Faculty (Volume 1: Spring 2012)

Sturgis Presents IB Workshops for Colleagues from Other Schools

A group of Sturgis staff, including Paul Marble, Anna Botsford, Jim Barrasso, Sheila Gilligan, and Jo Mary Pontes, recently presented IB workshops at Josiah Quincy Upper School in Boston as their staff sought to enhance their understanding of the IB assessments and exams.

Sturgis hosted the principals from Chatham High School and Harwich High School recently as they are exploring the option of offering the IB in their schools.

Sheila Gilligan (Sturgis East Biology and ToK)  is participating in the Cape & Islands Workforce Investment Board’s (CIWIB) teacher externship program this spring.  She’ll be working at Mass Audubon – Wellfleet with the Education & Public Programs Coordinator and field scientists on osprey research and on educational program development.  She’s excited to learn more about Cape Cod biodiversity, and the roles humans play that impact the success of local habitats, as well as learning how to teach habits of conservation and advocacy.

Executive Director Eric Hieser presented a Category 3 IB Workshop in Los Angeles January 21-23 for teachers and administrators across North America who are exploring ways to significantly increase access to the IB for All.   The workshop was entitled Creating and Providing Supports for Diverse Learners in the IB.

Randy Carspecken (Sturgis East Math)  is working with a team of  expert mathematicians and highly experienced IB teachers on an IBO approved project to create an online HL Mathematics course. Other members of the team include Bozenna Graham of Wesley College, Melbourne, Australia; Tim Knight who teaches the Math HL online course for Pamoja Education and is based in Indonesia and France; and Bill Roberts who has taught Mathematics and ToK since the early 1990s and is based in Newcasle upon Tyne in the UK. Randy has taught math since 1984 both in the USA and in posts overseas. He began the HL Math program here at Sturgis shortly after the school transitioned into full-blown IB 8 years ago. For those of us who have been wondering if Mr. Carspecken eats, sleeps and breathes math, now we know it is true. Randy can be found “doing math” with groups of students before school, during lunch, after school and now at home with his virtual colleagues.

Gordon Bellemer (Sturgis East Math) has a son,John Bellemer, who is an international opera tenor, and appeared in February with the Boston Lyric Opera in “The Lighthouse”  at the Kennedy Library in Boston.  For more information, check the following link.  http://blo.org/events/peter-maxwell-davies-the-lighthouse/

Cape Cod Theatre Reviewers Choose Favorite Shows for 2011

Anything Goes, Cotuit Center for the Arts: This “feel-good show of the year” had a stunning set and great period costumes, giving it considerable eye appeal in addition to the contagious fun and high spirits provided by director Michele Colley and cast.” Cape Cod Times, December 15, 2011. Accessed 12-16-2011 http://www.capecodonline.com/apps/pbcs.dll/article?AID=/20111215/ENTERTAIN/111219755/-1/ENTERTAIN

Three Faculty Members Receive Mini-Grants from Cape Cod 5:

Congratulations to Morgan Derby, Kate Dunigan-AtLee and Claire Shea

Morgan Derby’s grant pays for resources and materials that support her Mindful Living Advisory. The funds will also be helpful for any students and staff who want to learn more about mindful living. The primary goal of the Mindful Living Advisory is to holistically improve students’ quality of life and well-being through secular mindfulness, or the practice of deliberately and consciously paying attention. Students engage in mindful practice through a combination of Socratic and scientific methods. There are many benefits of mindfulness that could be of great help to our students. The recent surge of scientific research indicates that people who practice mindfulness have: improvements in memory and learning, increased gray matter in the brain, lower heart and blood pressure, and decreased anxiety and stress.

Kate Dunigan-AtLee’s “International Literature and Experiential Learning” grant will provide funds to purchase books to support Sturgis travel abroad opportunities this year.  Sturgis student groups are traveling to Nicaragua, Italy, Peru and Quebec to learn about the culture, history and people of these countries.  The books include fiction, travel guides, travelogues, memoirs, travel dictionaries, and other books that will help students understand, communicate with and connect to the people and culture of the country to which they travel.  The idea for this project has been a collaborative effort between faculty travel group leaders and library staff.

Claire Shea‘s grant pays for materials and postage, allowing her to continue “Writing to Spain: Creating Connections through Common Language,” a pen-pal project with students in Cordoba, Spain. This project aligns with the goals of the International Baccalaureate (IB) program which aims to develop inquiring, knowledgeable and caring young people who help create a better and more peaceful world through intercultural understanding and respect.  In addition, it allows students to experience the Spanish language in an informal, fun and creative way, and provides an opportunity for them to learn about Spanish “pop” culture from young people.

The grants were rewarded at a reception for award recipients January 10 at Cape Cod Regional Technical High School. “Eighty-four teachers from forty-three schools throughout the Cape were represented.  Collectively, they are helping to make the Cape a better place to live, work and raise children.” Cape Cod Five Charitable Foundation

In January, Sturgis East English teacher Morgan Derby began working towards a Master’s of Education degree at Lesley University. Her degree program is self-designed and focuses on the study of mindfulness, the practice of consciously paying attention to the present moment. In the past few years, there has been a surge of scientific research on mindfulness, with particular attention paid to its therapeutic and academic applications. These studies have shown that people who practice mindfulness experience decreases in mental and physical health issues, while also experiencing such benefits as increases in gray matter in areas of the brain associated with memory and learning. Morgan is dedicated to bringing such benefits to her students, and has already begun to do so through the Mindful Living themed advisory offered this year. The program has been successful so far, and Ms. Derby was awarded a $480 Cape Cod 5 Mini-Grant to further this work. Morgan was also awarded a Dean’s Merit Scholarship to pursue her graduate studies full-time in the Spring, but has declined and will continue working full-time at Sturgis while studying part-time at Lesley.

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