Students (Volume 1: Spring 2012)

Congratulations to Augusta Davis (Sturgis East Class of 2013) who has been selected to participate in YES Abroad through the U.S. State Department.  Augusta will travel to Thailand in late June to live with a host family and attend high school.  She is one of 55 students selected from the United States to participate in this program which places students in countries with significant Muslim populations.

Congratulations to Brianna Juaire (Sturgis East Class 0f 2012) for receiving the  Homeless Not Helpless Community Award

Bill Bishop, President of Homeless not Helpless, presented Brianna with an award on March 13th, in recognition of the speech she delivered last fall as part of the National Homeless Memorial Day events. The award was presented at the Hyannis Youth and Community Center during halftime of the Sturgis student-faculty basketball game.

The text of Brianna’s speech for National Homeless Memorial Day follows: 

Students from Sturgis Charter Public School will be showing their support for the homeless population of Cape Cod by participating in the hope for the homeless memorial today. We hope that as a result of our own participation and the participation of others we will increase awareness and support for the homeless population of Cape Cod.

As members of the Main Street Hyannis community, we are confronted with presence of the homeless on a daily basis. This is a situation which cannot be ignored. In our beautiful community of Cape Cod it is all too easy to sweep under the rug the unpleasant underbelly of our society. Even amidst the tourist destinations and beautiful beaches, we see people who have lost their homes and those who live in fear of losing their homes.

By acknowledging the existence of a homeless population on Cape Cod, and by recognizing their struggle, we are able to begin working towards solutions to improve these conditions. It is only through collaboration with the entire community that we will be able to help our homeless populations. Therefore students from Sturgis would like to lead by example, showing that regardless of age, socio-economic background or experience, it is important to be engaged in ameliorating our community by supporting those members who are now experiencing extreme hardship.

As a result of these efforts we hope that Cape Cod will become more proactive in its handling of homeless populations and move toward a community where all members are able to live in comfort and safety. When every member of Cape Cod is able to live with the reassurance that they will have access to necessities of shelter and food, Cape Cod will be a truly beautiful place to live.

Congratulations to Kea Lopez (Sturgis East Class of 2015)  for her poem “Why?” and Lily  Xiao Haselton (Sturgis East Class of 2014) for her poem “Grandfather.” Both poems won awards in the Veterans for Peace 2012 Peace Week Poetry Contest. All winners are invited to read their poems at a public gathering at South Congregational Church, Centerville, on Saturday, April 28, 2012 at 10 AM.


~ Kea Lopez

Nothing is right,

It all seems off,

There’s hatred everywhere,

Where is the peace?

Why does it seem like hell on this earth?

Where’s the love?

What happened to “love thy neighbor”?

Why are people fighting?

I don’t mean to sound negative,

But everyone is being negative somehow,

Somehow…we need to make peace

Somehow…we need to change

There will always be war

There will always be hate

Unless we change

There will always be a problem

But as of now

No one is doing their part

We shouldn’t hate anyone or anything

The one thing that should be hated is hate itself.


     ~  Lily  Xiao Haselton

Scene 1

If I could make my grandfather’s life into a movie,

The memoir would be in black and white,

Black for his aviation uniform, stained

From the tainted smoke that bloats the air,

Rising from the buildings, parks, hospitals, streets

Of World War II Europe below him,

White from his English descendants and

From the innocence of a child that still lingers

In the lines of his eighty-nine year old face.

He knew what he was getting into,

His six brothers, his father knew too.

In front of their beautiful New England home,

Sitting next to his high school sweetheart,

He would stare past the storm clouds and bi-planes,

A white dove clasped in his hands,

A model fighter plane beside him,

With a promise to return

He gives the dove to her.

The beaten film strip would show a young man

Proud with his head held high, wearing a charming smile

Preparing for departure, he stands among allies,

Over a hundred missions meticulously noted in a log,

Without a smile, without many friends and brothers

An unbroken promise, he returns

Clad in a First Lieutenant’s uniform

Decorated for bravery he is unable to explain

Why he was alive why they were not.

Scene 2

If I could make my grandfather’s life a book

The pages tint the colors of the nation.

Red for the life flowing through his veins

White like his hair, for the dove

Blue for the surreal sky and wild waters of Maine’s coast,

Colors never changing, always flying

Like the eagle he so loves.

Proud to be an American, to be a vet.

The worn pages show a proud father

The letters are bold and elegant.

Crayon marks score the pages in wild zeal

Because his three girls needed paper.

The binding wrapped in gold

Like the wedding ring round his finger

His long life marked by success.

Obituary said dead at 89, August first of 2011.

Fade to black book closed.

Scene 3

There is no book or movie of my grandfather’s life

Because there is no ending

Though he’s gone

His story is not over

Neither is the fight for peace.

Congratulations to Diana Milkey (Sturgis West Class of 2015) who is starring in Babe, the Sheep Pig at Harwich Junior Theater
“Preparing for an animal role is much different than preparing for a human role, and Sturgis Charter Public School freshman Diana Milkey used a variety of techniques to get her pig on for her starring performance in Harwich Junior Theater’s Babe, the Sheep Pig.”  

Congratulations to Olivia Sequin (Sturgis East Class of 2013) for masterminding a flurry of smile cards for the Sturgis community to enjoy before winter break!  Smile cards are compliment cards that Sturgis students send to students and teachers. The Smile Cards committee, which is a branch of Key Club, collected all of the cards on December 15, organized them and delivered them on Monday, the 19th. A total of over 2,600 Smile Cards were created. No one imagined such a huge amount would be created. It took a group of about 10 people a total of 5 hours after school to sort and organize all of the cards. One reason so many people wrote cards was because there was a competition among the advisories. The advisory that wrote the most smile cards would receive a cake made Olivia Sequin, Sturgis Master Chef. People went crazy trying to win.

Olivia describes the event:  “I made 104 cards. I made one for everyone in my entire grade and a few in other grades. I was shocked at how successful it was. I came up with the idea thinking that we might get a couple hundred cards. I wanted to make sure that every student received a card so I had one person from each grade make one for everyone in their grade. But I had NO idea that every student would get at least FOUR smile cards! I really hope that next year it will be even more popular. I want to spread the idea to Sturgis West and maybe even other schools. It is such a great project that affects everyone in the school and requires little resources and money- just a lot of dedication from whoever is organizing the smile cards.”

Olivia Sequin was recently selected as one of the 2012 Super Teens  by NextStepU:

“These extraordinary teens stood out from hundreds of applicants by taking on leadership roles, overcoming adversity or demonstrating dedication and perseverance. We are pleased to honor their accomplishments by sharing their stories with you!  Congratulations to our Super Teens! 

Olivia Sequin of Sturgis Charter Public School in Hyannis first discovered her love for leadership during a trip to Washington D.C. for a People to People Leadership Program in the sixth grade. Two years later, Sequin was selected to receive the Scholar Leader Award for her school. As a leader, Sequin believes in the importance of encouragement. She even developed an initiative called “Smile Cards” where students write compliments on cards for other students in order to encourage one another.

In addition to making others smile from compliments, Sequin also enjoys bringing joy to people through food. She founded “Olivia’s Dessert and Catering” in 2010 and plans to pursue a degree in hospitality.”

Congratulations to Sara Sweeten (Sturgis East Class of 2013) for being  elected as the District Governor for the New England district of Key Clubs.  She is the first Cape Cod native to be elected to this position in the 65 years since its start. Elections took place at the annual district convention, where Key Clubbers from across New England voted and chose the 2012-2013 district board (governor, secretary, treasurer, editor and 25 lieutenant governors). Sara had to campaign through speeches and question and answer sessions.

Key Club is an international student-led service and leadership organization with 260,000 Key Clubbers worldwide. There are 33 “districts,” or regions, in the world, with one governor per district. There are about 8,000 New England Key Clubbers and Sara was elected the “New England District Governor”. Sara has been in Key Club since her freshmen year, serving as club editor, club president, Lieutenant Governor for Cape Cod, and Kiwanis-Family Relations chair on the district board.
As Governor for 2012-2013, Sara will be traveling around New England visiting clubs, running district board meetings, and serving as a liaison between the New England Key Clubs and the Key Club International board of trustees. She will go to Washington D.C. next weekend for governor training, where she will meet with the other 32 district governors from around the world. She will also travel to Orlando, FL in July for the International Key Club convention.

“I.B. For a Cure,” The Relay For Life Team benefiting American Cancer Society has changed its name from “Sturgis Storm,” a name borrowed from the athletic department in 2002 when the team first started, to “I.B. For a Cure,” a name the students wanted to reflect the global nature of the school and the disease. The team, led by a core group of seniors and co-captained by seniors Emily Morin and Jessica Pearson, is ambitiously organizing several large-scale fundraisers. A Polar Plunge (scheduled for January 28), Tape a Teacher to the Wall (date TBD), and a Spring Shearing (boys heads shaved for symbolism, girls cut short to donate to “Locks For Love“) are all aimed at raising awareness and earning funds for cancer research and to help local people battling the disease with health-related transportation costs. To date, individuals have raised around $600 from bake-sales and collections. Any students interested in making a difference, having fun, and earning CAS/community service, please contact to join the team.

The following seniors were part of a panel discussion of the IB with the faculty, students, and parents at Quabbin Regional HS on Friday, March 9:  Heather Glenny, Hazel Fargher, Liz Lozada, Emily Morin, Zach Fayne, Alex Dufault, Corey Bracken and Ricky Covell

Sturgis Chess Team Keeps  Teachers in Check

A huge thank-you to everyone who participated in the March 27 Student-Faculty Chess Match.  I know the students enjoyed it.  One of them asked, “Can we do this every week?” I said no, but it’s not too early to start training for next year…The following students will be competing in the state chess team tournament, so please give them your best wishes when you see them: Joey Benedict, Alex Moorehead, Michael Chan and Jonah Greenberg.

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