Students (Volume 2: Fall 2012)

Music Festivals

We are very proud of the high number of students who auditioned and were selected to participate in the regional music festivals this year! They are:

All-Cape Music Festival: Ten out of twelve students who auditioned for the All-Cape Music Festival were accepted!   Congratulations to Kevin Agostinelli, Sophia Bradell, Molly Brennan, Matt Capucci, Emma Estermann, Maria Girardi, Sander Goldman, Ella Hunt , Hannah McLaughlin and Caitlin Waring.

Southeast District Junior Festival: Maria Girardin.
Southeast District Senior Festival: Kevin Agostinelli, Gibson Leavitt, and Caitlin Waring
All-State Music Festival: Based on his audition for the Southeast Festival, Gibson Leavitt has been invited to audition for All-State.

ArtWorks Internships

Taylor Dean, Abigail Depin and Lily Haselton will soon begin art-internships with artists through the Heritage Museums and Gardens partnered with the Cape and Islands Workforce Investment Board program “ARTWORKS”. There will be more openings for interns in mid-December.

“Artwork  represents an on-going affirmation of the region’s creative capacity – professionals, making a living from their artistic endeavors mentor young people who may well return to the area for their own professional careers. Every year, the program brings a new group of students and mentors who mutually explore the creative process.” For information about Sturgis 2012 Artwork Interns and their projects, see:

Sturgis East seniors are now beginning their mock exams in preparation for the Art Oral Exams which are the first of the IB exams starting at the end of March.

Congratulations to Sturgis West students Olivia Milne, Austin Baacke, Josh Hassler, Sean Kivney, Lizzy Mahoney, Maddy Bishop, and Olivia Swenson on winning 2nd place in the JCL Ancient Skit contest December 6 at Boston University!

September 17 – Constitution Day Field Trip – Jeff Hyer and Eric Hillebrand

Constitution Day Trip to Fanueil Hall

On Monday, September 17, ten students from West and ten from East traveled to and attended the fifth-annual James Otis Lecture Series, which was held at the Meeting House at Faneuil Hall. All Massachusetts high schools are encouraged to send up to ten students so Sturgis maximized its participation.

The lectures provided on Constitution Day were about the contributions of the “Anti-Federalists” during the Constitutional Debate. The students heard from two of America’s leading authors and historians of the Colonial and early American period, Dr. Pauline Maier and Dr. Gordon S. Wood. The professors conducted a “conversation” around the issues of the 1788 debate. The students were invited to participate in the conversation and many asked great questions of the scholars.

This trip served as a tremendous learning opportunity for our students, who will report back to their history classes later this month as to what they learned.

Human Rights Academy

Human Rights Academy

Human Rights Academy Conference

In November, a group of 20 students from East and West campuses attended a the Human Rights Academy Fall conference. The conference, aimed at inspiring middle and high school students from across the Cape to enact HR projects at their schools, was a huge success. There were workshops on citizenship, homelessness, and the law. The key note speaker was Judge Joseph Reardon. After the workshops East and West broke into separate groups and discussed their thoughts for the school year. East has already begun to collaborate with the school’s Key, Unicef, and Gay-Straight Alliance clubs to address the issues of homelessness that impact the Sturgis community. Small groups of students from the different clubs will be volunteering at Salvation Army lunch kitchen and Faith Assembly Church dinner kitchen, both within walking distance of the campus. Additionally, the Human Rights advisory led by Ms Watts will be working on raising awareness of homelessness through the advisory program. In the Spring, representatives of each club will return to the HRA conference to report on what they accomplished this year and celebrate the human rights we all share.

Sturgis IB Theater Students in NY

Sturgis IB Theater Students in NY

IB Theatre Students Attend Workshops in NYC

Recently, IB Theatre Juniors and Seniors from both East and West traveled to New York City for IB Theatre workshops, TaPS, run by The International Schools Theatre Association (ISTA). East teachers Rachel Ollagnon and Marsha Yalden along with West teacher, Anna Botsford, and 21 students attended this three-day program. Ms. Botsford explained that, “What is amazing is that when you put the students in the same room, no matter where they are from, they are all speaking the same language. They all have the same assessments and they are all held to the same high standard.”

The students spent three full days with other IB students from seven other schools and theatre professionals from around the world in IB Theatre specific workshops. All the workshop participants saw two amazing shows, “Peter and the Star Catcher,” and “Fuerza Bruta.” They came back more knowledgeable, energized and excited about their own work in the IB Theatre program. On the second day, many of our Juniors were already asking if they can return next year. It was a great success!

Jared Jasie Installs American Flags at Sturgis East

Jared Jasie and Boy Scouts Bring Flags to Sturgis

Currently, I am working on my Eagle Scout Rank. This is the highest rank in the Scouting program, and it is a great honor, as it is only achieved by 4% of the boys who enter the program. One of the requirements of the rank is to plan and carry out a service project that benefits a school, church, or the community. I had to develop an idea for a project, make sure that the

beneficiary approves, and get it approved by the local scouting council. The primary purpose of the project is for me to show leadership; that I am able to plan a project, gather  the required materials, assemble and organize a work crew to help work on the project, and finish the project, meeting all of the goals I have set for myself.

When I first came to Sturgis in August of 2011, I enjoyed my experience and felt at home, so I decided that when it was time to come up with an Eagle project, I wanted to do something that would benefit the school.  I noticed that there was only one American flag in the entire school, above the stairwell. At the time, my brother was in the US Army, serving in Iraq. I felt kind of ashamed for my school that we didn’t have any flags displayed, as I feel it is something that all schools should have, and that it is important to show support to our servicemen and our country; especially during a time of war. For my service project, I plan to install 40 American flags in the classrooms, offices, and public areas of the school. To go with these flags are plaques that recognize the donor; which could be a veteran in their family, their business, themselves, or a general thank you to those who serve. As of August 26th, I have raised over $2,100 for my project, surpassing my original goal for donations by $500.

Krupa Patel (Class of 2013) won the DAR Good Citizen Award (nominated by a faculty committee and voted by peers).  

Relay for Life and Human Rights Advisory

The Relay for Life team has raised $240 so far this year to benefit American Cancer Society. The Human Rights advisory and additional students interested in HR attended The Human Rights Academy field trip on Friday 11/16.

Chili Fundraiser

Sturgis East Seniors Cook 20 Gallons of Chili for Senior Trip Fundraiser

On Saturday, November 17, thirteen seniors and Jeff and Denise Hyer worked together and made 20 gallons of Jeff’s chili to help raise money to defray the cost of the Senior Trip next May. Prior to Saturday, there had been 73 quarts of chili pre-sold. Including what has been sold during lunch, the seniors have raised over $600. This amount is possible because of the generosity of parents who donate the ingredients or Stop and Shop gift cards, which allows the sales to be 100% profit.

Sturgis East Students Visit Harvard Crimson

Sturgis Students Visit Harvard Crimson

On Saturday, October 13 Jeff Hyer took 10 students to the Harvard Crimson offices in Cambridge to attend a high school journalism conference. This is the group’s third annual trip.

Ten Sturgis East students got a chance to work and learn alongside editors at The Crimson. In three separate seminars, the students got a hands-on chance to learn about the operations, standards, and techniques that are involved in a daily newspaper. From interviewing to advertising, sports coverage to blog posts, the students got to work and learn in the disciplines that interested them the most.

Following the conference, sophomore Grayce Rogers wrote: “These seminars did not just expand more upon my knowledge of the news world, but also about myself. These seminars challenged me and put me to the test in the field with a hands-on activity. I had to put to use my new knowledge and interview people around Harvard Yard and then accurately put the interview together into a news story. These seminars not only expanded my knowledge but made sure I comprehended the concept right….The trip to Harvard will most definitely be one of the highlights of my year.”

East West Surf Group

The Sturgis East and West Surf Clubs Travel to Marconi Beach on October 6

The surf clubs of Sturgis East and West enjoyed a terrific Saturday afternoon surfing at the National Seashore’s Marconi Beach in Wellfleet Saturday. East advisor Mr. Mathews and West advisor Ms. Anthony led the trip to the waves. And, yes, that is Latin teacher Mr. Bihl with the group (third from the left). Not pictured, thankfully, sharks. After several hours riding the waves, the day ended around a campfire with hot cocoa and smores. The clubs are traveling to Costa Rica to surf during February Break.

Turkey Baskets

Sturgis West advisories donated 15 complete turkey baskets (each basket contained a $25 gift card for a turkey and all the fixings) to Community Action Committee of Cape Cod and the Islands last Friday. West students were very generous with their donations. The organizers at CACCI were overjoyed and grateful to receive such a large donation from the school.

The Sturgis East community donated more than 20 Thanksgiving dinners to the Community Action Committee of Cape Cod and the Islands’ Turkey Basket program, which provides holiday dinners to those in need.


Seniors Jenny Agel and Alaina Ohm from the UNICEF club are taking the lead on the ‘Made By Surviors’ project.  The items there were made by survivors of human trafficking – i.e. children or adults rescued from slavery in brothels or factories or domestic servitude. A woman from Sandwich started an organization to help these young people (in places like India and Nepal) keep themselves free by making and selling crafts.

The web site to buy products is or you can buy things directly from the display case in the entrance of Sturgis East. Ask Robin Singer, Mathematics East for more information about display case items.

World Challenge

In order to begin building the bond that will continue to develop throughout the year and on the trip to Ecuador, Sturgis 2013 World Challengers participated in a scavenger hunt after school on Main Street. The group was split into 3 teams in which they had to find and bring back items, like a coin from the 1980’s or a 4 leaf clover, take pictures of members completing task, such as everyone in front of a statue mimicking the statue or a member sitting in a barber chair with the barber, and video which included a reenactment of an earthquake scenario on Main St.

The objective of the hunt was to work on team building skills, taking risk, communicating together and making decisions as a whole, etc. and more importantly have fun, all skills which will be required for the trip to Ecuador in June of 2013.

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