Faculty (Volume 1: Fall 2011)

Jeff Hyer  and six student journalists traveled to the Harvard Crimson newspaper office in October for the Crimson’s second annual high school journalism workshop. Alicia Pollard, Kevin Agostinelli, Meghan Agostinelli,
Anna Campbell, Lucie Palmeri, Rachael Bardfield were the students who represented Sturgis.

The six-hour conference covered a variety of journalism topics such as photography, design and layout, sports reporting, hard news, and feature writing. The students learned real-world tips on how to ask the right questions, creating story ideas, and crafting a good story on a deadline. Because the conference is organized and taught by Harvard students, it is far less intimidating for high school students to ask questions because they are much closer in age. All of the students left the conference feeling energized and inspired. Much of what they learned has been applied in the recent edition of The StormWatch and placed on the newspaper’s blog, sturgismedia.com.
Diane Klaiber Sturgis Charter Public School is a confirmed participant in the fall  Global Film Initiative, November 14-18.  We will receive 3 DVD’s of foreign films to be shown in the library during lunch and after school.  This initiative is sponsored by the Sturgis Charter School Library and Dr. Gilligan.  We were winners in the spring initiative and received 3 foreign films that were added to our collection:  The Kite, Belvedere and Of Love and Eggs.  Global Film Initiative is a U.S.-based not-for-profit organization specializing in the support of independent film from Africa, Asia, Central & Eastern Europe, Latin America and the Middle East. Founded in 2002 to promote cross-cultural understanding through the language of cinema, the Initiative awards numerous grants to deserving filmmakers from around the world each year, and supports a touring film series entitled Global Lens. For more information about the Global Lens film series and Global Film Initiative programs go to, http://www.globalfilm.org/

Steve McDowell attended Round Table of New England Group 1 IB teachers at the International School of Boston on October 13.  Most of us were English teachers, but there was one German and one French teacher as well.  The focus of the discussion was on the new IB program that is starting this year with the 11th graders–the HL sections with me and the SL sections with Morgan Derby.  Morgan attended a workshop in the new program over the summer, so the Round Table was especially important to because I had not been able to.

One comment expressed by one of the attending teachers was that her school’s visit to Sturgis a couple of years ago helped them to decide to adopt the IB curriculum at theirs.

Alicia Fenney Watts is writing a multi-genre research paper about multi-genre research papers for a Theories of Writing course, which is part of her M.A. coursework through Bridgewater State University. She plans to use the final product as a teaching tool.

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