All” school culture within and beyond the walls of Sturgis East and West.  Please share your news and ideas with us.  Like all ventures at Sturgis, Sturgis Soundings Magazine is a collaborative effort. We invite you to participate.

What an amazing period of growth and change we have experienced at Sturgis this past year! With the construction of a second campus, we have entered a new era. Even so, Sturgis continues to honor the culture and traditions built over the years and I think you will see that reflected throughout the articles in this issue.  We treasure our past – and have even been known to reminisce about “the good old days” when we started out in the trenches of two old furniture stores with few windows or amenities but a deal of spirit.

Now, with two campuses and 700+ students, there is no shortage of news to report! We have attempted to provide a variety of topics and a balance of contributions from both campuses. Our itinerary includes visits to creative venues in theater, art and music, athletic fields and classrooms. In Habits of Mind, Paul Marble explains how the IB Theory of Knowledge class changes dinner table conversations. In Two Campuses, One Culture, Peter Steedman describes how Sturgis culture has been replicated and is shared across campuses. We explore some new initiatives with articles on wellness and the InvenTeam grant to build a marine mammal transporter. Our international focus is reflected in articles about our Sicilian exchange, a visit from Chinese principals and the Dear Vietnam project. Returning to our history and traditions, the Freshman Orientation article describes how we introduce new students to our maritime traditions.  Don’t miss Matt Fetzer’s Wreck of the Sparrow Hawk Reflection included in the article!

Many thanks to all our contributors and supporters. You are invited to participate in our collaborative effort by sending your comments, ideas and suggestions for future issues to: soundings@sturgischarterschool.org

Bon Voyage!

Marion Weeks

 It Takes a Village

Support Sturgis

Thanks to all of you who have contributed to our annual appeal. We genuinely appreciate your support of our educational program and our students. Your donations will help us continue to provide Sturgis students with a world-class education so they will go forward to make a difference in the world. If you have not had a chance to contribute, please realize that all donations are welcome – whether large or small. We aim for 100% donor participation to demonstrate our collective base of support and enhance our ability to gain further grant funding. Grant applications often ask us to provide the percentage of our supporters. By making even a small donation of $5, you can help us increase our base of support. Donations may be made through PayPal on the right sidebar of Sturgis Soundings Magazine, the Sturgis webpage, dropped off at Sturgis East and West offices or mailed to:

William Sturgis Friends of Education Foundation

PO Box 2012

Hyannis, MA   02601

Thank you again for supporting Sturgis through donations to the annual appeal, participation in SPA and volunteering to help with special events. We feel most fortunate to have such a supportive community. May you and your family have a joyous holiday season!

First Assembly 2

First Assembly
Sturgis West
August 29, 2012

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