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Welcome aboard the 2018 Summer edition of Sturgis Soundings!

As another year draws to a close there is as much to share from 2017-2018 as ever! As I was compiling the articles for this edition I was struck by how much collaboration takes place between our students, faculty members, and outside organizations to build the events and programming that we feature in these articles.

In Sturgis InvenTeam Delivers Marine Mammal Rescue Carrier to IFAW you’ll read about how East & West students have worked together with IFAW, Lemelson-MIT, Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution, and faculty advisors over the past 6 years to design and construct an innovative rescue carrier to help save dolphins that strand on Cape.  In the CAS article you’ll learn about senior service day and how through partnership with over 20 local organizations 200 seniors devote a day of time to helping their community each May.  In Creative Ventures you might notice the underlying theme of collaboration as music, theatre, visual arts, and dance students and faculty members contribute to community events like the Arts Festival, winter one-acts, battle of the bands, and poetry out loud.

Perhaps Katie McIntosh said it best in her faculty profile when she shared that she ‘believes that relationships are everything’. I think that in any of the following feature articles you’ll see the ethos of our Sturgis community reflected as one of teamwork and personal relationships as students and adults work together to carry out our mission of “IB for All”.

Continuing to reflect on the theme of collaboration, I am fortunate and grateful that next year changing tides bring three more colleagues into the Community Outreach office —Jessica Cardone, Camille Manrique, and Melissa Rais are all joining the team.  I’m excited to work with them and for you to see their work on social media, in Soundings, and in the community.

What Ginny Preston, 2018 East Senior speaker, felt about her and her peers’ journey through Sturgis echoes my thoughts on editing Soundings. “I would be remiss to say this was our own doing.  We had so many fundamental partners along the way.”  Thanks to our many contributors for their generosity in producing this issue, from writing articles to providing photographs; it wouldn’t be the same without you.  Just like all ventures at Sturgis, Soundings is a collaborative effort. We invite you to participate! Please feel free to send us your news and suggestions for future issues.

Happy reading,

Will Mathews



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