Support Sturgis Annual Appeal

Support Sturgis 2015-16 Annual Appeal

The goal of the 2015-16 annual appeal is to rehabilitate and rent a facility large enough to accommodate:

  •      Performing Arts
  •      IB testing for 200+ students
  •      Assemblies
  •      Sports practices and games

We are in negotiations at this point to acquire a facility that can provide space for these ongoing activities. We think the long-term lease of a mixed use facility will be a cost-efficient approach for both campuses to share a large community space for performing arts, sports, IB testing and assemblies.

At Sturgis, we believe buildings don’t make schools – people make schools. It is the relationship faculty have with students that makes all the difference. Our feeling is the new community space will provide more opportunities for students, faculty and parents to come together for special events to energize these relationships and help students reach their full potential.

We ask you to support the annual appeal by giving to the best of your ability. It is not the amount you give that matters, it’s your action that counts!  Our aim is 100% donor participation to demonstrate a collective base of support and enhance our ability to gain further grant funding.

We understand there are many causes to support but this one directly impacts local children, both now and in the future. The success of Sturgis is due in part to contributors who understand how important education is to our children, families and the communities of Cape Cod.

Donations can be made by check or credit card.  

Donations by check should be made payable to:

William Sturgis Friends of

Education Foundation, Inc.

PO Box 2012,

Hyannis, MA 02601

William Sturgis Friends of Education Foundation, Inc.

William Sturgis Friends of Education Foundation, Inc.

Donations by credit card can be made online through Sturgis Paypal

account on our webpage:

Thank you for your generosity in supporting our goals.

Eric Hieser
Executive Director



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