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Sturgis students add holiday spirit to festivities at the Hyannis Village Christmas Stroll  Main Street, December 2014

Welcome aboard the 2014 winter voyage of Sturgis Soundings Magazine!

When Soundings was first created in 2011, one of the goals was “to provide readers with a window through which they can see the vibrant “IB for All” school culture within and beyond the walls of Sturgis.” As we prepare each issue, I search for stories, photos and conversations that help illuminate what Sturgis is all about.

During a recent Hyannis Village Christmas Stroll on Main Street, I met a Sturgis parent who volunteered to help at the event. As often happens during conversations with parents, the subject turns to how their families discovered Sturgis and decided to apply. She described how her daughter Caroline (not her actual name) had struggled in previous schools.  Similar to her past experience, Caroline was barely passing in her first semester at Sturgis. The parent had received many calls about Caroline’s performance over the years but a call from a Sturgis Principal surprised her.

The principal said, “I know you are aware Caroline is struggling in her classes. How do you think we can help her?” The parent told me she experienced a double-take when she heard the question. Administrators from past schools usually said “Caroline needs to….” or “You need to….” It was the first time anyone had asked “how do you think we can help her?”  A collaborative effort between the student, parents, teachers and support staff proved successful and Caroline is now thriving, happily involved and making plans for college.  As a result, the parent told me she has become a strong advocate for Sturgis and volunteers at school events whenever possible.

Although many people look at ratings to measure a school’s success, I think the more effective measure can be found in the stories of students and parents who have struggled and found success.

Speaking of stories, we have assembled an interesting cargo of articles, essays, news and photographs for the winter voyage. Be sure to check out Books that Change Lives, A Celebration of Fall Sports, Let’s Go Solar, A Midsummer Night’s Dream, The Path of Paul Marble from Fitchburg to Sturgis, Sturgis Travels, and Why Apply for an Internship?   Thanks to our many contributors for their generosity. Sturgis Soundings Magazine is a venue where the Sturgis community of students, alumni, families, faculty and trustees can stay connected.   Like all ventures at Sturgis, Soundings is a collaborative effort. We invite you to participate. Send us your news and suggestions for future issues.

Happy Holidays and Bon Voyage!

Marion Weeks

Community Outreach Coordinator

Vol. I, Fall 2012

Happy Sailing!

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