Notes and Accolades (Winter 2016)

West Alumni Reunion

West Alumni Reunion

East Alumni Reunion

East Alumni Reunion





2016 Alumni Reunion

Great to see so many Sturgis alumni return to share their college and work experiences with current juniors and seniors at the annual Alumni Reunion today. The tradition helps students imagine the opportunities that await them after Sturgis and allows alumni to reconnect with friends and faculty.

Camp Burgess

Camp Burgess

Camp Burgess

At the beginning of the school year, freshmen attend a day-long challenge course and team-building program at Camp Burgess & Hayward in Sandwich to help them learn how to cooperate, build trust, and work together effectively.

Paul Marble speaks with freshmen at Aselton Park

Paul Marble speaks with freshmen at Aselton Park

Afterwards, they travel to Aselton Park at Hyannis Harbor where they learn the history of William Sturgis. Just as Sturgis signed on board at sixteen for his first voyage to China, freshmen commit to the four-year challenge ahead by signing the Sturgis log book and ringing the ship’s bell. At the end of senior year, they’ll return to Burgess to complete a ropes course and reflect on their four year journey. During the graduation ceremony at Aselton Park, after receiving their diploma, they will sign out of the log book to signify the completion of their Sturgis voyage.

East CAS Fair

East CAS Fair

CAS Fairs

In September,  East and West held Creativity, Activity, and Service (CAS) fairs to provide a chance for students to learn about the wide range of activities offered at Sturgis.  Over 40 clubs were represented at each campus including Apiary Club, Neurosturgeons (a neuroscience club), Improv Club, Ethics Bowl, Relay for Life, Environmental Club, Cooking Club, and many more.  For a full list of activities offered at East & West go to the “students” tab on our homepage!

CAS Roundtable

West CAS Fair

West CAS Fair

During the first week of December, Sturgis CAS Team facilitated the New England Guild of IB School’s CAS Roundtable at West Campus. CAS, which stands for Creativity, Activity and Service, is the extra-curricular component of the IB Diploma Programme. Twelve CAS Coordinators from around New England and New York discussed various aspects of their CAS programs and how they can strengthen their practice.

Participants said they especially appreciated being able to discuss CAS with Sturgis students, and to use that experience to reflect on their own CAS programs. Thank you to Christine McDowell, Abby Rhoads, Emily Williams and Jim Barrasso for their work in facilitating this event.

Cape and Islands Youth Council Leadership Academy


Leadership Academy

11 Sturgis students participated in interactive workshops at the Cape and Islands Youth Council Leadership Academy at Dennis-Yarmouth Regional High School. The academy is a partnership between Cape & Islands Workforce Investment Board, Cape high schools, Independence House, Cape and Islands District Attorney’s Office, Mass Mentoring and Career Opportunities. The goals of the program are to inspire Cape Cod youth to become involved and proactive leaders within their school communities.

Classics Day

classics-day-2016-image1classics-day-2016-alex-houpertLast week, 80 Sturgis IB Latin juniors traveled with their East and West Latin teachers to participate in the the Massachusetts Junior Classical League‘s Classics Day at Boston University. Students attended 2 mini-workshops on topics relating to ancient Greek and Roman civilization, history, culture and literature. The event helps junior Latin students broaden their knowledge of cultural topics, and also serves as an introduction to possible Internal Assessment topics. Sturgis Latin students enjoyed a gourmet box lunch with hundreds of other high school Latin students from around the state.

Coaches vs. Cancer

Coaches vs. Cancer

Coaches vs. Cancer

On October 20,, Sturgis West Navigators raised over $750 for the American Cancer Society in a Coaches vs. Cancer Dig Pink game against Falmouth High School. Sturgis West Coach Marjorie Chaprales was pleased with the success of the fundraising event: “The game was well attended by students and parents alike. While Sturgis West did not win the game, they played well and were proud to support a wonderful cause.”

 College Fairs

college-fairs-003In October, Sturgis held College Mini Fairs at East and West campuses during lunch with representatives from approximately 50 colleges and universities. College fairs provide an excellent opportunity for students to explore the many college options that exist and to find the best college fit to suit their needs and interests.


Sailboard Community Art Installment Ceremony

Sailboard Community Art Installment Ceremony

Community Art with Sturgis Charter School

Check out the video created by Sara Mannal of Barnstable Today for a great recap of the community art sailboard project:  Community Art with Sturgis Charter School

The sailboard, found discarded on a local beach, was repurposed into artwork by Sturgis art students. “The hand painted/decoupaged underwater scene serves as a whimsical yet thoughtful reminder of the vital importance of our surrounding waters and enhances the “sense of place” one feels while on Cape Cod,” said Ben Hughes, Creative Economy Projects Manager for Cape Cod Chamber of Commerce.

To learn more about the project, see: Sailboard: A Collaborative Community Arts Project

computer-scienceComputer Science – East and West

Mr. Dunigan-Atlee Shines in New IB Computer Science Program

Originally published in Sturgis StormWatch. Reprinted with permission

by Noah Whelpley, Freshman Class Reporter

Sturgis is offering IB Computer Science for the first time (Photo from University of Cambridge)

There’s a new course in Sturgis town! IB Computer Science is now offered at both Sturgis East and West campuses as a two year IB course for upperclassmen. It is an elective, meaning that it takes the place of a course such as theatre or art, and it is taken alongside a traditional science course such as chemistry or physics. Eventually though, IB Computer Science might become a full course that meets every day. It is currently offered at both the Standard and Higher Levels, and there are no prerequisites for enrolling.

So what exactly is computer science? Taught by brilliant teacher Mr. Dunigan-Atlee, computer science is the study of computers and how they interact with both human users as well as other computers and how they solve problems. The curriculum includes the following: Fundamentals of Computer Systems; Computer Organization (how all the different systems within a computer work); Networks; Controls; Abstract Data Structures; Resource Management (how memory or processing speed is managed); Computational Thinking, Problem Solving, and Programming

There also exists the option to choose one of the following as a supplemental topic:  Object Oriented Programming;     Modeling and Simulation; Databases; Web Science

There is a significant amount of programming in this course, in which students learn how to solve actual problems using code and computers. Programming is very important and interesting as it opens up many real-world applications and career opportunities for this class. The course culminates in a senior year project in which each student will create a large program to help a “real world client” solve a problem such as website design for optimal user-friendliness.

This course doesn’t require any particular math background, although math is a major component of computer science. If you are interested in computers, programming, or even challenging problems in general, then IB Computer Science is the course for you! If you would like further information, you can contact Mr. Dunigan-AtLee in person or via email.

Dr. Ibrahim Dahlstrom-Hakki, Landmark College Institute for Research and Training

The following message by Paul Marble was originally published in the December Executive Director’s Newsletter.
ibrahim-033On December 7, Sturgis faculty were fortunate to learn from Ibrahim Dahlstrom-Hakki who is an Associate Professor and serves as the Director of Landmark College Institute for Research and Training. Ibrahim’s Ph.D. is in Cognitive Psychology; his work is primarily focused on the development of research projects aimed at investigating new or evaluating existing methods of delivering educational content to students who learn differently.

Ibrahim Dahlstrom-Hakki

Ibrahim Dahlstrom-Hakki

Ibrahim has played a significant role in the implementation of Sturgis’ Tower Foundation grant (“Increasing the Capacity for Cape Cod and Island Schools to Support Inclusive Classrooms for Students Who Learn Differently”) by leading seven professional development workshops at Sturgis over the past three summers for local educators; guiding our iPad Pilot project at Sturgis East + West; and serving as a consultant to the East and West Special Ed Departments. Many of the recommendations Ibrahim has made in consultation reports have served to help not only students who learn differently but all students. Sturgis has been fortunate to benefit from Ibrahim’s expertise. You might say he is a perfect fit for us since he graduated from an IB school in Amman, Jordan!

Thank you to Ibrahim and Sturgis faculty and students for your outstanding work with this exciting and important endeavor!

Environmental Club – East

keyes-cleanupDr. Pete Sampou and Ms. Rebecca Wheeler led a team of students over to Keyes Beach in Hyannis after school recently to contribute to an International Event: “International Coastal Cleanup”. This volunteer program collects and documents the wide variety of marine debris and trash that is on our beaches. It is organized by the Ocean Conservancy and run through Barnstable’s Conservation Commission. Kinds and quantity of debris is categorized and then entered into an international data-base for distribution and analysis for the kinds and likely sources of debris that finds its way to our beaches. We were fortunate to have picked a spectacular weather day. This is the second year in a row the East has cleaned-up Keyes Beach.

Jean Fahey, Sturgis Alumna Parent

Congratulations to Sturgis parent Jean Fahey for her efforts to educate parents of babies and young children about reading and brain development.

Cape Cod educator wins national award

ibs-excellence-and-equity-project-e2Cindy Gallo, IB Coordinator, East Campus

In the last few months, I have visited schools (in NY, CA, TX) that are participating in the IB’s Excellence and Equity Project (E2), led by Asheesh Misra (Program manager, IB Bridging the Equity Gap) and with Paul Marble as the School Leader consultant. The overarching goal of the project is to open access to the IB to low income students at these schools.

I have been at Sturgis prior to it becoming an IB school, and have seen the idea of “IB for All” put into practice, not once, but twice! Over the years, our understanding of the challenges of teaching all our students this rigorous curriculum has grown. As a community, we have reflected on both achievements and things we could have done better and continually implement strategies to make learning accessible to all our students. Through the E2 program, I was able to share reflection and teaching strategies with Environmental Systems and Societies teachers at other schools, helping them open access and expose hundreds of more students to the IB.

My experience with other schools reinforced my appreciation of just how lucky I am to be part of the Sturgis community. It was hard for me to relate to some of the challenges these teachers faced (40+ kids in a classroom that contained IB and AP students, all SL courses taught in one year, teacher salaries dependent on test scores). Yet, these schools share the belief that all students can learn at high levels, and that “knowledgeable”, “caring”, “inquirers”, “open minded” are not just catch-phrases, but Learner Profile traits kids (and Faculty) can embody. It was an honor to work with the schools and their dedicated faculty and see the “IB for All” vision reach many more students of diverse backgrounds and challenges.

German Exchange Group

German Exchange Group

German Exchange Program

During their farewell dinner, German teachers and students from Mannheim, Germany expressed how much they enjoyed their stay with Sturgis families. Many said it was the best two weeks of their lives! Thanks for your kindness in welcoming our German friends and practicing the international-mindedness that is such a strong part of the International Baccalaureate (IB) Program and Sturgis school culture.

thea-goldman-metg-logo-2016-2017Thea Goldman, Class of 2018 -East

Congratulations to Thea Goldman who won this year’s logo contest for the Massachusetts Educational Theater Guild (METG) High School Festival! Each year students from around Massachusetts are invited to submit an original design which is judged on design quality, originality, and visual impact. The winning design is featured on the official Drama Festival T-shirt and the artists are awarded a cash prize. Thea is also a cast member and set designer of this year’s one-act, ‘We Might Be Heroes’, which Sturgis will be bringing to the festival in March.

Hyannis Village Christmas Stroll

christmas-stroll-2016-027On Saturday, December 3, Sturgis elves added holiday spirit to festivities at the Hyannis Village Christmas Stroll on Main Street. Thanks to Key Club for organizing the Reindeer Roundup, face painting, and arts & crafts at Sturgis East Art Building while Sturgis Jammers performed. Sturgis Parents Association provided a spectacular table of baked goods and treats. The annual Christmas Stroll is organized by Hyannis Main Street Business Improvement District.

IB Theatre – East and West

nyc-3IB Theatre trip to NYC for the ISTA (International Schools Theatre Association) IB Theatre Festival

nyc-1We have returned from an INCREDIBLE three and half days immersing ourselves into the theatre world.  Our 13 students have seen 3 Broadway productions (The Encounter, The Cherry Orchard, and Something Rotten), spent 3 days in intensive IB Theatre workshops, explored the city and gained new friends and confidences for their future.

Sturgis Theatre Directors Anna Botsford and Diana Young were recently interviewed about their latest production by Sara Mannal for Barnstable This Morning. Check out the interview here:

Stage East and West presents Romeo and Juliet

International School of Boston

Sturgis students visit International School of Boston

International School of Boston Exchange

On November 9, ten members of Sturgis East’s student council drove up to Cambridge to spend a day at the International School of Boston, a K-12 institute which offers the IB curriculum to their high school juniors and seniors. The following day members of their junior class came and visited our school here in Hyannis.

ISB students visit Sturgis

ISB students visit Sturgis

This small “exchange” program was a fun way to connect with other IB students from a relatively local school. It allowed students to learn more about how different schools structure their IB curriculum and it provided upperclassmen a chance to compare stories regarding both the stress and benefits of the IB program. The student council hopes trips like these will continue in the future and that these visits will culminate into a strong connection between our school and our new friends at the ISB, eventually growing to include other IB schools within Massachusetts.

Text courtesy of Connor Holmes.

Lynn Kelley, ToK – West

Congratulations to Lynn Kelley for being invited by Huffington Post to write an Op-Ed piece about the relevancy of ToK in the era of “fake news. “How I Teach My Students To Be On Guard Against Fake News  was published in the 12/30/16 edition of Huffington Post.

smile-cards-009Key Club – East  Smile Cards

Smile Cards are a popular annual tradition at Sturgis which was started by Olivia Sequin. Each year before Winter break, smile cards are collected in each advisory. The cards can be anonymous or signed. Key Club delivered roughly 2,500 cards this year! Smile cards provide an opportunity for students and teachers to write cards to each other about their favorite memory, inside jokes or compliment for them. Smile cards promote kindness within the community and relieve some stress before everyone starts their winter break! Lastly, smile cards remind everyone that they are cared about.



Latin Department Rocks Twin Day

sturgis-latin-twin-dayIt is with great pride and school spirit that the Sturgis West Latin Dept had a massive showing for yesterday’s Twin Day. Check out all the twins sporting Sturgis Latin T-Shirts. The back reads, ‘OMNIBUS,” a Latin translation of the Sturgis IB for All motto created by Robert Albis in 2012.

classics-day-2016-omnibusMr. Albis wrote about the creation process in Omnibus: A Latin Motto for Sturgis:

“The other morning, I got to thinking about Sturgis Charter School’s motto, “IB for All.” A fine motto, but I could not help feeling a pang of disappointment that the school’s motto is not in Latin even though all Sturgis students study the language and Captain William Sturgis himself enjoyed a reputation for being a fine Latinist…

To read the entire article, see: Omnibus: A Latin Motto for Sturgis

Library – East, Kate Dunigan-AtLee

banned-books-1Banned Books Week is an annual event, sponsored by the American Library Association, celebrating our freedom to read and express ideas.  It’s NOT about promoting certain books or ideas but IS about supporting freedom and choice.

During Banned Books Week we usually talk about censorship; of books, films, ideas, etc. In light of the election and what is happening in the political life of our country, we changed the conversation slightly to focus on our First Amendment right to freedom of speech.

banned-books-2Some questions we asked students to reflect on:

  • What relevance does free speech have in today’s society?
  • What are the rights and responsibilities of free speech?
  • Are the responsibilities of free speech different for people in public positions than everyone else?
  • How does free speech play out in our political discourse?

Made by Survivors

Made By Survivors Club at Sturgis West had a huge turnout for the first few meetings and we have divided up into committees to help support the survivors of human trafficking in the Made by Survivors shelters and workshops.  The committees include: fundraising through pizza sales and redeemable bottles and an arts coffeeshop, buying jewelry from survivors for resale and raffles, writing letters to shelter home children, and making a video to share information on this worldwide problem with other IB schools.  The committee will also decide on donations to scholarships and building funds of Made By Survivors.  Over $150 has already been raised through the pizza sales and a donation from the Baked Goods group at West.  Anyone wanting to get involved can contact officers Ella Norenberg, Bri Siegel, Lani Wilson-Ehrenthal and Taylor Lennon or faculty advisors Robin Singer and Laurie Carah.

Camille Manrique – Spanish – East


Camille Manrique speaks at MEMUN Conference – American University of Sharjah

Congratulations to Camille Manrique, Sturgis East Spanish teacher, for helping organize the first Middle East Model United Nations (MEMUN) conference held in the United Arab Emirates in November 2016. The Non-Profit she co-founded, International Partners for Peace, has been training Emirati students and teachers for the past 2 years on MUN, leadership skills, public speaking and solving global issues through dialogue. With the support of the Ministry of Education, they were able to hold this first conference at the American University of Sharjah.

Ms. Manrique said,”It was incredible to work with students in another country, especially in a region which is in so much need of peace. I look forward to sharing my experience not only with the Sturgis MUN Club students, but also with all my students.”

Check out the following video about the conference: MEMUN Conference 2016 – American University of Sharjah

Sturgis StormWatch, the East student newspaper, featured the following article about her experience.

Uniting a Generation

Originally published in Sturgis StormWatch  Reprinted with permission.

 by Jerry Curran, Freshman Class Reporter

On November 8, 2016, Camille Manrique, a Spanish teacher at Sturgis East, embarked on a five day trip to the United Arab Emirates (UAE) to attend a Model United Nations conference. She was able to inspire many young students in the UAE through her work, and she has plenty to share about the event.

Camille Manrique “started a Non-Profit called the International Partners for Peace, which organizes MUN Models, teacher and student training sessions and different programs directed towards the promotion of peace.” The Middle East Model UN was held at the University of Sharjah and simulated how the UN works. It allowed students to represent a country and debate world issues from that country’s point of view to find solutions.

I was able to catch up with Ms. Manrique personally and ask her a few questions about the trip. In order to help this project reach its fullest potential, Ms. Manrique was surrounded by other teachers from a multitude of different countries including Columbia, Peru, Pakistan, and Malta. Clearly, she was running a very professional project, so I wondered how the students would respond to the “big stage.” They had never been a part of something so massive. In response, she said that, “Public speaking can be very scary for any person. At first students were very nervous and shy. They didn’t know any of the students or delegates in their committees and in some cases needed a lot of guidance on the procedure and topics. However, once they realized that they were all there to learn and develop different skills, you could see the way they immediately assumed the role they had to. They then began speaking and expressing their ideas in front of the whole committee. You could see them interacting and exchanging ideas with each other in a very respectful and diplomatic way in order to find solutions to the world issues they were discussing.”


Students and teachers from all over the world gathered to participate in MUN

 It is truly amazing how Ms. Manrique was able to leave such an impact on the global community. With all the experience she gained overseas, I can only imagine how her classes at Sturgis East will be affected. I asked her this very question, and she replied that, “with this trip I continued to develop a lot of skills that I can use in class and hopefully pass on to my students. Working with students in other parts of the world makes me realize how much potential all students have in becoming the leaders in heir communities.”

Sturgis East should be extremely proud of the feat Camille Manrique has accomplished. By traveling to new places all across the world and interacting with people of unique backgrounds, Ms. Manrique has opened the door to new possibilities for the youth in the UAE and in the halls of Sturgis.

Lee Moynihan

Lee Moynihan

Lee Moynihan, Special Education – East

Congratulations to Lee Moynihan who completed her 3rd ironman in Mount Tremblant Canada on August 21.  Way to go, Mrs. Moynihan!

Total – 140.6 miles

2.4 mile swim 1 hr 19 min

112 mile bike 5 hrs 51 mins

26.2 mile run 3 hrs 50 mins


National Merit Scholarship

Congratulations to the following seniors who won recognition as Commended Students in the 2017 National Merit Scholarship Program:  Mark Agostinelli, Ariana Jackson, Peter Prygocki, and Caroline Sullivan.


NOAA Roundtable Colleen Coogan, NOAA’s Education coordinator and Pete Sampou

NOAA Roundtable
Colleen Coogan and Pete Sampou

Sturgis East’s NOAA  BWET science program (being coordinated with Waquoit Bay National Estuarine Research Reserve) finished its last year of Federal funding this summer, but, the good news is that Sturgis is keeping this nationally recognized educational program going! On September 15, Sturgis was invited to attend NOAA’s Roundtable for Massachusetts Congressional Staffers “Building Community Resilience in Massachusetts” at the Boston offices of Senators Markey and Warren. Posters from our Senior G4 research that have been on display along Main Street (Hyannis) over the last year were brought to Boston by Dr. Pete Sampou for display during this gathering. The participants quickly noticed the application of BWET learning and student ownership of key concepts (coastal erosion, sea level rise, changing climate….) central to NOAA’s work. Sturgis received numerous mentions of praise for our educational direction during the day from a number of governmental officials (the students’ work made Dr. Pete proud!).

One Day One Goal

One Day One Goal

One Day, One Goal

On September 21, Sturgis students celebrated International Peace Day by organizing a school-wide soccer match at Hyannis Village Green. 2016 marks the sixth year Sturgis students have supported Peace One Day‘s One Day, One Goal by organizing one of 700+ soccer matches that take place in 193 UN countries. Thanks to everyone who helped make One Day, One Goal a huge success! Special thanks go to Al Pagenkoph, Marsha Yalden and student government leaders who coordinated the event. It was great to see East and West together upholding the importance of tradition, community and encouraging global unity and intercultural cooperation.

Outing Club – East

outing-club-trip-10-15-16During the weekend of October 15, 17 students from Sturgis East Outing Club and teacher chaperones Mr. Tallman, Mr. Fetzer,  Mr. Mathews and Ms.Williams hiked Mount Cardigan in Orange, NH. We spent one cold night camping at the base of the mountain. Fun and s’mores were had by all.




Jonathan Peters


Jonathan Peters, Class of 2017- East

Congratulations to Jonathan Peters for organizing a great community outreach program entitled: “Identifying the Intersection of Athletics, LGBTQ Diversity and Anti-Bullying Rhetoric”

More than 160 student athletes, teachers  and coaches from regional high schools attended  the workshop to kick off the beginning of National Bullying Prevention Month. The workshop was held October 6th, 11 am – 1 pm at Hyannis Resort and Conference Center.

The outreach program for Cape & Islands high school coaches, student athlete leaders and GSA Club members was co-sponsored by Camp Lightbulb, Cape Cod Five Foundation, Gender, Sexuality Alliance (GSA), Massachusetts Interscholastic Athletic Association, PFLAG, Safe Schools, Sturgis Charter Public School, Thrive and Youth OUTreach Program (founded by Jonathan Peters, Sturgis Class of 2017)

For more information about the event, see: Identifying the Intersection of Athletics, LGBTQ Diversity and Anti-Bullying Rhetoric

Sturgis students attend Philanthropy Day 2016

Sturgis students attend Philanthropy Day 2016

Philanthropy Day 2016

On November 8, Alan Healy, Victoria Mondello, Jillian Roberts and Emily Spinello were invited to attend the Youth Session at Philanthropy Day 2016. Presenter Jonah M. Shea, founder and executive director of Shea’s Youth Basketball Association, shared his inspiring experience in taking a dream concept to reality with his visionary, community-based youth development program. Each year, Philanthropy Partners of the Cape and Islands invites two students from each Cape high school to attend Philanthropy Day on Cape Cod. Thanks to a scholarship established by a local philanthropist, students are invited to attend round-tables, seminars and lunch free of charge. ‪#‎capecodgiving

Red Cross Club

Red Cross Club

Red Cross Club

The Sturgis West Red Cross Club sponsored a Giving Tree Project, collecting toys and gifts for homeless children on Cape Cod. West advisories, individual students, faculty, staff and parents eagerly embraced the project. All the generously donated gifts were wrapped and delivered to a homeless shelter by Red Cross Club seniors. The spirit of giving and community service is strong in our Sturgis community.

Robotics Interest Trip to Boston Dynamics


Robotics trip to Boston Dynamics

boston-dynamics-group-3On October 6, 15 students interested in robotics were given a private behind the scenes tour of Google’s Boston Dynamics.  Dan McKay’s daughter, a robotics technician, gave the students an inspirational presentation and then led them through a tour of world-class robotics facility in Waltham.


ROVers decorate ocean drifter


ROVers East

The Sturgis Rovers decorated and assembled an ocean drifter that will be deployed by NOAA hopefully on October 29 off the ALBATROSS.  This drifter has a transmitter to gather data about ocean currents in the Cape Cod Bay.  NOAA is specifically looking at how these ocean currents are affecting turtle strandings.

west-soph-scienceSophomore Science West

By Jessie Wilburn, Divya Sharma, Sarah Martinez, Maxanne Most, and Kyle Sevits

All of our sophomores explored the Barnstable Great Salt Marsh as citizen scientists with the Mass Audubon Society. We chased the tides, held skittish crabs, sank into the foul smelling mud, debated plant identification, and overall enjoyed emulating field biologists for the day.

Spanish –  SL1 – East

Kayley Mead’s SL1 Spanish students have been studying social media and how it has changed society and the effects social media has had on how we establish relationships now. The SL1 students also participated in a debate regarding their favorite social media platform and why it is beneficial to society. SL1 students are also currently working on writing their own articles regarding social media and the effects it has on mental health. The Spanish 1 students have been working on learning family vocabulary and AR, ER, and IR verbs! Spanish 1 students can now hold basic conversation with each other and other staff members in the building!This past week they began working on a project of making a family tree completely in Spanish and have been adding their creativity to their posters.

Spanish SL 2 – West

Students have been studying changing family structures in the hispanic world, and participated in a lively debate about whether or not parental authority is decreasing and the effects this is having on family well-being. This past week they have been conducting group research on various aspects of life for youth in hispanic countries and will be presenting their findings to the class.


Residential Construction Career Day

Special Education – Lee Moynihan East and West

Students attended Residential Construction Career Day sponsored by the Home Builders & Remodelers Association of Cape Cod, the Cape & Islands & Workforce Investment Board at the Barnstable Fairgrounds.  This was a great community outreach program.

Spirit Club – West


Spirit Club

Junior Jonathan Avis attended a Leadership Council last year and decided to start a club at Sturgis West where students can coordinate athletic events to go to during the week. There would be an incentive (a free t-shirt, a free water bottle etc.) for students that go to a certain amount of games. At the Club and Activities Fair, over 70 students and teachers showed interest. At our inaugural meeting last week, over 40 students decided to go to the East-West Volleyball game. About 30 showed up! West Volleyball Coach Marjorie Chaprales said the gym had never been so loud and that her girls felt very supportive! Here’s a shot of the crowd cheering courtesy of Matt Lee.

East Campus Tour

East Campus Tour

West Campus Tour

West Campus Tour

Student Led Tours of Sturgis

On December 8, current Sturgis students provided guided tours of Sturgis East and West for prospective students and their families. The tours are a great opportunity to see both campuses, learn from current students about their experiences, and ask questions in a group setting. The final campus tours for this application period will be offered on Wednesday, January 25 from 6:00 PM – 7:30 PM.

Boxwood Night

Boxwood Night

Sturgis Parents Association

Sturgis Parents Association recently held their Annual Boxwood Night.Thanks to Karen Burns for hosting the event. 40 parents from East and West campuses decorated tabletop boxwood trees in celebration of the holiday season. Everyone had a fantastic time and all of the trees turned out beautifully. SPA gave boxwood trees to our wonderful school nurses and donated leftover food to Independence House.

Many thanks to Kristine Jackson and SPA leaders for organizing wonderful meals for Southwest faculty from the following restaurants during the recent flood: Alberto’s Restaurant – Hyannis, Cape Cod, MA, Barnstable Market, Bobby Byrne’s Restaurant & Pub, Brazilian Grill, Common Ground Cafe, Lambert’s Farm Market – Sandwich, and Pilot House Restaurant & Lounge.

Thank You!!!

Sturgis Partners with IB Candidate School

Sturgis East and West are in the midst of hosting three days of visits by faculty and school leaders from Notre Dame Academy of Hingham as they learn about our IB for All philosophies and approaches in preparation for their application to become an International Baccalaureate World School.

 winter-concert-2016-1Sturgis Winter Concerts 2016

Congratulations to all of the performers in the Sturgis Winter Concerts for East and West campuses.  Sturgis families were treated to spirited concerts including wide-ranging selections such as Bittersweet Symphony, Lovers Waltz It was great to see the quality of performances, school spirit and support students show for one another shine throughout. You all should be so proud of what you accomplished. For videos and photos of the concerts, check out:  Sounds of the Season: Sturgis Winter Concerts 2016.




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