Students (Volume 3: Fall 2013)

Business Leaders Club 

Sturgis Business Leaders Club with Kathleen Dolan, right.

Sturgis Business Leaders Club with Kathleen Dolan.

On October 5, the Sturgis East and West Business Leaders Club collaborated to host Art in the Atrium. 25 paintings and prints from the collection of Kathleen Dolan, Director of Splaine Dolan Fine Art, were sold for $50 and up to benefit the Sturgis Business Leaders Club Scholarship. Local artists included: Dawn Cope, Nancy Devine, Bob Finger, Ann Forget, Michael Gianquinto, Tom Gill, Pia Mackenzie, Peter Richenburg, Edith Tonelli and Patrick Todoroff. Live music was provided by Sturgis students and faculty. We thank everyone who attended and made this event possible. The afternoon was a great success for an excellent cause!


September 19 was a perfect day for the Sturgis East CAS Fair. Sturgis clubs and service projects set up tables on sidewalks in front of Sturgis East and the Annex to promote their clubs and recruit new members. CAS (Creativity, Action, Service) is a key component of the International Baccalaureate Programme. With its emphasis on personal growth and community service, CAS provides a refreshing counterbalance to academic studies and offers many rewarding opportunities for students outside the classroom. Some of the clubs represented at the CAS Fair were the Aquaculture Club, Art Club, Chess Club, Debate Club, Jazz Band, Multicultural Club, Sailing Club, Sturgis Stompers and many more.

CampBurgessClass of 2017 Attend Orientation at Camp Burgess

Sturgis Class of 2017 students come from middle schools across Cape Cod and off Cape. Each year, incoming freshmen attend orientation at Camp Burgess where they break into small groups to get to know each other and to participate in a variety of team-building activities. Team-building activities involve problem-solving tasks designed to help group members learn how to work together effectively. An important part of team-building involves reflection and discussion about the activity, including how participants approached the situation and what they learned.

Signing the Log2Class of 2017 Signs Sturgis Log Book

On September 10 -11, the Class of 2017 attended the annual ceremony at Hyannis Harbor where new students sign the Sturgis log book and ring the ship’s bell. Just as William Sturgis signed on board at sixteen for his first voyage to China, students at Sturgis commit to the four-year challenge ahead by signing on for the voyage. At Sturgis graduation, after seniors receive their diploma, they sign out next to their original signature signifying the voyage was completed.

EE ExtravaganzaExtended Essay Extravaganza

On September 27, 24 seniors at West and 35 seniors at East committed themselves to a six hour extended essay (EE) writing session and the results were excellent! During senior year, IB students write a 4,000-word extended essay. The EE is an independent, self-directed piece of research which provides an opportunity for students to engage in an in-depth study of a topic of interest within a chosen subject. Student comments about the EE extravaganza ranged from: “I got so much accomplished, let’s do this again,” to “I loved being able to talk out my questions with teachers and friends!” Thanks to Sturgis Librarians and EE Faculty Supervisors for their time and dedication. Pictured are students at Sturgis East Library on Friday.

Grandparents Gone Wired

Lily helping GGWOn Saturday, November 22, three Sturgis East students, members of the Sturgis Passion Project, visited a senior living facility in Falmouth. Sami Bryant, Lily Paradise, and Julia Tager visited Atria Woodbriar to teach seniors how to use computers. The Sturgis Passion Project aims to combat issues in our global society by engaging Sturgis students in helping, whether by hands-on volunteering, fundraising, or spreading awareness. This was the club’s first ever off-campus volunteer project. The idea was one of, an international youth activism and volunteerism non-profit. Grandparents Gone Wired, as DoSomething calls the campaign to get seniors “plugged into the present,” was suggested to supplement Sturgis Passion Project’s current focus on Alzheimer’s. According to, seniors’ risk of depression can be greatly reduced with the help of technology, and since this mental health condition is so connected with Alzheimer’s, it seemed like a great opportunity for the club to help its current cause. The volunteers helped Betty, an elderly woman living alone at the facility. She worked with the girls on basic computer skills, as well as Facebook, e-mail, and Youtube. Tager was immediately enlightened by the joy on the woman’s face as the elderly woman discovered pictures of her youngest family members on Facebook. She later posted on the social media site, with the help of the students, “Friends of mine on Facebook, please update my e-mail list. Maybe I’ll get more adept on this.” The students offered companionship to Betty, even having lunch with her in the facility’s cafeteria before heading off. All three girls were eager to exclaim their excitement after having helped her. Sturgis Passion Project’s next volunteer work will take place at Harbor Point, an Alzheimer’s facility in Centerville.

Habitat for Humanity CrewHabitat for Humanity

On September 21, thirteen students and two teachers from East and West volunteered at a Habitat for Humanity build site in Centerville. The future homeowner worked alongside volunteers and crew leaders to cedar shingle two sides of her new home. Volunteers served from 7:30-3:00, as they learned new carpentry and construction skills. Students thanked the homeowner for the opportunity, and she was incredibly gracious for the students’ altruistic spirits.

David Kaczmarczyk wrote, “I was the Habitat house leader for the day and wanted to thank the students, faculty members Jen Walts and Joel Tallman for doing a great job (the shingles look very professional). The Habitat volunteers that worked with the group all said how much they enjoyed working with the kids. A real compliment paid to the group was that they listened, asked questions, were very particular about their work AND ..that there was little to no cell phone use / texting!!!! I should also say that the homeowner (who is also the parent of a Sturgis student) was very thankful and moved by the help from the Sturgis group. I hope that we get to work together on this and future Habitat for Humanity builds.”

Harvard group3

Harvard Research on Deeper Learning

Sturgis is hosting researchers from the Harvard Graduate School of Education for 8-10 days over the next two months as part of their project on “Deeper Learning” in schools that have high academic expectations for ALL students. This week, Maren Oberman and Sarah Fine are observing classes and meeting with students and faculty at Sturgis East and West. Future visits to Sturgis are planned for December 3-4 and 17-19.

Julia Tager and Hannah Taylor

Julia Tager and Hannah Taylor

JFK Hyannis Museum Foundation Essay Competition

Hannah Taylor, Class of 2014 at Sturgis East, was invited to read her essay “Even in America” during the 50th anniversary commemoration of President Kennedy’s assassination at the JFK Hyannis Museum Foundation. Hannah’s essay won 1st place in a recent competition among 11th and 12th graders from local high schools, to expand on the famous quote from President Kennedy’s Inaugural Address on January 20, 1961: “And so my fellow Americans: ask not what your country can do for you – ask what you can do for your country.”  Julia Tager, Class of 2015 at Sturgis East won Honorable Mention for her essay “The Human Connection.” We are pleased that Sturgis students won 2 out of 3 awards in the essay competition.

The JFK Museum Foundation asked students to write an essay about how their involvement in public service, volunteerism and/or community projects helps them to become better citizens in today’s society. The full text of Hannah’s and Julia’s essays is provided in Remembering President Kennedy located under Feature Articles.

SONY DSCOne Day, One Goal

On September 20, during lunch, students from East and West participated in a school-wide soccer match at Hyannis Village Green for One Day, One Goal. This marks the third year that Sturgis has participated in Peace One Day’s annual event by organizing one of the 700+ soccer matches that take place in 200 countries to celebrate International Peace Day, an annual day of global unity and intercultural cooperation. #PeaceDay

Student Publications

Check out Sturgis East and West student publications:

Sturgis West student newspaper, West Side Stories:

Sturgis East student newspaper, The Storm Watch :

HomecomingSturgis Homecoming

The first ever Homecoming Soccer tournament and Dance took place on October 25 & 26. This was a joint East/West event and was coordinated by the Student Councils of both campuses and the STUCO reps of West. The highlight of the weekend was the semi-formal dance Saturday night at the Resort and Conference Center in Hyannis. The dance was attended by an astounding 480 students – a Sturgis record! Students had a great time dancing, mugging for the camera, and bonding with their fellow Sturgis students – East and West alike.

CardsforHospitalizedKidsSturgis Passion Project

The Sturgis Passion Project would like to thank the East advisories for their participation in our card drive for Cards for Hospitalized Kids as part of our efforts to help pediatric cancer patients! We were able to create 500 cards which are being sent out to children in hospitals throughout the nation. Way to go, Sturgis!

SONY DSCSturgis Spirit Week

We just wrapped up a very spirited Spirit week on both campuses. Students and teachers alike dressed up in very creative costumes each day. Some of the themes were: Wacky Wednesday, Decades Day, Twin Day and Halloween, of course! The week ended in students dressing up in their class colors and participating in Field Day events sponsored by Student Council. It was a great week at Sturgis.

Sturgis Striders

Breast CancerIn honor of Breast Cancer Awareness month, a group of seven Sturgis junior and senior girls formed Sturgis Striders to participate in the Making Strides Against Breast Cancer 5k walk in Boston.

Through bake sales, an ice cream social and many private donations (some from their generous teachers!), they were able to raise over $1,000 for breast cancer prevention, treatment, and research. They had a great time walking along the Charles River and hope that the Sturgis Striders will continue to support this event for years to come!

Turkey TrotSturgis Turkey Trot Time

On November 20 and 21, Sturgis East students carried turkey baskets down Main Street to the Community Action Committee of Cape Cod and the Islands’s (CACCI) Turkey Basket Program. Meanwhile, Sturgis West students delivered two carloads full of turkey baskets. Altogether, Sturgis East and West assembled a grand total of 38 turkey baskets that will be distributed to local families in need next week. Thanks to Sturgis students, parents and faculty for all your support in organizing another successful Turkey Basket donation. The staff members of CACCI are very grateful for the generosity of the Sturgis community. It goes to show that when each of us helps a little, we can make a great impact in our community.

Museum of Fine Arts

Art Fieldtrip 1On November 15, IB Visual Arts classes went to the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston. Always a fantastic visual feast, the students especially enjoyed an exhibit of John Singer Sargent’s watercolors. Sargent’s watercolors exhibit a master’s expertise of a difficult medium; his work reflects great beauty, technical brilliance, and enduring interest. Sargent encapsulates the spirit of impressionism and the bolder more liberated style of the early twentieth century. Peter Richenburg

James Otis LectureSturgis Students Attend James Otis Lecture Series in Boston

By Katie Curran
The following article was first published in Sturgis Storm Watch 09/24/2013 and is reprinted here with permission of the author. 

On September 17, 2013, I joined my fellow Sturgis students from East and West to visit Faneuil Hall in Boston for the James Otis Lecture Series. This program was presented to us by the Massachusetts Chapter of the American Board of Trial Advocates (ABOTA), who created the lecture series. Every year, James Otis Lecture Series’ are held throughout the country on Constitution Day. James Otis, a great American lawyer, played a central role in the birth of the American Revolution and in the foundation of our Constitution. On Constitution Day, the ABOTA’s goal is “to have the lecture series inspire us all to remember that one person, armed with courage and reason, can accomplish much in free society.”
We arrived in Boston in the morning and spent time enjoying a walk around Faneuil Hall Marketplace. We then entered the Faneuil Hall Meeting House to listen to the lecture, which was about Lelia Robinson and her quest for equality. Lelia Robinson was a true pioneer and female leader in the legal world who dared to challenge the social convention.  More than 200 students and teachers from across the Commonwealth sat down to hear the story of Lelia’s success.
During the talk, we heard from various distinguished speakers such as the Associate Justice of the Massachusetts Supreme Court and the Dean of Harvard Law School. Each of the speakers gave us an insight into the progress women have made in law during the course of our nation’s history.  We learned about each speaker’s experiences in the law profession and what we can do to be a voice of change, becoming “James Otis Scholars” in the process. Overall, I had a wonderful time at the 6th Annual James Otis Lecture and was fortunate to attend and hear from such brilliant speakers.

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